Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 181


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟖𝟏

The alliance with Rujail was successfully formed, and even after the storm-like busyness ended,

The deferred work due to that is coming around.

Lying in bed and saying how busy today was, I get healing from Chris.

Next to me, Kyle is lying down reading the report.

It’s not good to bring work into the bedroom, but he seems to be concerned about something.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Ah. Not exactly a problem, but construction is going smoothly,

Do you think Kokodia will really accept the condition that only merchants deal?”

“If you say that the barrier will not be lifted under any other conditions, they might understand.”

What Kyle was reading was a report on the gate and commercial area under construction inside the barrier wall.

Just lifting the barrier wall may allow a large number of Kokodia’s commoners to flood in.

Kokodia’s bandit village seems to have been dismantled, but the whole country is having food difficulties.

It would be difficult to handle if hungry commoners surged en masse.

If that happens, the territories close to Kokodia are expected to be devastated.

So the idea was to build a gate inside the barrier.

For a while, entry will be prohibited except for merchants,

And merchant dealings will only take place within a commercial area built inside the double gate.

Merchants coming from Kokodia cannot enter the Eugenis side past the commercial area.

This way, Kokodia can buy food, and Eugenis can buy magic stones.

Security will be maintained as neither merchants nor commoners can enter from the Kokodia side.

The management of the gates and the commercial area is left to the border knights.

According to the report, it will be completed in a week,

And trade can start in the commercial area a month later.

Notification will be given to Eugenis’ merchants, but first, we can sell the food stored in the national warehouse.

The problem is to negotiate with Kokodia and get them to approve that condition.

Reports are coming in that the idea of relying on me within Kokodia has weakened considerably.

I think King Raymon would understand, though.

“I think he’ll say something from over there.”

“From Kokodia?”

“Probably, it must be getting harder to buy food from Rujail.

Cutting off the alliance means that merchants will start to pull away.

Even if they refuse to sell at a high price, there’s nothing Kokodia can do.

If they can buy food from Eugenis, they’ll accept any conditions.”

“I see. So it’s that much of a dire situation.

Well, we have to start preparing to remove the barrier soon.”

It took six days to recreate the barrier wall back and forth.

Even though it was difficult as we were looking for the towers, I think it’ll still take at least five days.

My grandfather is well now, and I can rely on everyone in the office, but. . .

If I, the king regent, will be gone, preparations will be needed.

“Sofia, is it difficult to remove the barrier?”

“Oh, I was wondering about that too. It doesn’t work with ordinary removal, right?

How do you remove it?”

“Yeah, the usual spell to remove the barrier won’t work.

But the way to remove it is simple.

It will disappear when the magic stones inside those four towers are depleted.”

“It disappears?”

“Yeah. It will disappear eventually without doing anything, but if you want to remove it quickly,

You just have to take out all the magic stones from the four towers.”

“All four?”

“It resonates with all four, so it won’t disappear if even one remains.”

It’s impossible to deploy magic if all the towers are empty at first,

But once deployed, it can continue if even one remains.

However, the burden increases, so it’s distributed among the four to be bearable for the witch.

. . .Even if a witch runs out of strength, the remaining three can endure until the next witch comes in.

That could be said to be the reason why it’s divided into four.

The master was exceptional, but a regular witch can only last a few years.

I wonder how many witches have been sent to that tower.

“To take the magic stones out. . . anything else?”

“No, that’s it. The order doesn’t matter. It will disappear if they’re all empty.

It’s easy to remove.

Well, you can’t remove it unless you know about the tower and can enter it.”

Even though it’s said to be easy, it should have never been removed.

The last one, the master, died, and the barrier disappeared.

I learned about it much later.

Thinking about such things makes me feel heavy.

Suddenly, I felt Chris’ magical power become strong.

“. . .Chris?”

“You should go to bed early when you’re tired.”

“Yeah. . . You’re right.”

Chris’ magical power felt warmer than usual, and my body became warm.

As I enjoyed the feeling, Kyle reached out and stroked my back and hair.

Both felt so good that I closed my eyes and fell asleep before I knew it.

After I fell asleep, the two were talking, but I never noticed.

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