Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 1

Apparently, I have been reborn

Chapter 1: Apparently, I have been reborn.

From beyond the crowded streets on the parade celebrating the prince’s inauguration, a carriage with a loud band comes along.

The young boy waving his hand flutteringly from the luxurious white carriage… When I saw the smiling face of Prince Finlay, I was shocked as if I had been hit on the head.

Memories flooded in all at once, wreaking havoc in me.

The orphanage friends who secretly brought me to the parade

“Hey, what’s wrong? You look sick?”

They asked, but I had no room to respond.

While being tossed around by the muddy flow of memories, my intuition tells me.

…This is the world of the manga “You and The White Rose” that I loved in my previous life.

[You and The White Rose].

It was a manga that I was obsessed with reading in my previous life.

The protagonist is a girl named Charlotte Michelle.

She has the special ability to “talk to animals,” and uses this special ability to face various problems.

The protagonist Charlotte enrolls in The Royal Academy as a special student, but there she meets two young men.

The genius prince Finlay Martinez and the thoughtful Duke William Moore.

Originally good friends, Prince Finlay and Duke William stumbled upon Charlotte talking to animals while strolling through the White Rose Garden.

Wary of being disliked for her ability to talk to animals, Finlay and William kindly spoke to Charlotte, and the three gradually got to know each other.

At first, Prince Finlay and Duke William were only interested in Charlotte’s special ability, but they were drawn to her positive personality and eventually fell in love with her.

As Charlotte swayed between the two men, the increase of magical beasts and the rise of the anti-royalist faction were progressing under the surface.

After graduating from the academy, Prince Finlay and Duke William, who had taken office, were dispatched to the ancient forest to stop the increasing damage caused by magical beasts.

However, the anti-royalist faction launched a surprise attack there.

William, who escaped Finlay from the anti-royalist faction and stood up against the army, was seriously injured, and by the time Finlay returned after destroying the core of the magical beasts, it was already too late.

Afterwards, he died without any treatment.

Charlotte and Finlay are overwhelmed with grief.

Determined to “definitely take revenge,” Charlotte, who is burning with a mission, exposes the aristocrats of the anti-royalist faction who launched a surprise attack with the help of animals.

And after successfully avenging, the two held a wedding ceremony while thinking of William in the midst of a profusion of white roses.

The two, who offered white roses at William’s grave, renewed their determination and became the King and Queen with a renewed resolve to build a long and peaceful kingdom.

Happy ending.

…This is not a happy ending at all.

In my previous life, I was rooting for William-sama.”

“When William-sama died in the story of “You and The White Rose”, I was shocked and slept for a while.

When the anti-royalist faction launched a surprise attack.

“I can’t leave you behind!”

Prince Finlay yelled, and William-sama calmly admonished him.

“You should live. For the sake of the country, and for Miss Charlotte.”

After saying that and letting Finlay go first, William-sama faced the enemy while scolding his trembling legs.

After being seriously injured and brought to his own castle, Finlay, who was crying and clinging to him, said to William-sama, who was barely conscious:

“You said you should live for the sake of the country and for Charlotte-san, but that was only half true. I just wanted you… my dear friend Finlay, to live. That’s all.”

While smiling, William-sama said.

Next to Finlay, Charlotte, who was crying, William-sama eyes closed, said to her,

“I love you. I’m praying that you will be happy with Finlay.”

After saying that, William-sama never woke up again.

I read the story over and over again.

When I read it again, I hoped that the story would change, over and over and over again.”

And each time, I was overwhelmed with despair.

William-sama will never come back.

William-sama, who always tried to be kind and correct as both a lord and a person with a delicate heart and deep thought, will never wake up.

I died after being hit by a car while wandering aimlessly in despair after several days of being in shock and sleeping.

And now.

I was reborn in the world of “You and The White Rose” as a complete mob, a 6-year-old orphan… Leah Flores.

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