Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 43


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒𝟑: (𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞)

“Has the Princess gone to sleep already?”

“Yes, she did ride a horse unusually. Must be tired.”

The Princess, who usually only travels between the academy and the Eastern Palace, 

Must have used her energy to ride a horse to the Royal Forest.

By the time dinner is over, she already has a sleepy expression on her face,

After the bath, she was in a state of half-sleep.

Though she usually acts mature for her age, 

The Princess doesn’t look much different from when we first met when she’s in that state.

Remembering it, I had a smirk, and Chris teased me.

“Reminiscing, huh? The lake must have been really fun for the two of you.”

“Yeah, well, it was. 

I feel bad for leaving Chris behind. 

The Princess said we should all go next time.”

“Well, it’s fine. I kind of understood Kyle’s situation. 

It’s good that you two had a quiet talk. 

“It seems you no longer hide your true colors. 

You talked about that today, right?”

“Yeah. She told me that this color doesn’t matter.”

Chris, who entered the academy with me, has seen my original color for three years.

He seemed to want to say something when I changed my color after coming to the palace, 

But he never asked.

We knew that we were hiding something from each other, 

But our relationship, where we didn’t need to ask, was not bad.

“. . .It seemed like you were worried, but 

I can’t imagine Kyle leaving the Princess. 

Even if you had refused the consort’s proposal, 

If a new escort knight was assigned to the Princess, you’d have rushed back.”

“. . .That’s right.

When I heard that the third prince of Kokodia was targeting her, 

My worries were blown away. 

I thought I was being foolish. At that moment, I had forgotten the promise I made with the princess.”

I promised to be with her forever.

If the Princess needs me, I’ve decided to stay by her side and protect her.

I was unnaturally upset about changing from an escort knight to a consort, but 

I couldn’t be okay with being away from the Princess.

“If you’ve remembered, that’s good. 

If you’d forgotten, I was thinking of saying something.

. . .The issue with the third prince seems really dangerous, though.”

Yeah, I had anticipated the idea of becoming a candidate for queen’s consort and getting engaged right away, but

I never expected to be treated as a member of the royal family. . .That was beyond my expectations.”

After returning from the lake, I, the Princess, and Chris went to report to His Majesty.

I was not only appointed as a consort candidate and decided to be the Princess’ fiancé,

I also underwent the procedure to become the adopted son of Fritz, the second prince.

So, on paper, Chris and I became members of the royal family, and cousins to the Princess.

“Just being a fiancé is weak, is that it?

To avoid interference from the Duke family and Margrave family. . .

Well, it could be both.

The Duke family originally had royal blood,

And since Kyle is of that lineage, they probably judged it to be no problem.”

“For me, it’s probably to sever ties with those in the Margrave territory.”

I have already told the princess, and now it’s better to tell him as fellow consorts.

I explain that my grandfather was the former king’s brother.

I thought Chris would be surprised, but he didn’t change his expression at all.

“Hmm. Well, there’s no problem in becoming the princess’ consort.”

“H, Huh.”

“Well, there must be at least three consorts. One more person will be needed. . .

The only one who seems likely to become a consort near the princess is Douglas.”

“Douglas, huh. Not bad, but how should I put it. . .

When talking to the princess, it’s completely a conversation between friends.

Besides, he’s the only son of the Marquis family, whether he can become a consort or not.”

Douglas has good lineage and talent, and works hard.

He resembles the princess very much, but their conversation is entirely like that of male students.

I don’t feel any sexual tension between the two.

. . .Since the princess is still young in that regard, it can’t be helped.

I’m worried if she truly understands the meaning of a consort,

But if I say that, she’ll probably get angry.

“Well, there’s still time.

But, we can’t make the Kokodia’s prince the third one.

From tomorrow, let’s return to a two-person system.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Lately, the crown prince’s workload has increased, and either I or Chris was guarding the princess.

From tomorrow, it’ll be better if both Chris and I are with her.

There are some unavoidable tasks, but

I will have the number of shadow guards increased for that purpose.

“. . .I think that someday the princess will truly love someone.

At that time, I will be able to bless her with a smile.

What about Kyle?”

“Bless the princess. . .?”

“You look like you haven’t thought about it.

Well, that’s okay. I’m going to bed now to prepare for tomorrow. Goodnight~.”

Someday. . .the day when the princess loves someone?

A day when she falls in love with someone other than Chris and me?

Is there a day like that coming for the princess who has not grown up in that way?

What Chris said bothered me, and I couldn’t fall asleep easily.

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