Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 45


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒𝟓

“I knew it had to be you? I recognized you right away because you look just like Idia-sama.

I’m Heines Kokodia.

Being Idia-sama’s nephew, I’m Princess Sofia’s cousin.

I thought we would meet at the school right away, but we didn’t. I searched for you.”

“That’s right, Prince Heines. Nice to meet you.

I am Sofia Eugenis.

In the academy, different grades have different class hours.

I think it will be difficult to meet again.”

I am conversing with smiles, but not overly, to the point of rudeness,

Prince Heines makes a perplexed face, noticing I’m not swayed by him.

“We can find time during lunch break, can’t we?

From tomorrow, I want to have meals together. Okay?”

“I’m sorry, but I take my meals while working during lunch.

I’m busy with the crown prince’s deputy duties.

It’s related to royal affairs, so I can’t show it to a prince from another country.

Ah, it’s time already, so I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

Noticing that lunch break is over, I ended the conversation.

Prince Heines seemed like he still had something to say,

But I left the dining hall without worrying about it.

I heard Prince Heines mumbling something from behind,

But I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

Surely, the shadow will report it to me later.

“Sofia-sama. . .It’s rare for you to refuse so clearly, isn’t it?”

“Yes. . .somehow, I just had a bad impression of him.

I didn’t want to talk to the prince anymore. . .”

Ruri  speaks to me in a worried, low voice.

Even to Ruri, it seemed that my response to the prince was cold.

She understands.

My attitude was just barely within the bounds of politeness.

I really should have been a little softer since he’s a prince of an allied nation.

But. . .What was that rising irritation?

I was filled with a desire to leave quickly, not wanting to talk to the prince.

Even when meeting people who had oppressed me in the past,

I had never felt such uncontrollable disgust.

“Wow! Even though he was such a beautiful prince?!”

“Beautiful? That prince?”

To Ruri, Prince Heines seemed like a very beautiful prince.

I supposes he must be beautiful if he looks like my beautiful Okaa-sama, but,

I was filled with feelings of not wanting to get close, not wanting to talk,

And couldn’t feel any affection.

“I thought he was a beautiful prince too.

. . .Well, maybe Sofia-sama is used to seeing beautiful men.”

“Huh? I’m used to seeing beautiful men?”

“I think your escort knights, the two of them, are said to be beautiful.”

“Ah, Chris and Kyle.

Now that you mention it, maybe so.

If you say they have well-proportioned features, I suppose so.

But that’s not why they were chosen.

I’ve been with Chris and Kyle since I was a child,

So I suppose they wouldn’t take my eyes away in that sense.”

When I looked at Chris and Kyle before answering, both of them made subtle faces.

They probably don’t feel happy being called beautiful.

Neither of them is used to being praised for their appearance.

Or rather, I think they probably don’t want to be praised for their appearance.

On the way home in the carriage, I receive a report from Chris about the shadow.

I was bothered by what Prince Heines was muttering earlier.

I thought it would be reported right away,

But Chris checked my expression as if gauging my mood.

“. . .Princess, I’m going to report, but don’t get angry, okay?”

“Hm? It’s the prince’s report, right? Did he say something that would make me angry?”

“Hm, well. I’ll just report what the prince said?

. . .As expected of my aunt’s daughter, she’s beautiful, but quite young.

As for me, I prefer a woman with breasts and good flesh. . . She has none at all.

That’s what he was telling the chamberlain.”


Quite young? No breasts?

I instinctively touch my chest, and indeed, my breasts are not large.

My height is also shorter than Ruri’s. I’m probably the shortest in the school.

. . .Slowly, anger wells up within me, and I lash out at Kyle, who’s across from me.

“Hey, do I look that young?!

Is it bad not to have breasts?!

Hey, do you, Kyle, prefer them too?!”

“Whoa. Hold on, calm down.”

“I hate that prince!”

“I understand. It’s okay.

You’re still growing after all. . .”

“My breasts may not get any bigger?!”

“. . .It’s fine, you’re okay as you are.”

“Okay as I am? What does that mean?!”

“Sigh~ She was surprisingly bothered by it.

Ruri, please report this to the palace in secret.

Let’s not touch on this subject from now on.”

“I understand. . .Chris-sama, shouldn’t you help Kyle-sama?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s good for the Princess to get angry once in a while.

It looks like she was irritated after meeting the prince, so Kyle can handle it.”

“Will it be alright?”

“It’s fine. Believe it or not, Kyle enjoys indulging the Princess’ whims.”

“I see. Understood.”

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