Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 48


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒𝟖

Prince Heines has been studying abroad for exactly one month.

For the first two weeks, I was persistently ambushed by Prince Heines,

And was bothered by him speaking to me multiple times. It was annoying.

Then it suddenly stopped, and I felt anxious about that.

He specifically transferred to the academy because he wanted to be engaged to me,

But I wonder if he has given up after being treated coldly a few times.

I hope he’s not thinking of something nefarious.

Although my grandfather had told me to report immediately if anything happened, 

I had not reported anything for the past two weeks since there was nothing to report.

Concerned, my grandfather came to my room to have tea.

Lisa brewed the tea, and we sat facing each other on the sofa.

Chris and Kyle are standing behind us, unable to sit with my grandfather.

I think they should be able to sit together since they’ve become part of the royal family, 

But it seems that having tea with my grandfather is still difficult.

“Have you had any contact with the prince since then?”

“Yes. The contact was only for the first two weeks.

He only spoke to me, and there was no mention of an engagement or anything.

If he had said anything about it, I could have told him that I have consort candidates, but

It ended with just some trivial conversation. . .

So it would be rude to bring it up out of the blue.”

If the conversation with the prince had even slightly hinted at that, 

I was planning to tell him that I have consort candidates.

Yet, there was no mention of engagement, just talk about the weather or meals. . .

Telling him about consort candidate under those circumstances would have been impossible.

“I see. . .If he had approached Sofia,

I thought he would immediately bring up the topic of engagement.

According to the reports, Prince Heines is rather straightforward,

He doesn’t seem to dwell too deeply on things.

It’s also possible that the chamberlain who is always with him is directing the prince’s actions. . .”

Ah, that chamberlain who’s always with him.

While Prince Heines was coming over to talk, he was grinning behind him.

If he’s directing the actions, it seems like a meaningless move.

Maybe they changed the plan thinking it wouldn’t affect me?

“Is Prince Heines attending the academy?”

“He seems to be attending, at least.

He tends to skip classes, but he seems to be on the campus.”

“He’s in the academy but not attending classes?”

I wonder what he’s doing in the academy.

He refused the guide, Denis, so I heard that other students can’t approach him either.

I think he would get bored coming to the academy with the chamberlain and just drinking tea.

“. . .Actually, I received a new report yesterday.”

“A new report?”

A new report, even though there’s been no contact with me?

Since my grandfather came to talk about it, it must be something important.

“It seems that Prince Heines and Eliza are together.”

“Huh? Eliza?”

Eliza with Prince Heines?

Sure, they’re in the same third grade, so there’s a chance they could meet.

But doing things together when they’re in different classrooms, I have nothing but a bad feeling about it.

“I don’t know what they intend by being together, but,

It seems she’s coming and going from the palace.”

“Eh? Wasn’t Eliza banned from entering the palace?”

“Ah, it’s still off-limits even now.

But, the royal villa is supposed to be lent to Kokodia’s third prince.

If the escort knights on the other side don’t stop them, they can enter the villa.

The knights of Eugenis haven’t lent it to the villa.”

“Is that so. . .?”

Eliza coming and going to the villa.

It’s true that she’s been banned from entering the royal palace,

But isn’t it bad that she is visiting the third prince’s villa more than that?

The third prince’s chamberlain and escort knights might be nearby,

But proving that is difficult.

If it even becomes a rumor, they’ll think that’s the relationship.

“So, I’ve lost track of the third prince’s actions.

From now on, not only the third prince but also consider that Eliza might be up to something with him.

Be more careful than ever before.”

“I understand.”

Eliza teaming up with him to do something. . .that’s too unpleasant.

I thought I could avoid meeting him again if I didn’t meet him until I graduated.

Preventing him from approaching me completely is difficult.

After seeing my grandfather off as he returned to work, I sighed deeply.

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