Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 135


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑𝟓

Continuing on the carriage, taking breaks several times during the day, 

The second morning arrived since leaving the royal palace.

Maybe because we didn’t rest at night, it seems like we’ll reach the tower faster than expected.

At this rate, it looks like we’ll be able to return to the royal palace with time to spare within the week.

It won’t end after returning to the royal palace.

I have to send letters explaining the situation to the surrounding countries other than Kokodia.

If I return early, I can explain it sooner.

I was calculating such things in my head, when I suddenly realized.

Although we were driving the carriage towards the border, 

We hadn’t given any instructions about where we were going.

“. . .Hey, how long until we reach the border fortress?”

“It’s not that far. We’ll arrive in about two more hours.”

“Then, I think it’s about one more hour.

Please stop a little before the border.

I have to walk through the forest, away from the highway.”

“Understood. Tell me when we get close.

I’ll instruct them to stop the carriage.”

I will have to lay the barrier along the border, but there’s no need to go to the fortress.

The tower of the Barrier Maiden is in the forest, hidden from people.

Apparently, there used to be a path leading to the tower, but it’s a tower that hasn’t been used for over two hundred years.

Since then, nobody seems to have been using this trail,

It’s probably best to assume that there’s no path.

I know the direction, so I won’t get lost, but it might be hard to approach the tower.

. . .Ah, I can feel we’re getting closer.

We should stop soon.

“I think we’re getting close.”

“Understood. I’ll tell them to stop where we can.”

Chris opens the small window between the coach seat and gives instructions to Wei and Fel.

Since it can’t be stopped on the highway, 

They seem to be looking for a place spacious enough to park the carriage by the roadside.

After running a little, it shook heavily, and I could tell it had moved off the road.

“The grass off the road is terrible. If Princess walks here, it looks like it’ll be dusk.

Should I carry Princess?”

When I tried to get off the carriage, Chris, who had already gotten off, picked me up.

It seems he didn’t want me to walk on the grass-covered ground.

I came wearing shoes that were easy to walk in for the journey, but the grass was longer than I thought,

And it looked like half of my body would be hidden if I went down to the ground.

“Let’s go this way. Tell me the direction, and I’ll head that way.”

“Ah, wait a minute. We can’t leave the carriage like this.

It’ll stand out if we leave it here.

If Kokodia’s knights find it, they’ll be suspicious.

I’ll make it invisible with recognition inhibition, and then let’s move.

Wei, Fel, can you stay and guard the carriage?”

“Understood, Sofia-sama.”

“If you see Kokodia’s knights, just ignore them.

They shouldn’t find you if you don’t do anything.

But, if something happens, run away immediately, okay?”


“Wait, Sofia, stay as you are. I’ll cast the spell, so it’s okay.

Wei, Fel, wait in the carriage until we return.”

“”Understood. We’ll wait.””

Watching Wei and Fel get on the coach seat, Kyle casts the recognition inhibition spell.

This way, other carriages passing on the highway won’t know.

It might take some time to come back, so I’ll have to ask the two to wait.

“Ah, we have to take the magic stones.”

“How many are we taking? There are four boxes loaded in the carriage.”

“Then, one box.”


Kyle lifts the wooden box with his left hand only. It’s quite a large wooden box,

And since it’s packed with magic stones, it should be quite heavy.

Yet he lifts it so effortlessly that it looks like nothing is in the wooden box.

“So, which way should we go?”

I feel the presence of a tower deep in the forest.

Pointing straight ahead, Kyle takes the lead and begins to walk.

Perhaps it’s a spell for walking in the forest, but the plants part on both sides, making it easy to walk.

Following behind Kyle, Chris carries me along.

I wanted to walk too, but I’m sure I would slow down and be a bother if I did.

Reluctantly, I behave and simply guide Kyle in the right direction as we move forward.

As we proceed for a while, the forest grows dark.

The shadows of large trees make it hard to see the ground.

. . .We’re almost there.

Surrounded by large trees, only that spot in the forest is conspicuously open.

A slender two-story tower made of rectangular stones appears.

Despite no one taking care of it, for some reason, there are no grasses growing around the tower.

Chris advances to that point and sets me down on the ground.

“. . .Is this the tower of the Barrier Maiden?”

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