Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 188


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟖𝟖

The reply from the King of Rujail came the next day at noon.

Even though the letter had been sent late the previous evening,

I was surprised that the reply came in less than a day.

“There is no problem here, so do as Ishra likes.

If Eugenis becomes prosperous, our country will also benefit.

I want you to fully utilize Ishra’s talent.”

This was the response, allowing Prince Ishra to exchange the oath magic with me.

Although I had heard that he had obtained permission from the King and the Crown Prince,

I hadn’t thought the reply would come this quickly.

The King of Rujail said that Prince Ishra is more talented than the Crown Prince,

And that he couldn’t just leave him in Rujail.

It seems he wants to support Prince Ishra’s talent.

Since all the royal children are treated like princes,

He might think of Prince Ishra as his own son.

When I told Prince Ishra that the reply had come,

He said the sooner, the better, and we decided to exchange the oath magic that day.

Prince Ishra, Chris, and I discussed and decided on only one oath.

We will not act or speak to Eugenis’ detriment.

When it’s not clear what action would be detrimental,

It was decided that we may proceed if the three of us, the consort and I, grant permission.

In other words, when Prince Ishra tries to create new magic,

We will judge how the spell will affect.

For now, we won’t involve him in the government, and the work of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess,

Is only permitted when acting with Emillia.

Prince Ishra complied without any conditions.

After exchanging a blood oath in the office meeting room,

We discussed and decided on future actions.

We also asked the lab representative, and left all the keys to the greenhouse.

Either way, there didn’t seem to be time to do research after the accession.

Since there were crops that would be left unfinished,

We had him take over all the related spells as well.

“Then, I’ll leave all this research to you.”


“I’m sorry. There are many things left unfinished.”

“No, it’s easy to work on since I know exactly what and how you want to change.

I’m excited because I’ve been away from the research for a while.”

When I tried to find out, it seems that before becoming engaged to Emillia,

Starting the dealings with Rujail and Eugenis was quite difficult.

Convincing the Rujail royalty and nobility, who have never exported magic stones to other countries,

Implementing legal reforms, increasing the mining output, securing transportation routes,

It turns out Prince Ishra was maneuvering behind the scenes in every possible aspect.

I heard that it was difficult to talk about this part until the oath was exchanged,

I understood that was the case.

“Officially, everything is under my father’s name.

My father is someone who only has swordsmanship in his head and can’t write any documents.

I was saved because the king understood this and allowed me to act freely.”

“Ah, so that’s why. It would be a problem if people around you knew you were more capable than the crown prince.

If it were known that Prince Ishra was involved to that extent,

There would undoubtedly be those who would want to change the crown prince.”

“Yes, the power dynamics in that area were very difficult.

I’m relieved that it went well.

I, for one, don’t want to take down the crown prince.”

Because he wanted to meet Emillia who had returned to the homeland,

Hearing that Uncle Fritz wants to import magic stones,

And it seems he had been trying to make it happen since he was a child.

. . . Huh. Was the severance of diplomatic relations with Kokodia thanks to Prince Ishra?

I found out that I was helped by Prince Ishra without knowing,

And I hope he will continue to research as he likes.

If he becomes happy with Emillia, I wonder if it will be a little return of favor.

“Ah, about this oath. I’m sorry, but it will be made public.”

I was cautioned when I consulted or rather reported to David.

Please make it public not only domestically but also to other countries.

“I don’t mind, but was there any problem?”

“Well, I’ve been told by foreign royalty that they want to be my consort.

I’m refusing because I can’t involve foreign royalty in the government.”

“Foreign royalty. . . Tyrnia?”

“Yes. I have received proposals from the king’s younger brother and the third prince.

They are persistent.”

Tyrnia has many royal family members, and they often send men to other countries as husbands.

They’ve never married Eugenis’ royalty before, but

They may be targeting now after breaking the alliance with Kokodia.

It seems they think that if they become the queen’s consort, they can take over this country.

The forty-year-old younger brother of the king and the nineteen-year-old third prince.

Both of them have made proposals, and they’ve even suggested that they could become sons-in-law,

We’re being told this by the King of Tyrnia.

Of course, both are being refused, but they won’t give up.

“I see. If they understand that a blood oath must be taken to marry,

Becoming a consort will be meaningless. They will give up.”

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