Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Letters and Herbal Tea

On a certain holiday.

While preparing to go out, I was recalling the events that occurred after my lunch break the other day.

After school on that day, Prince Finlay, who was with William-sama, was surprised when Charlotte spoke affectionately to William-sama by chance.

Although he looked difficult when he heard about the matter, he dispersed that expression after a short time.

And then,

“Miss Charlotte, I really want to get along with you too! Can I call you Charlotte? Please call me Finlay too!!”

He smiled with a friendly smile.

“Oh no, not just the Duke, but also His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, such an awe-inspiring thing…”

Charlotte was terrified, but with the discarded puppy-like gaze of Prince Finlay…

“Is William good…?”


After that, they became friends quickly, and now they have many opportunities to talk as three people. It seems that they have different perspectives, and it is a good stimulus to talk about each other’s opinions. The content of their conversations ranges widely, including politics and economic ways of living, fields of study of interest, and even favorite foods.

(I wonder if I should mourn that the events of the real world are proceeding according to the scenario of “You and The White Rose”, or if I should be happy that danger can be easily predicted…)

Thinking about such things, I was surprised at the progress of time by looking at the room clock. I hurriedly dressed and grabbed the key on the desk and quickly left the room.


“Haha! Even if you were going to be late, you’re in too much of a hurry! The hem of your shirt is frayed, and your socks are mismatched… pfft… sorry, the more I look, the more I burst out laughing… hahaha haha!! You can’t help but laugh.”

“Pfft, Riley, if you laugh too much, you’ll be rude to Leah. Look, if you look closely, even this outfit has a certain charm… pfft, hahaha!! Ah, no more!! Leah, your sense is the best!! hahaha!!”

With the twins laughing and holding their stomachs in front of me, I struck a fashionable pose with a blank expression.

The twins, seeing this, laughed even more and finally collapsed on the ground next to the store where we were meeting.

“Haha…,haa~a… no more!! Leah, stop making me laugh. I thought I was going to die laughing!!”

“You were trying to stab us in the back with that pose at the end!! Be more reasonable!!”

“What are you talking about?”

I ignore their objections with a clueless face and enjoy my coffee.

Poppy was shaking her shoulders occasionally, but after taking a deep breath and calming down, she picked up a cup of herbal tea. Apparently, this shop’s pride is a colorful herbal tea.

She poured the clear green liquid into her mouth and slowly swallowed it as if tasting it.

“…It has a fresh taste! It may be good for people who seek refreshment.”

Next to her, who has a satisfied face, Riley also drinks the same color of herbal tea.

“Yeah, it’s not bad. I’d like to ask the shopkeeper where he gets this herb.”

While watching them exchange impressions of the herbal tea and taking another sip of coffee, I spoke to them.

“So why did you two come all the way to the capital? Although Duke Moore’s territory is not far from the capital, it’s not a distance that you can come easily. Business purposes?”

When I said that, Riley nodded.

“Yeah, I’m here for business purposes. I came to check out the trendy items in the capital. And Poppy came with me for a house viewing because she’s moving to the capital.”

“Moving to the capital…?”

As I repeated his words, Poppy leaned forward and took my hand in hers.

Her hazel eyes were sparkling.

“Yes, that’s right!! I had always wanted to work in fashion, and this time I was able to become an apprentice to Grace-sama at the Evans clothing store!!”

“What?! At the Evans clothing store?”

I was surprised and involuntarily opened my eyes wide.

The Evans clothing store is a tailor’s shop that is well-known even in the capital. Grace Evans, who runs the Evans clothing store, is a famous designer known throughout the country, and her refined yet innovative designs have captured the hearts of many people.

“Still, why is Poppy, who lives in Duke Moore’s territory, in the capital and able to have contact with Madame Grace?”

When I asked that, Poppy winked with a snap.

“Well… it’s a letter.”

In front of my eyes that blinked, Poppy timidly took out a bundle of paper. It was a stack of envelopes.

“At first, I thought it was no use. I had heard that there were many people who wanted to be apprentices to Madame and… thinking that a girl like me wouldn’t be taken seriously, I sent a small package with my own thoughts on clothing and a clothes that I made as an amateur. But then…”

Ufufu, Poppy smiled dreamily.

“Amazingly, I got a reply from Madame!! I received a letter with her thoughts on my consideration and the clothes I made. I was worried that I might be a bother, but I kept sending Madame my own designs and written considerations. “

While she had wavy eyes, she pulled out one envelope from among several letters.

“I will never forget the day this letter came. I kept rereading the sentence that said ‘Would you like to be an apprentice?’ I immediately wrote back and said ‘Yes, of course!! I’m happy!!'”

As she said that and laughed, she looked very happy, and I lowered my eyes with a soft feeling.

“That’s really good. I really think so. Congratulations, Poppy.”

When I smiled at Poppy, she returned a smiling grin.

Next to her, Riley made an ambiguous smile as if he couldn’t fully express his happiness.

“Well, do your best, my other half. If you fail and have to return to Duke Moore’s territory, I’ll open my arms and comfort you.”

When Riley said that, Poppy tapped Riley’s shoulder.

“Come on! You’re not being honest. Don’t be so lonely, Riley. We’ll meet again!”

Poppy turned towards me and said,

“From now on, I’ll be living near the capital, specifically near Luke Royal Academy. If you have time, let’s meet up, Leah!”

She said it cheerfully with a smile.”

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