Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 186


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟖𝟔

“. . .Will you make an Oath Magic with me?”


Oath Magic? With Prince Ishra of another country?

Before I could ask what he meant, Prince Ishra began to speak.

“When I decided to marry into this country,

I also decided that my future life would be something without any of my talents. 

Even if I had stayed in Rujail, it wouldn’t have made a difference whether I ended up unable to create magical tools, enact new laws, or implement policies to change the country. 

I had no intention of being used for Eugenis.”

“We don’t intend to use Prince Ishra’s talents, you know?”

“Yes, I understand now.

But I’ve been investigating Eugenis since Emillia returned to the country.

Magics being created one after another, improved crops.

I was convinced that I would be used if they knew about my talent.”

“Ah, I can see why you might think that.”

Upon hearing about new magic and crops, Chris began to understand, thinking it made sense.

“What do you mean?”

“If new magic is being created in such a short time,

This country must be focusing on magical research.

If a genius like Prince Ishra comes, 

It’s not strange to think he’d be ordered to research for Eugenis.”

“We’re not putting as much effort into magical research as you think. . .

We haven’t even established something like a research lab yet.”

“Eh? Really?!”

Is the misunderstanding still ongoing, I wonder,

Hearing that there’s no dedicated magic research laboratory in this country, Prince Ishra is surprised.

“We’re planning to build one. We’re gathering people for it.

But everyone who’s come so far has only been in charge of rear support for the knights. . .

Because of their low status, they all refuse to take the lead.

So we haven’t been able to operate it as a research lab.”

To join the knights, one must have magical power and use at least two attributes.

Even though they have a lot of magical power within that knighthood, they are not skilled in offensive magic,

I’ve recruited individuals like that and have them assist with the magical research I’ve been conducting.

No one wants to be the representative because they’re mostly lower-ranking nobles.

They’re not used to being in charge, so even if I ask them, they refuse, saying it’s impossible.

I’m grateful that they take care of the greenhouse and try new magic, but

I wish they would continue to research even without me.

“I realized my misunderstanding about this country yesterday.

I saw the greenhouse being built in the back of the courtyard.”

“Ah, you went in there? There were a few people taking care of it, right?”

“Yes. . .There were new crops being grown that haven’t yet reached the market.

I could see Sofia-sama’s magical power in all of them.

You are the one creating new magic and crops, aren’t you, Sofia-sama?”

“. . .You could see the magical power?”

“Yes. I can see people’s magical power.

As for what’s available in the market,

I didn’t notice because I couldn’t see Sofia-sama’s magic power.

I never thought that most of the development was done by Sofia-sama alone.”

That was careless of me. Items on the market are enchanted and shipped by others.

But the ones in research only have my magical power.

If someone who can see magical power looks at it, they’ll know right away.

Even though I’m on the side that can see magic power,

I didn’t even consider the possibility that Prince Ishra could see it.

“Prince Ishra can see it too.”

“I suppose you can as well, Sofia-sama.

I’m sorry I kept it a secret that I could see.

I kept quiet so that I wouldn’t be used.”

“No, it can’t be helped.”

Certainly, if they knew of Prince Ishra’s talents, someone might want to use him.

It might not happen in this country, but if the word spreads, other countries might want him.

“Actually. . . I kept it a secret in Rujail as well.

I was afraid that if my value became too high, I might not be allowed to go to another country.”

“That’s. . . likely to happen. So, it was a secret in Rujail too.”

If he can see magical power, then he must have seen the magic I cast on the crops.

Cold-resistant crops are desired in every country.

Prince Ishra could probably replicate it as well.

If that’s noticed, he might be told to come back even now.

“So, won’t you make an Oath Magic with me?”

“Oath Magic. . .”

Is it about not using Prince Ishra’s talent, or keeping it a secret? 

I can keep that much without an Oath Magic, but I wonder if he can trust me.

“I. . . hate being used, but I really want to study magic.

This country doesn’t think about using me even a little.

Moreover, for Sofia-sama, rather than an alliance with Rujail or a political marriage,

She said she would give her approval if I want to marry Emillia.

She prioritized Emillia’s feelings over the country’s interests.

She wasn’t using someone to create magic; Sofia-sama was creating it herself.

I thought it would be okay to believe in this country, in Sofia-sama’s country.”

“I’m glad you think so, but what will you swear?”

“I will make a blood oath that I will not act or speak to the detriment of Eugenis.

I will not be able to betray Eugenis.

Then, even though I am a royal from another country, won’t it be possible to work or study?”

“Huh? Not betray Eugenis? Is that okay? Swearing such a thing.

Won’t you be stopped if Rujail finds out?”

That’s why he didn’t bring Rujail’s civil official here.

He would surely be stopped if he tried to make such an oath.

What would happen if the king or crown prince of Rujail found out about this?

I feel it’s not good to make that oath on our own.

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