I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: At That Time, in the Royal Capital│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

While Serge and Angelique work hard to improve their estate, the Royal Capital hosts the school’s graduation ceremony, and the engaged sons and daughters marry one after the other.

Graduation ceremonies are held prior to the summer vacation.

The nobility’s wedding season is in the summer and autumn.

The Duke of Montan, who was forced to marry his daughter in a remote location called Bourg after Angelique’s engagement was called off, had all of his wedding preparations thrown out the window.

The duke’s castle had a magnificent detached building palace that was located in the center of the royal capital.

All of the clothing and jewelry had been delivered to Bourg, but the furniture, crockery, and other household items had been left behind.

Duke Colgard Montan would occasionally visit the detached palace and sigh, unsure what to do with them.

His second daughter, Marlene, who is fourteen years old and engaged to Albert, heir to the Marquis of Prébois, is a distant relative.

She still has four years to complete her studies.

And after their marriage, she was to live with the Marquise of Prébois.

Claude, the kingdom’s third prince, has just finalized his engagement to Francine, his third daughter, who is only ten years old. She has a long road ahead of her.

As he was walking around the courtyard, a girl with yellowish hair appeared from the other side of the fountain.

Her name is Charlotte.

Lord Colgard thinks for the umpteenth time that her hair is an unusual color, not quite blonde, not quite light brown, not quite yellow.

Someone mentioned corn, which was an accurate description, but he can’t say it.

“Good day, Oji-sama.”

“Hello, Charlotte, what can I do for you today?”

“Well, it was Oji-sama who said come by whenever you want, even if you don’t need me.”

“That is correct…”

He appreciated Charlotte, who was the same age as Angelique, because they were schoolmates, and also because Charlotte had told him that Angelique was her best friend.

The Duke was aware that she was sending bills to the Dukes for purchases made with Angelique, but he thought it would be too much to ask which were Charlotte’s and which were Angelique’s, so he tolerated it.

But, for some reason, even after Angelique left, Charlotte has insisted on having the Dukes of Montan pay the bill for her purchases.

It’s not a lot of money for Colgard, but it’s in the eyes of the general public, it is a lot.

He’s been concerned about it recently, but he hasn’t bothered to mention it, so he’s left it at that.

‘She is my niece by blood,’ he reminded himself.

“Hey, Oji-sama, I need a favor from you.”

Charlotte, who had been standing in front of him before he realized it, leaned spoiledly over Colgard.

“Are you sure I’m going to marry Ernest-sama?”

It was true.

Ernest had decided to marry Charlotte the following week after breaking off his engagement to Angelique and sent her to marry in the remote Bourg. Ernest even promised to elevate his half-brother Danio, the Viscount of Barabou to the rank of marquis.

Corrado had no idea whether the king had given his formal approval.

Colgard is known for being well-informed, but gossip is slow to reach him on this subject, which is understandable given what happened with Angelique.

Ernest no longer had any ties to the Montan family, so he had no reason to be concerned.

He had no intention of interfering with anyone he desired to marry.

“So, Oji-sama, would you mind letting me live here in a detached house until our castle is built?”

“…Wait, what did you just say?”

“Only for a short time, until Ernest constructs a castle on one of his estates.”

‘A castle on his estates?’

Ernest or his half-brother Danio, lacks that ability.

Charlotte appears to be misunderstood. Being related to the royal family brings nothing but prestige. There is only a small dowry and a monthly allowance, but they are not as large as you might think. It’s really simple.

The prince’s daily life and aristocratic dignity are supported by the family he marries into. That is why a rank higher than that of a marquis is required.

And the royal family does not give out their domains even by millimeters.

To keep power from dispersing. All possessions, including paintings, jewelry and other treasures, are inherited by the one who becomes the king.

‘Danio, you jerk, you haven’t taught your daughter anything.’

Charlotte’s brow furrows as she looks at Colgard, who frowns and says neither yes nor no. Colgard had a guilty feeling about her reproachful expression.

He was inclined to listen to Charlotte, most likely to avoid this guilty feeling.

It was a completely different path than complying with Angelique, but it was the same path taken.

It’s not a good thing, but she’s a weak girl.

The Duke was fleeing trouble, telling himself that Charlotte’s wishes were insignificant.

But this time, he can’t simply say, “Okay.”

Colgard shook his head silently.

However, then…

Charlotte started moving her belongings into Angelique’s detached house the next day.

She informed the others that she had informed Lord Colgard.

Surprisingly, Marlene and Francine informed him of this, and he went to the apartment to take precautions.

“Charlotte, you can’t just come into Angelique’s palace like you…”

Charlotte rolled her eyes and asked, “Why?” in the middle of Colgard’s words.

“Because no one will use it, right? It’d be a waste.”

‘That doesn’t mean you can’t make use of it.’

Colgard has always been gentle and kind to the weak, children, women, and the elderly, but this time he decided to speak up.

There is a limit to the amount of leniency that can be tolerated.

“Take your belongings home right away. You have no place here.”

“Stop being so cruel, Oji-sama!”

“I’m not being cruel. I’m simply stating the obvious.”

Charlotte’s lips curl into a smile, and she gives Colgard a reproachful look.

“That’s terrible, Oji-sama; I’ll tell Ernest!”

“Suit yourself.”

‘It makes no difference what Ernest says.’

“Charlotte, just for the record, your purchases will now be paid for by your father; you are not the duke’s daughter.”

When Colgard told Charlotte that he would tell the shopkeepers as well, she glared at him with an even more reproachful look in her eyes.

It was the same feeling that made him feel guilty, but Colgard decided that he would no longer curry favor with this girl.

She had no limit to how far she could go.


The response at that time would later lead to a major disaster.

Charlotte was a more obstinate girl than Colgard had imagined.

After a few months of touring the territory, she discovered Serge was adored by the people of the territory, which was unexpected, to say the least.

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