Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 117

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟕

“Hey, Douglas. Do you really think that’s going to happen?”

“Yes. I’ll convince them no matter how many years it takes.”

“At this rate, in a few years, ‘

I think Douglas will end up marrying another lady.”


“Douglas, haven’t you forgotten that you’ve been on the run for two weeks? 

Surely the Marquis couple in the territory have been contacted. 

The steward must have reported, and the academy should have contacted as well. 

Easily solving the problem. . .that’s impossible.”

I’ve heard that Marquis Taylor and his wife are strict. 

Marquis Taylor, who is so dedicated to managing the estate that he stays there all the time,

How do you think he would feel if he found out that Douglas ran away for a woman?

He will probably think that the woman is not good for Douglas. 

Just saying that she has children and is going to become my personal maid will not convince him.

“Well, that may be true, but still. . .”

“With things being like this, the Marquis and his wife will probably think, 

If only we had engaged Douglas sooner. 

If he had had a proper fiancée, even if Emma became pregnant, 

The same action couldn’t have been taken.”

“That is. . .”

Because Douglas is serious, if he had a fiancée,

He wouldn’t have been able to neglect that fiancée.

Even if he loved Emma, considering the Marquis family and the fiancée’s family,

He would have chosen to leave no matter how painful it was.

That’s why, if the Marquis couple found out about this matter,

They would decide on a fiancée before accepting any persuasion.

“For Douglas’ engagement, your consent is not needed.

With the signatures of the Marquis and the other party’s father, it will be finalized.

And you’ll be married as soon as you and your fiancée graduate from the academy.

Three years later, if Emma becomes my exclusive maid and persuades Marquis,

. . .Can Douglas choose Emma over his marriage partner?

Perhaps, by that time, he might have a child with his spouse?

Leave his wife and child and welcome Emma and the others into the Marquis family? It’s impossible.”

“. . . . . .But . . .I am . . .”

Understanding it, he starts to say something and then stops.

He must have realized that it’s impossible no matter what.

Douglas cannot abandon the Marquis family, and he cannot go against the Marquis couple.

. . .There is nothing he can do.

He has no choice but to give up on Emma. But he doesn’t want to give up.

Douglas’ struggle was visible.

Now, it’s about time. Let’s start persuading Douglas.

“If there were a way for everything to work out, what would you do?”

“Everything will work out?”

“Yes. Douglas can marry Emma as his wife, 

And the child that is born can become the heir to the Marquis family.”

“There’s no way that can happen, right?”

“What if I said I could make it happen with my power?”

“. . .That’s impossible. Even though Sofia-sama is the crown princess, 

You can’t forcefully command something like that, and I don’t want to ask you to do such a thing. 

I know how hard Sofia-sama has worked up to this point. 

If you were to do that for me, it would cause resentment among the nobles. 

I cannot allow such an act. . .”

I almost laugh, thinking Douglas is just being Douglas. 

No matter how painful it is or how much I want to be helped, he thinks of my position. 

That’s why Douglas is the one who can be helped.

“If it doesn’t have to be ordered forcibly, that’s fine, right? 

If the Marquis and his wife, the household steward, can be persuaded, and the aristocratic society can be satisfied.”

“That’s why, it’s impossible.”

“No. It’s not impossible. 

Hey, Douglas. Would you like to become my consort?”


Not only Douglas, but even Chris and Kyle are surprised. 

Chris and Kyle are here for protection. 

They didn’t seem to want to interrupt our conversation, they were listening in silence. 

But they couldn’t keep silent about this.

“What do you mean? Princess, what are you thinking? 

Making the heir to the Marquis family your consort is impossible, right?”

“It’s not supposed to be impossible. Remember the law? 

When a noble heir becomes the consort, 

He can marry a wife to ensure the family’s continuation, can’t he?”

At my words, even Chris seems to remember, his face surprised.

“Ah! That’s right! I suppose that’s the case.

She’ll become a concubine, but I can marry her as my official wife!”

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