I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Going To Inspect The Territory│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Angelique decided to wear a sturdy dress that she had worn on her travels, because all the dresses she had made looked uncomfortable to move around in.

There were no carriages or coachman at the castle of Bourg. She walked beside Serge to where Angelique’s carriage was parked, and Serge hitched the carriage’s two white horses.

“How do you usually spend your evenings outside?”

“I usually walk everywhere, but if I have to go a long distance, I ride right on the horse.”

In addition to the two white horses Angelique had brought, there were four large black horses in the castle. The black horses were used to search for dragons in the forest and for minerals in the mountains that dragons ate.


‘Do dragons eat minerals?’

Angelique was curious, but she had to look at their territory first.

They decided on an approximate route based on the map Serge had prepared.

Since there was no coachman, she sat down next to Serge on the coachman’s seat.

Ordinary couples, parents and children often sit on the wagon this way. As she watched them drive through the peaceful countryside, she envied them.

A wagon is something quite different from the strangely decorated little carriage with a particularly beautiful white horse attached to it. Still, she thought, sitting side by side on the platform wasn’t so bad.

She mused. ‘It’s a wonderful feeling.’

Bourg has a large territory, and the castle is in the middle of it. It takes almost half a day to get to the northern edge of town.

They had to make their way through farm roads and wasteland because the roads were in bad condition. There were no bridges over many rivers—there were no roads in the mountains—and even the plains were too narrow to pass in a carriage.

There are numerous problems that need to be addressed.

Angelique rode the carriage, memorizing each problem in the back of her mind.

“I wish I knew how to ride…” she muttered to herself for the second or third time as they drove to their destination.

“I’ll teach you, if you don’t mind.”

“Are you sure? Then please do.”

“But it takes a lot of practice to make a long trip.”

For the time being, she’ll have to travel like this.

“It’s fun to ride side by side like this, so let’s practice slowly.”

Serge smiled as she took the reins. Angelique nodded her head and smiled.

To others, they might seem strange.

Nobles don’t drive their own carriages. A man and a woman would not sit together on the podium. Nevertheless, the ride was a lot of fun.

Bourg is in the very north of the Kingdom of Alkan, and they say the land is so barren that no plants grow there. But the weeds were in full bloom, with small flowers. There were numerous flat places. The open wasteland in the distance was empty, but clean.

The road they took in the horse-drawn carriage was rickety. But the sky is clear and the wind is cool, which makes the trips a bit pleasant.

There was a small town before the castle, but the rest of the road was wasteland, wheat fields, and small villages. And wheat and barley, which had just begun to grow, shimmered with golden light as they prepared for harvest.

Angelique inquired as she saw sheep and goats grazing.

“I wonder if there are also houses where cattle are raised.”

Serge remained silent. After a few moments, he apologized, “I’m sorry, but I have no idea.”

With a depressed look, he continued, “Angelique, you’re right… Bourg’s poor performance is all my fault.”

Angelique glanced at Serge.

“It’s fine; it’s not a total wasteland.”

‘When the grass grows, the rain comes.‘

“The wheat seems to be growing,” she said. “But the harvest is not very good.”

Wheat planted in Burg’s climate in early fall is harvested as summer approaches.

In warmer climates, vegetables can be grown in the summer, but here, harvesting wheat is probably all they can do. The only way to increase yields is to cultivate the wasteland, which takes a lot of effort.

‘Still, we can take small steps forward.’

“I’m curious about the composition of the soil.”

“The composition of the soil?”

“If it rains but the plants don’t grow, it means we’re not growing plants that are suitable for the soil.”

She didn’t have much time to do anything but a quick search.

“I figured if we see the land and talk to the people who grow the crops, we’ll get a better idea of what the soil is like and what we can grow.”

Serge looked at Angelique in surprise.

“Keep your front straight, husband.”

“Ah, yes.”

“You’re amazing,” Serge said, grabbing the reins and looking ahead. “On the other hand, I’m pathetic…”

‘No, you’re not.’

Angelique was angry last night, but she changed.

Serge was embarrassed as he listened to Angelique and readily admitted that he had no idea what she was talking about.

She was glad of it.

‘He’s very different from Ernest.’

Angelique had studied hard so that she could rule the vast land of the Dukes of Montan by herself, and she didn’t have any hope for his ex-fiancee.

‘But now.’

“Angelique! Let’s work together to make Bourg a better place! “

Serge looks straight ahead. “Will you help me?”

“If it’s alright with you, I’d be happy to!”

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