Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 48

Chapter 48: A Corner of the Library

The day after William-sama declared.

Although I was still agitated, as half a day passed without any major changes, I gradually regained my calm.

(I was prepared because William-sama said something like that, but the everyday life doesn’t suddenly change like that. After all, William-sama is a calm person…)

After school, nothing happened.

In a quiet corner of the library lined with numerous bookshelves, the sound of turning pages was barely audible.

William-sama, who was facing the materials with a serious expression, had a strand of hair hanging down.

When amber light shone in through the window, William-sama stretched on the chair and took a deep breath.

Then he turned to me after checking the clock.

“Leah, you must have been tired standing by my side for so long. No one is in the library now, so you won’t be blamed if you sit here. Come over here.”

As William-sama pointed to the chair next to him, I hesitated for a moment before sitting in that seat.

As I lowered my hips next to William-sama, the many books he was reading flew into my eyes.

[The role of politics in poverty], [Child poverty], [Regional disparities] …

“This is … about what William-sama is researching?”

When I said that, William-sama nodded.

“Yes, I am researching “the way of policy for correcting the poverty gap of the people”, but today I was particularly focusing on researching child poverty.”

He traced one of the books with his finger.

“There are too many unreasonable and irrational things in the world. Just a little bit of misfortune is enough to swallow people up in the wave of poverty in no time.”

As he spun those words, he smiled at me.

“Fufu, it’s unusual for Leah to ask about my research. Are you interested?”

To William-sama, who said that, I shook my head horizontally.

“Yes. It is the duty of a servant to support the lord’s goals. In order to do that, it is necessary to understand William-sama’s thoughts more … I think I understand your thoughts to some extent, but that is not enough. I was thinking of directly asking William-sama’s intentions when you have time … “

To my words, he opened his eyes slightly and smiled happily.

“I’m happy that you said that. Yes, I also wanted Leah to understand what I’m trying to do. If you don’t mind, can we talk about it now? I have materials too.”

Seeing me nod, he picked up the materials.

“If I were to talk about it, it would be around here. First of all, the definition of poverty…”

Starting to explain to me in a low voice, William-sama said,

“I’ve picked it out, but roughly speaking, this is what it’s like.”

William-sama placed the materials he had on the table and glanced at the clock.

“There are still things we haven’t talked about, but it’s getting late, so let’s go home soon.”

I stopped him as he tried to tidy up the materials and called out to him.

“Before we go, may I review the materials you showed me again?”

“Huh? Sure, here.”

I received the book from William-sama and reread part of the analysis I couldn’t understand.

As I was reading the materials and the sound of the clock seemed unusually loud, something soft touched my cheek for a moment.

When I realized that it was William-sama’s lips that had left me in a moment like a bird pecking, I turned to him in surprise.

He looked at me with a face that seemed to have succeeded in teasing me.

Somehow regaining my breath, I squeezed out words towards William-sama.

“I thought that William-sama … wouldn’t do something like this by surprise…”

I said that while the shock had not yet subsided, trying to calm my heart.

“I’m sorry. When I saw you working hard, I became fond of you. Do you hate me for doing this?”

“No … that’s not it …”

(That way of saying is cunning. I shouldn’t think that I hate William-sama.)

As I looked at William-sama, thinking about such things, William-sama smiled.

“Ahaha, your thoughts show on your face. Leah, there are times when you think of me as a pure and honest personality, but I am surprisingly cunning and persistent. Especially when it comes to you.”

He looked at me with one hand on his cheek.

“I can’t help it. Because I learned of the possibility that someone may fall in love with you.”

As he said that in a whisper, he smiled beautifully with his lapis lazuli eyes showing some light that was not calm.

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