Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 160


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟔𝟎: 𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐚

“. . .Th, thank you. . .Raymon.”

“Father. . .now you understand, don’t you.”

“What, what is it?”

To the king who still doesn’t understand, the crown prince and the second prince sigh deeply.

“If this continues, you will be killed.”

“Huh? By whom? Didn’t we already imprison the Duke?”

“The loss caused by the formation of the magical barrier is not just in Samaras territory.

. . .I wonder who will come next.

Ah, maybe Mother will come if she learns about my uncle.”


“After all, Mother is a daughter of the Duke Samaras family.

If she hears that her brother Duke has been captured, she will be angry.”

“P, Please! Help me!”

He always ends up exasperated at his Father, who is no match for his mother, the queen.

Even though it’s a prearranged marriage partner, why has the power relationship with his Mother reversed so completely?

His father, born as the first prince, and Mother, the eldest daughter of the Duke family.

She should not be able to defy his Father, and yet. . .

“Why not just explain it to her properly yourself?”

“. . .It’s impossible. She won’t listen quietly.

She’ll rage immediately. . .throw things at me. If she learns Duke was captured, she’ll kill me. . .”

“In that case, why not just capture Mother?”

“How could I do such a terrifying thing. . .?”

“Then please, give up.”

Coldly pushing him away, the king, who let out a weak scream and was on the verge of losing consciousness,

Even though he knows he’s beyond help, he can’t help but feel exasperated.

“There’s only one way to save your life.”

“W, What is it? I’ll do anything! Tell me.”

“Step down from the throne.”


“If you cease to be king, you will be free of responsibility.”

“Is that really all I need to do?”

“Yes. For now, I’ll hide you somewhere where Mother can’t find you.”

“Please! Let me escape.”

To the king clinging to him, he handed over documents to abdicate the throne to the crown prince.

He watch as he signs them, trembling, and the civil officials come to receive the former king.

“Follow these people. We’ve prepared a separate palace.”

“Oh, oh. I see, I see.”

Smiling all the while, the former king followed the civil official without a care,

And discreetly waved his hand.

This will be our last farewell.

Perhaps realizing that, those who were in the audience room deeply bowed to the departing former king.

He was not a bad king.

He was just weak to the Duke Samaras family and did as they said.

If the Duke Samaras family had not been mistaken, he could have remained a gentle king.

“. . .Is it over?”

“Ah, somehow. Thanks for the information.”

“You’re welcome.

It would have been a hassle for us too if Father continued to run amok.”

“That’s true. Edmon, or rather, the new Duke Samaras.

I’ll be counting on you.”

Stealthily emerging from the hidden room is Duke Samaras’s only son, Edmon.

His father, the Duke, vowed, “I’ll kill them today if I have to, but I’ll somehow get the barrier done”

Upon hearing his enthusiasm, he reported it in secret to the crown prince.

Even though they were cousins, he is well aware of his position and is capable.

He want him as a close aide, but he keeps refusing because he will inherit the Duke’s family.

“About that, can you demote me?”

“Demote? Why?”

“In the form of taking responsibility for my father’s actions, can you demote me to a Count’s family,

And confiscate half of my territory? The area with the mines.”

“You plan to rebuild your territory by giving up the mines?”

“Yes, exactly.”

Now that they can’t import grain, the mines are nothing but a burden.

Those they hired to mine have fled, starting with the most decent.

Only old men who can’t move elsewhere and troublesome ruffians remain.

They’re also stuck with a large amount of magical stones that can’t be exported.

If it becomes royal land, the royal family will have to hire them, so he wants to get rid of it if possible.

“. . .There’s one condition.”

“What is it?”

“You join me as a close aide.

Then I’ll take only the mines without demoting you.”

“. . .Is that okay? It would help, but. . .”

“With that, negotiations with Eugenis will be tough.

If we don’t restore diplomatic relations, Kokodia is finished. Won’t you help us?”

“. . . . .Us, you say? Understood.”

“I’m counting on you.”

Edmon watched the crown prince and the second prince join hands,

He judged it might be okay to hope a little.

If they were to fight over the throne here, he planned to abandon his title and go to another country.

“That’s good, elder brother. No, Your Majesty, the King.”

“Yes, that’s right. Finally, we can truly apologize to Eugenis.”

“We must not make a mistake this time.”

“I know.”

A slightly cheerful voice of the two resounds in the quiet audience room.

The mother, the former queen, has already been sent to a separate palace.

The former queen and former king are to be confined separately.

Punishment is also planned for the other parties involved, but there are many people involved,

So it must be thought about from now on.

The country is already on the brink.

Therefore, all parties involved had to be disposed of.

It was a heavy decision for the young crown prince and second prince,

But without it, there would be no future for Kokodia.

On this day, the talks between the new king and his close aides continued all night long,

And a letter was sent to Eugenis just before noon the next day.

Signed by the new king, Raymon・Kokodia.

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