Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 184


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟖𝟒

“Moreover, if it’s found out that Princess went out again this time,

The fact that Princess created the barrier wall might be exposed.”

“. . .Is that so?”

“Yes. Many would be troubled if the barrier wall were created again.

The situation is such that people are trying to find out who the spell caster is.

It’s probably already known that Princess and we weren’t there last time.

The one most suspected is Princess.

Despite knowing it’s a dangerous journey, we’re taking her along.”

That’s certainly true. There’s no reason to put the Crown Prince in danger for no reason.

If Chris or Kyle were the spell casters, it would be normal for me to stay in the palace.

If the three of us go to disable it again, it will confirm that I am the spell caster.

“But then, Kyle would be targeted, wouldn’t he!”

“Kyle knew that and said he’d go.

He said he’d fight back even if he was targeted.”

“. . .I understand, but I don’t want to accept it.”

I know it’s for my sake. I know, but I hate it so much.

I don’t want him to become a sacrifice in a place I don’t know.

“I understand how you feel. I’m the one being left behind, too.”

“. . .Chris.”

“Of course, I think I’m the only one who can protect Princess while Kyle is gone.

Even if I went, there’s no one else I’d entrust you to besides Kyle.

If one of us has to stay behind, I thought it would be me.

But still. . . I don’t like the idea of putting Kyle in danger alone.”

“. . .Yeah. That’s true. . .”

I realized that Chris didn’t really want to do this either,

And decided to stop blaming him further.

Not only the soup but also starting to tear and eat bread,

Chris began his meal as well.

As the leisurely meal ended, we headed to the office.

We were supposed to be gone, so we had crammed work in until yesterday.

Taking it a little slow wouldn’t be a problem.

When we show our faces in the office, we are greeted by David and Douglas.

Seeing both of them looking awkward,

I realized that I was the only one who didn’t know.

“Good morning. . . Sofia-sama.”

“Sofia-sama, good morning.”

“. . .Good morning.”

Taking my seat with a sigh, I receive a work schedule from Douglas.

Come to think of it, he did say he was going to make a schedule for while I was gone.

Looking at it, it was the work schedule without Kyle.

“. . .Right. Even if Kyle is the only one missing, five days is a long time.”

“Yeah. But I’ve called in help.

He should be here soon.”


Perhaps because we were talking about it, someone energetically entered the office.

“Eh? Arno?”

“Yes! Sofia-sama! I have come to serve in Kyle-sama’s place for five days!

Though, replacing Kyle-sama is impossible, so

I plan to assist Chris-sama.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Hey, Arno. Don’t speak so lightly.

You graduated top of your class from the academy, so learn the job and take it back.

Don’t think that just guarding Eddie and the others will do?”


“Don’t forget that Kyle and I are also Princess’ personal guards.

You should be able to guard while working.”

“Y, Yes, understood!”

Chris is indeed strict.

But Eddie and Diana are also escorted by the Royal Guards,

It’s a waste to assign Arno, the chief, only to the role of an escort knight.

If Arno can work as an assistant to Eddie, it would not only ease their workload but also,

It would also make things easier for us. Oh, wait?

“Hey, is Eddie’s guard okay?”

“This time, someone else will be guarding them for five days.

Since Princess Emillia is working with Prince Eddie and the others,

Prince Ishra will be guarding the three of them.”

“Ah, if Prince Ishra is guarding, then it’s fine.”

“Yes. We couldn’t ask Prince Ishra to take over the office work.

It would really help if Prince Ishra could come here though.”

“That’s certainly impossible.

We can’t involve a prince from another country in royal affairs.

Got it. Take care for the next five days.


I did everything I could until yesterday, but

With the resumption of business with Kokodia, there’s also extra work that comes in at the last minute.

There were tasks that couldn’t be done in advance, so there was a mountain of things to do.

Arno worked hard in Kyle’s absence, but

The atmosphere was somehow gloomy, and conversation became sparse.

Still, when the time came, today’s work was successfully finished.

Chris and I return to our private room to have dinner together.

We discuss tomorrow’s work and beyond while talking about Arno’s performance.

I entered the bedroom after finishing the bath, at the usual time.

Even after Chris cast healing on me, I couldn’t feel sleepy as usual.

It’s warm and comfortable, but my eyes stay awake.

“. . . . . I wonder where Kyle and the others are now. Did they catch more fish to eat?”

“I don’t know. Since Princess is not with them this time, they should keep breaks to a minimum.

The fish was delicious, but maybe they don’t have the luxury to eat it. “

“Is that so? Are they moving forward without taking breaks?”

“Yes. They have to remain unseen by people as much as possible.

The more time it takes, the more likely they will be seen by others.

They’ll probably run without taking breaks, especially during daylight hours.”

“I see.”

Probably Wei and Fel are alternating as drivers again, running the carriage.

Inside the carriage, I wonder if Kyle is sleeping alone.

“Let’s go to sleep soon.”


Today, just like Kyle did to me yesterday, I fell asleep while being held by Chris.

As he gently pats my back,

I remember Chris putting me to sleep like this since I was little.

He must be comforting me.

Despite the warmth of Chris’ arms, the backside feels cold somehow.

I couldn’t erase the feeling of loneliness.

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