Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: The Ballroom

The temperature has become cold enough to feel like it’s seeping into your bones.

At the ballroom, William-sama’s class and Charlotte’s class were practicing dance in a joint session.

I stop my hand from training and look towards the ballroom where they are.

Since the incident in the cave, William-sama has been behaving as usual. However, I noticed that his eyes sometimes harbored a painful emotion when he looked at me.

(If I had honestly faced William-sama as his vassal and told him that “I cannot respond to those feelings” at the point when his feelings were revealed in front of the dormitory, I might have avoided hurting William-sama this much. The result of my putting things off ended up hurting William-sama even more.)

But it’s too late to regret it now.

Until today, I have continued to harbor deep regrets.

During the lesson, it was time to decide on a dance partner, and Charlotte ran up to William-sama.

Charlotte spoke to William-sama about something, and William-sama cheerfully nodded and took her hand.

To the sound of three beats, William-sama and Charlotte start dancing the waltz. As the students’ white uniforms turn over and over in the ballroom, Charlotte’s spinning skirt spreads out like petals.

Perhaps as a result of taking dance lessons since enrolling in this school, their steps are light.

It seemed as though they would dance all the way to the end, but Charlotte faltered on a complicated step and stumbled.

In that instant, William-sama naturally caught Charlotte.

Charlotte, who avoided falling, seemed relieved and said something to William-sama.

The next moment, William-sama and Charlotte looked at each other and laughed happily.

(If this were a scenario, this is where William-sama’s faint feelings of love would gain color and he would become aware of his love for Charlotte within himself.)

I gaze dimly at the two people’s smiling faces from outside the ballroom.

(It feels strange that such a wonderful person as William-sama would direct his feelings towards someone like me, a humble knight. It would feel much more fitting to be told that he was paired with a bright woman like Charlotte.)

As I was thinking this far, an idea surfaced in my head.

(That’s right, this is the real world. There is no guarantee that everything will progress as it does in a story. Isn’t it possible that William-sama and Charlotte will be paired, rather than Prince Finlay and Charlotte?)

Like a small seed sprouting, that thought swells and grows.

(Charlotte is a cheerful and warm-hearted person, so she will surely make William-sama happy. Furthermore, in “You and the White Rose,” William-sama longed for Charlotte, so the chances of him being attracted to her are high if he gets to know her well.)

In a short time, my head was filled with that thought.

(I used to hesitate to break up the relationship between Prince Finlay and Charlotte, but I can’t say that anymore if it means making William-sama happy. Besides, it doesn’t seem like Charlotte is attracted to the prince… I still have time. As a way to atone for hurting William-sama, I will do my best to make him and Charlotte a couple. I apologize to His Highness Finlay, but he is the prince of this country after all. There should be other wonderful partners for him.)

I raise my fist in my heart.

(Please wait, William-sama. I will do my best to make you happy.)

Having secretly made this decision, I returned to training and swung my spear.


TL: Discussions

Neko-chan: Hey, did you see that? It was so weird.

Potato-tan: Yeah, I couldn’t believe how Leah was acting. It’s clear that she cares about William, but I don’t think it’s right for her to try and push him towards Charlotte.

Neko-chan: I totally agree. Just because Leah thinks William and Charlotte would be a good match, doesn’t mean that’s what William actually wants. People need to make their own decisions about their relationships.

Potato-tan: And it’s not Leah’s place to try and end the potential relationship between Charlotte and Prince Finlay. That’s something Charlotte and Prince Finlay should decide for themselves.

Neko-chan: Exactly. And even if Leah is trying to make amends for hurting William, she can’t just go around making decisions for other people and expecting it to fix everything. It’s not that easy.

Potato-tan: I think Leah needs to take a step back and focus on her own feelings and actions, rather than trying to control the relationships of others. It’s not fair to anyone involved.

Neko-chan: Definitely. Leah needs to remember that it’s not her place to dictate the happiness of others. She needs to let people make their own choices and respect their decisions.

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