I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Love Meat│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Angelique hid the letter in a small chest in her closet after she got out of the carriage and trudged back to the castle.

Her eyes were drawn to the fluttering nightgown hanging on the empty dresser, and she remembered Madame Berean, her s “s*x education teacher.

‘I never thought the day would come when I would want to see her.’

Angelique has a bad habit of ignoring things that don’t interest her.

She should have paid more attention to what Mrs. Berean had to say and what had occurred at school.

She doesn’t appreciate letters until she receives one.

‘I felt that I was too stubborn and not spiritual enough.’

Her heart began to race as she remembered what Serge had said to her this morning before she left.

[You’re free to do what you want.]

[You’re doing the right thing, I have nothing to say.]

Ernest once told her the same words in a dismissive tone, as if to push Angelique away.

Angelique often gets to hear similar things, though not in the same way as Ernest. Not to mention the people in her home, on the estate, her school friends, Charlotte, her sisters, and even her father, who don’t care what Angelique does or thinks.

They tell Angelique that she can do what she wants.

[Angelique is smart.]

[She works very hard.]

[She is quick-witted.]

[She works efficiently and precisely.]

Angelique was worried that when she became known as her father’s right-hand woman, she would be looked down upon by others.

She mistakenly believed that she prioritized efficiency and rationality and excluded too many unnecessary things.

It is not kind to think in such a way that she cannot tolerate even a single waste. She thought that was a bad thing and was therefore cautious.

But before she knew it, she was pushing aside things she thought were insignificant or unimportant, even if they were important to others.

Nails in shoes, ink on clothes, the nightly marital activities Mrs. Berean tried so hard to teach her, and even a letter just to let her family know she was okay.

What Mrs. Berean taught Angelique is as important as running the estate.

Angelique, on the other hand, had fallen asleep on her own because she was tired from work and hadn’t really dealt with it.

“I’m at a loss for what to do…”

There was no one at the castle she could talk to about it. It was not something she could discuss with a man, and the only woman she knew was Mrs. Cello, who was easy to talk to and with whom she would not have hesitated if it had been about something else.

But she didn’t think it was appropriate to ask someone who had just lost her husband and was lonely.

As she walked along, Serge came out of the stables, ran up to her and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Hurt? No, I’m fine…”

“Did you eat something unhealthy?”

“No.” She shakes her head. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I’ve never seen you look so depressed before.”

Angelique couldn’t help but giggle.

‘How weak does he think I am?’

Serge, on the other hand, raised an eyebrow at Angelique. He really looked very worried.

“Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with you?”

Angelique’s good health after a restful night had always reassured Serge, even though she worked a lot every day. But as expected, she’s pushing herself too hard, so he hugged Angelique and stroked her hair.

“Get some rest.”

He said it gently, and she relaxed.

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking.”

“Do you not have a stomach ache?”


“Good,” Serge said, looking down at Angelique. His blue eyes shone. Angelique thought so.

“Because I made something special for Angelique today. It will cheer you up.”

“What is it? Is it something good?”

“Something very good. Come here.”

Serge took her hand and led her into the dining room.

Her nose moved of its own accord as she entered.

‘Oh, it smells delicious…. It’s savory and juicy…’

“This smell…”

“It’s your personal favorite.”

“Meat! Is that meat?!”

Doni, the cook, and Emire, the butler, both smiled as they waited for Angelique.

“When you told me you were going with Emire to Montan Farm in Vignoa, I asked him to buy meat.”

“But the money…”

“I can handle that much; I’m sorry I couldn’t feed you.”

Serge rested his forehead against Angelique’s.

His long lashes were softly lowered.

“It’s no wonder you’re sick of me.”

“Eh? I don’t…”

“I’ve been feeding meat to the dragons all this time, and serving only bread and soup to you, my wife; it’s only natural that you should be sick of me…”

“It’s not that, Serge…”

“I know it sounds like an excuse, but…” continues Serge. “The meat I feed Sari and Lasse is much too tough for human consumption. And there isn’t a single restaurant in the area that serves meat… This is also because I have neglected my lands…”

He was so busy with his dragons that he neglected his duties as a lord. Serge apologized for not giving Angelique meat because of this.


Serge panicked as tears welled up in Angelique’s eyes.

Serge knelt down, and Angelique clung to his stooping husband.

‘He didn’t hate me…’

“Angelique, were you so happy that you cried?”


Angelique nodded as loudly as she could.

Doni and Emire exchanged glances and whispered something.

“Was it, after all, the meat?”

“It was the meat.”

They were having similar discussions.

Serge gently wiped away her tears.

“Angelique, I apologize for being such a bad husband.”

“I also want to apologize for saying what I wanted to say without thinking of Serge’s feelings…”

She was so preoccupied with the territory that she couldn’t blame Serge for being preoccupied with the dragons. Angelique is worse in that she neglects her husband.

Serge has always tried to take care of Angelique. He worked just as hard as Angelique to manage the estate after Angelique got mad at him.

“Angelique…” Serge gently hugs Angelique. “You’re doing the right thing, and it’s so wonderful that there’s no room for criticism.”

[You’re doing the right thing, I have nothing to say]

“I want you to keep trying everything you want to try.”

[You are free to do whatever you want]

“I trust you. Thank you for being my wife.”

Serge says it again softly and puts Angelique in front of a thick piece of perfectly cooked roasted meat.

He kisses her on the lips and whispers, “I love you. Eat a lot and be healthy, my sweet and reliable wife.”

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