Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Attack

On a day when soft sunlight falls,

I noticed something strange on the main street of the town where I came to accompanied William-sama.

(we are being followed.)

Suspicious shadows flicker in and out of view.

I checked behind me to make sure it wasn’t unnatural, and whispered to William-sama, who was walking a little ahead of me.

“William-sama, we’ve been followed since earlier.”

Upon hearing this, William-sama was surprised for a moment and turned around, but then returned his gaze forward after seeing my expression.

“There are probably two to three people.”

I turned my face towards William-sama.

“They may have weapons and intend to attack us. If they do attack, please move to my back calmly.”

I tell him this with a calm demeanor so as not to be noticed by those who are following us, and William-sama nods slightly.

When we reached a place with no one around, the presence of humans approached us from behind, and when I looked back, a short sword was swung towards William-sama.

I catch it with the handle of my spear at the last minute.

At the same time as the loud sound of metal colliding, I knocked the opponent’s short sword away.

“William-sama, behind me.”

I say this and take a step forward, ready to fight.

The people who appeared one after another, holding weapons such as short swords, all had their faces covered with cloth.

(There are…3 people)

I kicked the empty box nearby towards the main street as hard as I could.

“Huh? What the hell is going on?”

I heard a voice from the direction of the main street, but before I could wait for it, the attackers rushed at us.

I quickly deflected the blade heading towards William-sama.

“It came from this back alley…what the?! Who the hell are these guys?! They’re attacking someone?! Someone call the knights! Call the knights!”

I can hear someone frantically shouting on the main street.

It seems that the empty box I kicked earlier has done its job.

The attackers, who seemed agitated by the voice, one after another swung their swords towards William-sama.

I took a fighting stance and swung my spear at them.

I realized a few things after fighting for a while.

(These attackers are not amateurs. Their movements…they’re professionals)

Even when I try to steal the opponent’s attention and strike at a vital point, another person interferes immediately.

Their coordination is the kind of movement that only those accustomed to combat would make.

And I realized one more thing.

(These people…probably don’t have the intention of killing William-sama. At least not towards William-sama. They seem to be deliberately avoiding vital points, as if their goal is to “cause a minor injury”)

I receive a sword strike for what feels like the umpteenth time.

That’s when.

“We are the Order! We received information that suspicious individuals are attacking people here! Surrender immediately and drop your weapons!”

Along with the self-introduction, the knights of the capital rushed into the back alley.

The attackers seemed momentarily confused, but one of them shouted,

“Hey, you guys back off!”

Hearing those words, they ran in the opposite direction from the main street.

Watching the knights chase after the attackers’ backs, I turned towards William-sama.

“William-sama, are you injured?”

“I’m not injured thanks to you protecting me.”

William-sama puts on a faint smile on his face to reassure me.

“How about you?”

“I’m not injured.”

As I answer, I realize that William-sama’s face looks pale.

“William-sama…you’re okay.”

I say that while smiling at William-sama.

“There are no more attackers. Don’t worry.”

William-sama smiles weakly and relaxes his body at those words.

“I’m no match for you…I got scared when I thought that either you or I, or both of us, might fall to the enemy’s wicked blade. It’s okay now.”

As he said that, someone who seemed to be from the knights approached us.

“You are the ones who were victim of this incident, may we ask you about the situation?”

“Yes, of course.”

William-sama nods at those words.

After being questioned about the situation until late that day, I escorted William-sama back to the dormitory.

The attackers were not caught and ultimately, the true intention of the perpetrator remains unknown.

I was in my room at the servant dormitory, lost in thought.

(This attack wasn’t a spontaneous crime. They clearly targeted us)

I close my eyes as if meditating.

(There shouldn’t be any noble forces targeting William-sama. Who could it be…?)

No matter how much I think, I can’t come up with an answer.

(Furthermore, there was no intention to kill William-sama, they just wanted to cause a “minor injury”. Why…?)

The more I think, the more various possibilities come to mind, but none of them feel realistic and they disappear from my head.

Above all…

(This development was not in the “You and The White Rose” scenario)

Am I missing something…?

Something important.

I feel like something unknown is progressing somewhere I don’t know about, and I shuddered alone in my room.

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