I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: To The Royal Capital│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

When her father first showed Angelique an ear of wheat, he said to her:

[This wheat is far more valuable than jewelry, Angelique.]

Angelique was too young to comprehend it at the time.

Her mother’s sparkling hair ornament appeared to be more appealing to her.

[A great deal of effort has gone into growing these lovely wheat plants. They’ve taken a lot of work. They are the result of a lot of effort. It is a valuable food. We can’t exist without it. This tiny wheat ear is what keeps us alive.]

Her father’s education as a lord began with these words.

There was a lot to learn in order to protect everyone’s livelihood in the vast dukedom.

Angelique’s questions were always appreciated by her father.

When she asked why, he would tell her and sometimes encourage her to think for herself, guiding her to work as a lord for the good of the people.

‘My father taught me everything…’

Angelique raised her head, forcing himself to restrain her trembling body.

‘I have to leave…’

She can’t allow the dukedom to be under the hands of her uncle Danio.

Angelique must not place the people of the duchy in the hands of her uncle, who cannot even rule over a small estate, and cause them to suffer.

‘They’re we’re my people. It was the people I’m supposed to be protecting.’

She is now the wife of Lord of Bourg Serge Voltaire, but that is no reason to abandon the people of the Duchy of Montan.

Angelique must protect the duchy until Francine and Claude mature into good lords.

“Get the carriage ready…”

“No, madame!”

“Mrs. Cello… Please assist me in getting ready.”

“Please don’t do this.”

Cello’s face sagged.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. “No,” she said again, but her voice was muffled by her tears.


She feels sorry for the little girl who shivered. It’s a terrible thing to ask of her.


“Angelique, with your condition, you can’t ride in a carriage through the streets of Bourg…”


“I’ll have Lasse fly you.”

“But that’s…”

Lasse and Sari are now taking turns holding the eggs.

“No matter how fast Lasse can fly, I don’t know if he can make it to the Royal Capital and back home in the shortest amount of time. What will happen to the eggs when Sari becomes tired?”

“Lasse can travel to and from the Royal Capital in a single day. Lasse is free to leave as soon as he drops you off.”

“He can go home on his own.” Serge stated that flying from morning to evening would be relatively easy for Lasse.

Angelique was still concerned that Lasse might not return in time.

“Let me decide after meeting Lasse and  Sari.”


As they walked to the dragon’s stable, Lasse stood up as if he sensed something.

“Sari has the eggs, and Blanca is nearby.”

“…Lasse, I want you to fly to the capital.”

Serge asked, and Lasse sniffed “Gururu.”

“Can you manage on your own, Sari?”

“Eggs… Can you hold them?”

Sari’s head bobbed up and down, as if she understood what Serge and Angelique were saying.

Blanca used her nose to poke Sari’s stomach.

Blanca then took over as Sari gradually moved away from the eggs.

“Haha, since yesterday, she sometimes wants to imitate Sari like this. It seems to help a lot.”

Erick, who had brought the meat for the feeding, laughed. He and the others have no idea what’s going on yet.

“Erick, we’re going to the Royal Capital on the Lasse right now. Look after Sari and the eggs.”

“Has something gone wrong?”

“Angelique has an urgent matter in the Royal Capital. Lasse will go home first, but I and Angelique won’t be able to return for a while. Ask Emire for more information.”

They change their clothes and prepare to leave as soon as the saddle is ready.

“Blanca is helpful. Angelique, do you think we can now go with Lasse?”


She has never before ridden a dragon.

In all honesty, it’s a little frightening, but Serge knows that it’s far safer for Angelique, who is pregnant, than riding in a carriage on a rough road.

Plus, she’ll be safe with Serge.

Mrs. Cello is still hesitant when she learns that they are going to fly on a Dragon to the Royal Capital, but Pauline is willing to assist her in getting ready.

She layered blankets and wore Serge’s riding coat over her riding clothes before heading to the stables.

Before climbing into the saddle, she patted Lasse.

Serge held her in place and used leather straps to secure the various parts of the saddle.

Lasse, who had been sitting down for Angelique, now stands up.

‘It’s so high.’

Then, Lasse spreads his wings as soon as he leaves the stables.

The next thing she knows, she’s flying through the sky.

Her cheeks are flushed from the cold air.

Angelique is now on her way to the capital with Serge.

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