Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Everyday Life at the Academy

As the sky starts to turn white and thin,

I stopped my training and wiped the sweat flowing from my towel.

(It’s about time)

I put away my spear and return to my room.

When I opened the door in the back of my room, a simple shower room greeted me.

(It was really good that the single rooms in the servant dormitory were equipped with shower rooms. If there had only been a shared bath, I would have been at a loss.)

As I think about this, I take a quick shower and wash off the sweat.

As I wipe the moisture off my wet body and change into my knight’s uniform, bright sunlight is coming through the window.

When I check my equipment and clothing and head towards the dining hall, I discover a dark-skinned man silently eating bacon and eggs in a corner of the still sparse dining hall.

“Good morning, Edward-san.”

As I greet him with a tray of breakfast, he, the prince’s royal guard knight, silently nods his head and heads towards me. I pass by him and sit at the table by the window.

The menu for today’s breakfast is a minestrone with plenty of vegetables, bacon and eggs with pepper, and freshly baked baguette. The warm dishes that steam up in this season, when it’s getting cold, are welcome.

I savor the taste while still chewing quickly.

After finishing breakfast, I returned the dishes with thanks and headed towards the student dormitory where William-sama was waiting.

It’s been a month since school started.

Today, another day begins.

The school’s daily schedule can be divided into two main categories.

One is the [morning section] where manners and etiquette, the characteristics of neighboring countries and territories, territory management, and language and history for calculation are cultivated as a noble.

The other is the [afternoon section] where you belong to a research laboratory and study a particular field of study that you want to deepen.

However, at this time for new students, the decision for the research laboratory has not yet been made, so it is common to visit any research laboratory during the afternoon section. And in the spring half a year after enrolling, new students will decide their research laboratory.

It is currently the time for the morning section.

During class, servants cannot accompany their masters, so I was training as a knight in a place where my uniform would not get dirty near the classroom where William-sama was studying.

Looking towards the classroom where William-sama is between training in the garden in the relaxed air exposed to the sun, it seems that class has just ended on a break, and William-sama is holding a textbook and asking the teacher something with a cheerful smile on his usual calm face.

(It must be delightful to be able to talk about studying with other people after always studying alone. William-sama looks happy, which is the most important thing.)

Thinking this, my mouth involuntarily relaxed.

“Oh, Miss Charlotte is in this research laboratory too?”

Just before the afternoon section begins.

Prince Finlay, who came to visit the research laboratory with William-sama, cheerfully called out to a reddish-brown haired girl who was found in the corridor in front of the research laboratory.

Charlotte turns her attention towards us and, looking awkward, bows politely.

“To His Royal Highness Prince Finlay, Duke Moore, and the knights, hello. I have business in the research laboratory next door.”

William-sama is impressed and rests his hand on his jaw upon seeing her.

“…I’m amazed that you’ve learned manners so well in just one month. Even nobles who have been learning manners since childhood sometimes make mistakes, but your manners are perfect.”

“To be complimented by Duke Moore, it was worth the effort. I’m still worried about when I’ll make a mistake.”

Charlotte smiles happily.

From behind her, her classmates called out to her.

The girl’s face with thin freckles shows delight and replies to her classmates, then bows to Prince Finlay and William-sama again.

“Well then, since people are waiting, I’ll be leaving.”

Leaving these words behind, she quickly walks towards her classmates.

Prince Finlay talks to William-sama as he watches her departing back.

“Miss Charlotte is good friends with her classmates. She was clumsy with manners at first, but she’s improved a lot now. Although she was ignored by the nobles at the beginning of enrollment because she was a commoner, she is now admired by both men and women.”

William-sama nods at these words.

“I’m sure it’s because of her personality. We’re not in the same class, so we only see each other during class breaks, but even in those short exchanges, her warm disposition and respect for others is conveyed… Although she needs to be watched as a person of interest, it would be conscience-stricken to continue doubting her.”

William-sama says this and sighs, and Prince Finlay nods as if in agreement.

“…Finn, it’s almost time for the afternoon section to start. We have to go into the research laboratory we’re visiting today.”

“Right. Let’s go.”

The prince and William-sama nod to each other, then go into the research laboratory.

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