I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: The True Culprit│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Aguillon’s prison was located outside of the royal city.

Angelique, who accompanied Serge to the prison with the Duke of Montan’s power of attorney, was taken aback by the windowless stone structure.

Despite the time of day, the guard led them down a stone corridor dimly lit by candlelight.

The criminal was imprisoned in a small cell with bars.

Angelique, who is standing against the wall in front of the bars, exhales slowly as the guard steps back. In a low voice, she asks him briefly.

“Who sent you?”

The man gave a sly grin.

Even when he was caught, you could see his dismissive attitude.

He did not appear to beg for his life, despite the fact that he could have been sentenced to death if the person he stabbed died. He was a brave man.

Even if he dies, all that matters is that he gets paid.

Even If you threaten to kill him right now, he won’t say anything. He’d rather keep his client’s identity hidden and give the rest of the money to the person he really wants to give it to.

“Serge, request that the guards bring this man’s family.”

Serge silently left Angelique’s side as the man’s smile faded.

“Do you know who you just stabbed?”

“I don’t. All nobles look the same.”

“The Duke of Montan.”


The man rises and places his hand on the bars.

“The Duke of Montana…”

“I’m not sure how much you’re being paid, but if you try to kill a Duke, you’ll be executed. It’s also Lord Colgard. You’re not going to get away with that.”

Angelique’s voice was soft, but her hazel eyes, which were normally warm and compassionate, were as cold as permafrost.

“Whether you mention your client’s name or not, the Montan family will kill your entire family.”

“Wait! My daughter is innocent!”

“Shut up! What was the crime committed by my Oto-sama? Your daughter will arrive at any time. I’m going to execute her in front of you. If you don’t like it, tell me who your client is!”

Angelique’s voice reverberated down the stone corridor.

“Sigh… If you tell me, I’ll spare your daughter’s life.”

“I-Is that true…?”

“I swear.”

According to the man, the name could be a pseudonym.

“A young lady with unusually colored hair. I’m not sure whether it’s yellow or light brown…”

“Like a corn ear?”

“Yes, that’s the exact color.”

Angelique’s face contorted with hatred.

A middle-age woman and her young daughter walked to the front of the cell, accompanied by Serge and an officer, looking terrified.

The girl’s face was distinctly pale even in the candlelight, and her body was so thin that it threatened to break.

She had to be around four years old.

“I invited them, but I’m finished with my business.”

Angelique said without looking at the man or his family.

“Sorry for the trouble.” Serge apologizes to the perplexed officer and follows Angelique.

Angelique walks the corridor beside Serge, leaving the prison.

“Did you figure out who the real culprit is?”


She was becoming increasingly enraged.

There have been many moments in the past when common sense would have deemed this unforgivable.

But she thought it was something embarrassing, brazen, or annoying, and that it was something she should do something about and change.

It’s not that she forgave them, she just didn’t think it was necessary for her to deal with them every time.

But this time is not the case.

This is clearly a crime.

More than that, Angelique herself could not forgive.

She might be able to expose Charlotte if she could get her to meet with the man, and if she could get the facts in front of a judge.

But with little evidence and testimonies, Charlotte might get away with it.

Besides, that will not satisfy Angelique.

“I need you to do something for me, Serge.”

“Whatever you want.”

“I’d like you to return to Bourg castle and bring me a bunch of letters that I keep in my closet.”

“A bunch of letters?”

“Yes. I have a drawer full of them from my sisters and school friends, so bring them all.”

The quickest way would be to fly in an owl and have John or Erick deliver them by dragon, but it was important evidence and she didn’t want to burden them with unnecessary responsibility.

It would be preferable if Serge rode the fast horse to Bourg and returned on Lasse.

He should be back in three days, if not four.

“I apologize for treating you like a servant, Serge.”

“Hehe, I’m used to you treating me like a servant,” Serge chuckled.

“Please be careful with it.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll wrap it around and bring it to you as quickly as I can.”

“Of course, I trust you.”

“You should unwind a little while you’re waiting.”

Angelique smiled and silently nodded.

But, in reality, that was not going to happen.

Angelique has three tasks to complete before Serge returns.

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