I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Night Meeting│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

When they returned to the castle in the evening, Serge looked anxiously toward the stables.

“If you want to see the dragons, go ahead.”

“Is that okay?”

“But please give me some time later. We need to talk about the future.”

Serge nodded happily and ran like a jumping dog to the dragon stables after grooming his horse.

‘He was like a child that way.’

Angelique’s cheeks softened.

She returned to the castle by herself and went to the library in the north wing.

She discovered that Serge was a very good researcher as he was recognized by the Escola Research Institute. The library was well maintained and had a large number of books, which was hard to imagine given the size and decrepitude of the castle.

Maps and papers lie on a simple wooden table. She was impressed that the library was well stocked with expensive paper and ink, despite the fact that meat and firewood were hard to come by.

She summarizes what she has seen and heard in the territory today, writing on the stone tablets first so nothing is wasted.


After a dinner of bread and soup, she asked Mrs. Cello to change the nightgown into a thick robe she had worn during her trip here.

She entered the room first, setting her things on the nightstand and waiting.

Serge comes into the bedroom, his blue eyes shining with anticipation.

“Today is the day, Angelique…”

While admiring her beauty for a moment, Angelique first told Serge what she was going to do from now on.

“We are going to have a meeting right now to talk about the future of the territory.”


When asked why not tomorrow, she replied that they had something to do tomorrow.

They are going on another inspection tour. The area is so big that it would take two weeks even if they went around in a horse-drawn carriage without stopping.

Angelique explains the schedule by showing a map divided into twelve sections. Then she told Serge what she thought of the outcome of today’s tour. Then she talked about the construction of roads and bridges.

There was much to be said about the cultivation of the land.

Serge anxiously inquired after the long candle went out.

“Do you want to continue, Angelique?”

“I still have a lot to think about, but I think that’s enough for now.”

Serge exhales a sigh of relief.

He gets up from his chair and walks over to Angelique.

He straightens Angelique and brings her face closer to his.

He intends to kiss her.

Angelique thinks only distractedly because of the drowsiness.

‘I am happy.’

But the moment their lips meet, Angelique’s body slumps and she collapses on the bed beside her.

“Angelique? Are you okay?”

Angelique’s consciousness traveled to the land of deep sleep after hearing Serge’s voice.

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