Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 130


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑𝟎

I skip breakfast, only getting dressed and heading to the audience chamber.

I had sensed that people were moving from early morning.

Everyone is gathered, even though it’s early morning, ready to move as soon as I give the instructions.

In the spacious audience chamber, everyone is lined up facing the throne.

When I sit on the throne, Chris stands to my right and Kyle stands to my left.

With the marriage just under half a year away,

They are treated the same as a royal consort since I became the regent.

Douglas is a candidate for royal consort, but since the timing of the marriage is undecided,

He stood in the front row with the chief of staff and David.

I take a slow breath to calm my mind.

It’s okay. Chris and Kyle won’t leave me.

I’ve decided to protect this country, so I won’t hesitate anymore.

“Good morning. It’s still early, but I want to get started right away.

We will avoid going to war with Kokodia.”

Everyone is surprised by my statement, and the atmosphere is abuzz.

Still, no one raises their voice. They quietly wait for my next statement.

“There are two highways connected to Kokodia.

If we block them, we will not be attacked by Kokodia.

The deadline to respond is one week from now.

We’ll seal them off before that.”

“Princess, how will you seal them?

If we send troops to block them, they will try to eliminate it.

Won’t we clash at that point?”

“We won’t dispatch soldiers. We won’t send the Millecker knights either.

. . .I will go.”


There was no other way. Even if I had soldiers or knights blockade the highway,

If Kokodia’s army comes, we’ll end up fighting.

That’s why. . .I must go.

“I will cast a protective barrier. Not on the road, but around us,

Creating a long barrier wall along the road, following the border.

I’ll make it so that not a single soldier from the Kokodia side can get in.”

“. . .Is that possible? No, you’re saying it because it can be done, right?”

“Of course.”

“No, wait please.

If it’s possible, as Sofia-sama says, then it must be so, but

Isn’t it dangerous for Sofia-sama to go?!”

When David inadvertently speaks,

A few people nod in agreement.

“Why can’t someone else go?”

“. . .Maybe, only Sofia can do it.

I don’t know how to create such a large-scale barrier.

Maybe Chris doesn’t know either?”

“. . .I don’t know. Even if I did know, I’m not sure if I could activate it. . .

I feel like I would run out of magical energy.

It’s possible because she’s a Princess; isn’t that why she said she would go herself?”

“That’s right. It’s impossible for anyone else.

. . .I’ll use the Barrier Maiden method.”

“Huh? The Barrier Maiden? No! I won’t allow that!”

“Princess, what do you mean?”

Kyle knows about the Barrier Maiden in detail.

Since Chris probably understands from what he heard from Kyle,

“It’s becoming an atmosphere where it’s not allowed for me to do that.”

“You both can relax. I won’t be a sacrifice.

I’ll use a magic stone instead of a witch.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah, that’s right. There were no magic stones at that time.

Now, we can substitute with magic stones. . .if that’s the case.”

Kyle and Chris understand quickly because they know about Barrier Maiden,

But others don’t.

Barrier Maiden used to use a witch’s magic to create barriers,

But now they can create barriers using magic stones instead of a witch.

When I explain about Barrier Maiden simply, everyone feels relieved that the risk is low.

However, only Augen, the Commander of the Royal Guard, was worried to the end.

“If you go near the border, there might be knights from Kokodia lurking.

Let’s have the royal guards escort you.”

“No, that won’t work. If you bring the Royal Guards with you, it will take more time,

And moving in a group will stand out.

There are four Barrier Maiden towers on the border with Kokodia.

If they find us before we visit all of them, it’ll be bad.

It’s okay because I’m taking Chris and Kyle.”

“. . . . . .Still. . .if you go by carriage, please take two coachmen with you.

I will choose knights skilled in handling horses and who can also use swords. . .

If anything happens, those two will hold them off.

Sofia-sama must return safely no matter what.

Please allow this much.”

“. . .True. A coachman is necessary.

Understood. We don’t need them to protect us,

So prepare two who can protect themselves?

We will leave as soon as we are ready.

It takes two days to get there, a day and a half to go around the towers, and two days to come back.

If nothing goes wrong, we can return within a week.”

“Understood. I will prepare quickly.”

With a bow, Augen leaves the audience chamber.

He’s probably going to the knight’s order now to select two people and start preparing.

We must start preparing as well.

“Lisa, Yuna, Ruri, will you prepare for my journey?

Chris and Kyle, will you prepare yourselves?”

“Wait, please! Sofia-sama, please take me with you.”

Unexpectedly, Ruri raises her hand and insists.

Taking Ruri on this forceful journey by carriage?

“We need someone to take care of Sofia-sama during the journey!

Please take me with you, even if it’s just me!”

. . .I appreciate her feelings, but.

“No. I’m not taking Ruri.”


“If we’re surrounded by enemy soldiers, we’ll teleport to escape.

. . .Ruri can’t teleport.

Depending on the situation, we might not be able to force Ruri to teleport with us.

In that case, we’ll have to leave Ruri behind and escape anyway.

. . .Don’t make me do something like abandoning Ruri, okay?”

“. . .Sofia-sama. . .how could. . .”

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