Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 104

𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞’𝐬 𝐏𝐎𝐕

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟒: 𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞’𝐬 𝐏𝐎𝐕

When I returned to the guard’s waiting room, Chris was relaxing on the sofa.

Unusually, he was holding a glass filled with alcohol in one hand.

When I sat on the opposite sofa, he handed me a glass filled with alcohol without saying a word.

. . .Well, I understand how he feels.

I guess we really can’t help but drink today.

Usually, we are on guard duty, and we don’t drink.

Chris and I are strong with alcohol, but that’s why it’s not very interesting even if we drink.

Today all three shadows are with us, so it should be fine if we get drunk.

It seems that Lisa and Yuna are also in the maid’s waiting room.

“Where’s the Princess? Is she sleeping quietly?”

“Yeah. She’s probably subdued and sleeping because of the scolding.

She was lectured, even by Lisa and Yuna.

She must be down after being scolded so much.”

“. . .But she probably won’t reflect on it.”

Hearing Chris speak in exasperation, I agree.

“That’s right, she probably can’t reflect on it.

I think she was acting completely unconsciously.

Sofia was surprised too, and I don’t think she meant to take her place.

She should have known that it would be bad.”

“. . .Maybe she felt it was like herself.

Maybe it was wrong to take her to such a place.”

“Yeah. . .

I was a little naive.”

“Why didn’t Kyle oppose it?”

Certainly, I thought it was wrong to take Sofia to such a place.

It was the western palace and against a court lady, and she might remember the past.

But. . .

“When Celine came alone to the crown prince’s room, Sofia was trembling.

Milan was fine, but it seems that her fear of the court ladies has not faded.

But when Celine brought Chloe and came to the crown prince’s room again,

Sofia’s trembling stopped.”

It wasn’t that Chloe’s presence was intimidating, but rather, she was someone to protect.

Chloe, who was frightened, probably wasn’t scary.

Besides, Celine, who was worried about Chloe, might not have been scary either.”

Because of that chief court lady, Sofia trembled at the sight of a court lady’s dress.

Sofia didn’t notice it, but she was unconsciously avoiding it.

So, we had always kept Sofia away from meeting a court lady.

It wasn’t a problem until now, but. . .

“. . .For Sofia to become queen,

She will eventually have to work with the court ladies.

We can’t always have David take her place.

If Celine and Chloe are fine, other court ladies may be fine too.

I thought so, but I never expected it to turn out like this.”

“Yeah, indeed.”

Sofia, who should have been close to me, teleported and flew in front of Chloe.

I couldn’t do anything until one of the court ladies slapped her cheek.

That time, it was painful to see Isabela slap her in the library,

But it was even more painful this time.

Looking at Sofia’s reddened cheek, I felt my blood rising.

The pain doesn’t go away just because Chris healed it.

I never thought I’d let her be hit by a court lady again. . .

I can’t help but sigh.

Even though I’m drinking strong alcohol, I’m not feeling drunk at all.

“Don’t push yourself too hard. This time it couldn’t be helped.

We won’t take the Princess to a dangerous place again.

You think so too, Kyle?”


But if she ends up in such a place again,

Sofia might do the same thing.

Next time I have to protect her no matter what. . .

Either cast a spell that automatically teleports me if Sofia teleports,

Or set up a barrier around Sofia. . .”

If I wanted to protect Sofia, my current magic would not suffice.

There are few magicians who can use teleportation to begin with.

Furthermore, a magic that follows a teleportation does not exist.

I wonder if I could create it if I consult Line-sensei.

“. . .You don’t think the Princess will keep her promise, do you?”

“I believe she will keep it.

But still, there may be a one-in-a-million chance.

This time the damage was minimal because it was just a slap from a court lady.

But what if it had been a sword?

What if it had been a much bigger man who struck her?

I might lose Sofia.

. . .I can’t allow that to happen.”

Sofia should calm down a bit after being lectured like that.

But she teleported completely unconsciously.

If it’s not something she did intentionally, she may not be able to keep her promise.

“. . .Yeah, you’re right. I’ll help you. Let’s think of a new magic spell.”

“Yeah, I’m counting on you.”

First, I must hear from Chloe tomorrow and decide what to do next.

How to punish the three court ladies, how to arrange the court ladies.

“Ahh, I can’t get drunk at all.”

“It might be better to give up and go to bed.”

“I don’t like the idea of dreaming about it.”

“. . .Yeah, you’re right.”

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