I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 43

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Blanca is the child-dragon who will be the one to transport Angelique back to Bourg.

‘In the short time I saw her, she grew a lot.’

“The eggs are about to hatch so Lasse refuses to come.”

Erick, who had arrived on the Blanca, explained with flushed cheeks that he had arrived on a different dragon than the instructions from the owl service because he thought the Blanca could carry enough people.

“Blanca, such a good girl—you’ve come a long way.”

Angelique praised her, and Erick and Serge agreed that the Royal Capital should not be too far away for a child-dragon like Blanca. Dragons appear to have exceptional flying abilities.

Everyone in the castle stands back and watches Angelique and her friends converse amicably around the white dragon.

“It is, indeed, a dragon…”

“It isn’t the same color as the previous one.”

“Is it a little small? No, it’s big enough…”

Lord Colgard and his butler Frederick’s mouths dropped open when they finally saw the real dragon.

Lord Felix stepped out of his chariot and raised his eyes to Blanca.

“Father-in-law, Bourg’s streets are too dangerous to travel; why don’t you join us on the Blanca?”

Sir Colgard quickly shakes his head in response to Serge’s words.

“I know you have dragon circumstances in Bourg; we’ll go there after my wounds heal—Is that okay with you, Felix?”

“Um, yeah…”

They stated that they would return to Bourg when the dragon eggs hatch and that they would cancel their plans.

The eggs will hatch soon, it would be better for Angelique and the others to have some time to themselves.

“The eggs are about to hatch—Is it okay to leave first?”

Angelique apologized, and both dukes nodded in agreement.

With Serge’s assistance, they quickly prepared and boarded Blanca.

“Well, see you later!”

Blanca flew effortlessly with Erick in front and Serge and Angelique in the back. Angelique was ecstatic that the little dragon’s flying ability was on par with Lasse’s.

“We have to make the most of this, Serge.”


“When we get home, we should think about the territory that our Oto-samas will give us.”

‘I think we should hire a person from Bourg’s territory to do the management.’

“We also need more dragon wranglers.”

When they arrived in Bourg, they first went to check Lasse and Sari and the eggs.

They said they could hatch at any moment, so they decided to stay there and keep an eye on them.

They were glad they got there just in time for the hatching.

Serge was present when Lasse and Sari hatched, so it was not his first time seeing a dragon’s egg hatch, but he, like Angelique, would still like to see them hatch.

They had gathered in the stable’s corner and were all watching.

“I’ve been hearing rustling for quite some time.”

While looking under Sari’s belly, John and the other dragon wranglers whispered.

They were certain they could hear a faint sound if they listened carefully.


Sari slowly rises and moves away from the eggs.

They discovered a crack in the top of the first egg.

“It’s coming out…”

The crack grows gradually larger, and eventually the shell peels away. The peeled-off part grew larger and larger over time, and a lizard-like creature emerged from within.

It has a large head for its body and protruding frog-like eyes that are still closed.

“Gururu” Lasse cleared his throat.

A gray baby dragon emerges from its shell and moves up to Lasse’s snout.

Lasse removed a scale from his body and handed them to the baby dragon. The baby dragon then chewed and swallowed it before falling asleep on the spot.

The second egg cracked, resulting in the birth of the second baby dragon.

Sari and Lasse put their noses to each other and looked lovingly at the two little ones. The gray baby dragons still looked like big lizards, but they had what appeared to be wings on their backs.

When Blanca approached them, Sari and Lasse had Blanca in the middle and were poking their with her noses as if to tell her something.

It looked like they were saying, “You’re a big sister now.”

“In the beginning, they eat some of their parents’ scales, and after about three days, they start eating meat and other food. Give a little more crystal to Sari and Lasse.”

Serge quietly gave the orders to everyone who sighed and looked at the little dragons.

After about a week, each of the gray baby dragons began to develop tiny scales, one green and one purple.

The green dragon was a boy and was named Boa.

The purple one was a female named Bibi.

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