I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Serge Voltaire│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

“I’ve been expecting you, Angelique.”

The young man smiled.

He was quite tall. He had golden hair down to his shoulders. Deep sapphire blue eyes His gentle expression made him look like a prince from a fairy tale.

I didn’t hear that…

No one had ever told her that the poor count was so handsome.

Angelique is taken aback.

Her cheeks are getting hotter and hotter.

She was surprised that she felt this way because her engagement to Prince Ernest was already planned when she realized it. The dukedom would be inherited by the second prince, a predetermined life from which there was no way out.

She had given up on love from the beginning. That is why she is not impressed by the sight of a man.

She used to think that love and romance were like sweets. And she is a meat eater. It is best to eat well and work hard.

She believed that for a long time. But she never imagined the day would come when her “good-looking man” sensor would react and make her blush.

I want to apologize for the times I’ve told myself that it’s silly to fall in love with someone just because of their looks.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Serge Voltaire, the owner of the castle.”

“I-It’s a pleasure to meet you…”

Serge walked up to Angelique, knelt down, and extended his right hand.

She placed her hand in his and received a gentle kiss.

Her heart was racing wildly.

“Please come into the castle…”

She was about to say “Yes” when Serge laughed, stepped closer to Angelique, and said, “Excuse me.” Then he took Angelique in his arms.

“W-what are you!”

“I’ve heard that in some countries, the husband is expected to carry the bride when she first enters his house.”

“But that’s just…”

“They say it makes them happy. If that’s what they say, I’d like to try it.”

Even though Serge looked thin, his body was surprisingly strong as he gently held Angelique in his arms.

“Hold on to my shoulders so you don’t fall off.”

She did as she was told and wrapped her arm around his broad shoulder. Serge looked down at Angelique for a moment, his chest pressed against hers.

Angelique was already getting nervous as she looked into his eyes.

She’s curious to know what it is.

This unexpectedly sweet atmosphere.

She was confused by the unfamiliar situation and frustrated by her own nervousness.

Angelique, who is always described as calm and collected, is already tense because she is nervous.

Noticing her mistress’s reddened and wandering eyes, the lady-in-waiting began to blink.


For some reason, the lady-in-waiting burst into tears when her gaze met Angelique’s.

Angelique entered the castle in the arms of Serge, creating a truly romantic atmosphere.

And then she abruptly wakes up from her dream.

Because of what greeted her inside the castle, it was ruined!

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