Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 133


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑𝟑

“Thanks to Sofia-sama, the people of the territory are no longer starving,

My father was delighted.”

“Speaking of which, the former Viscount has stayed on as the acting lord.”

“Yes, it’s also true that taxes have been reduced thanks to the return of the territory to the royal family,

But in recent years, cold-resistant crops have been growing well, and we have been able to prevent the people in our territory from starving.

I’ve been wanting to express my gratitude to Sofia-sama at some point,

And I’m grateful for this opportunity.”

“I see. That might be why Augen chose the two of them.”

In Duke Hambel’s territory, Uncle Edgar is in charge, but he cannot perform the duties of a lord,

So a lord’s deputy has been appointed by the royal family to take care of it.

In reality, the former Viscount, who has always been the lord, is considered to know the territory best, and

He continues to work as the lord’s deputy.

Uncle Edgar is a one-generation Duke, so the territory will return to the royal domain afterwards.

Although the title and territory have been returned to the royal family,

I think that grandfather intends to return it to the former Viscount’s family.

“Why did Wei and Fel become knights?”

“It was my father’s suggestion. The cold weather continued even before we became knights.

He thought we would have to return the territory soon.

My father was born before the war and married late, and we were born when he was older.

He knew well the hardships of the time when the country was ravaged by war,

And often said that we must repay the King who stabilized this country.

Nevertheless, we became unable to pay the taxes and had to return the title.

Regretting that we couldn’t even properly repay the favor,

He told us to become knights so that we could do something for the country.”

Speaking of which, the former Viscount was not much different in age from grandfather.

Yet Wei and Fel look to be only in their mid-thirties.

Those who know the war understand well the suffering of that era.

It might be natural to feel the need to repay grandfather’s kindness.

“The former Viscount is very serious, and I hear he cares deeply for his subjects.

The cold damage wasn’t the former Viscount’s fault.

When he became the acting lord, no one among the subjects opposed,

On the contrary, they were relieved and happy.

There was no other lord as good as him, and many voices wished for him to stay the same.

He’s still working hard as the acting lord, and I’m truly grateful.”

“. . .If my father heard such words, he would cry with joy.”

“We cannot protect Sofia-sama ourselves.

But we will make sure not to be a hindrance.

We will protect ourselves. If anything happens, please run away immediately.”

“Yes, I trust the two of you, so I’ll leave you behind and run.

Of course, it would be best if there were no unnecessary quarrels.

. . .Hey, it’s starting to smell good. Can we eat now?”

“Yes, I think it’s fine now. What shall we do about the poison test?”

“Ah, just a formality. Kyle and I will eat first, and then the Princess will eat.

Princess has a cat’s tongue, so it’s better to let it cool down a little.”

“Sofia, which one do you want?”

“Can I choose? Then, I want the one with the charred part!”

“Why the charred one?”

“Because in the palace, charred food is never served!”

“That’s true. Wait a bit, and I’ll get it for you.”

After Kyle did the poison test, Chris put it on a wooden plate to make it easier for me to eat.

The big fish, with branches still attached, was roasted to a delicious aroma.

After waiting for it to cool down slightly, I take a bite and the thick skin crisps,

Underneath the charred skin, there’s tender white flesh.

“Delicious! It’s so delicious!”

I ate freshly roasted fish for the first time.

Wei and Fel, who were watching me anxiously as I bit into the branch, 

Seemed relieved when I said it was delicious.

Under the dark night sky, surrounded by a campfire and eating a meal was also a first for me.

Despite the fish being big, I finished eating it in no time.

“Are you full?”

“Yes! I feel like I ate more than usual. Ah, I didn’t eat the portable food.”

The portable food that was handed to me was like hard-baked bread and dried meat.

It seemed to be something to eat with soup, but I was already full with just the fish.

“You can leave it as it is and eat it later.

We can’t break every time we eat.

Let’s eat it while traveling in the carriage.”

“I see. It’s impossible to take breaks many times.

Wei, Fel, thank you for the fish! It was delicious.”

When I thanked them, both of them smiled happily.

The journey had just begun, and we came here to stop the war, but

I felt glad to be traveling with these five people.

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