If the Villainess’s Younger Sister Really Liked It – Chapter 3

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“I know that I am crazy and that I have to fix it someday. My stepsister respected my intentions and told me that I should heal slowly and gradually. I can’t forgive you for treating her like a bad person without even listening to her, even if you are my stepsister’s fiancée!”

Helen was so nervous that she bit her tongue, but she said it clearly and looked directly at Sir Neil.

I have the face of a villainess. That’s why I’ve been accused of things I didn’t do, abuses I didn’t commit, and falsified evidence of my guilt. Even this time, I felt a sense of resignation, ‘Oh, so Sir Neil believes you over me…’ I thought with a sense of resignation.

But Helen was different. She didn’t mind being called a Lady Washing Bear, even if it made her out to be a “poor girl tormented by her stepmother and stepstepsister.” She denies it and remains steadfast. She loves me like a sister, even more than a real sister, and tries to protect me. I confronted Mr. Neil.

Sir Neil is puzzled by Helen’s unexpected retort, “No, but…” He mumbles something. I know Sir Neil didn’t know Helen was such a strong woman. When I saw Sir Neil, I had no feelings for him as a fiancé, but only a quiet wind blowing in my chest.

Sir Neil is a handsome young man who gives the impression of being weak and is praised by women as being like a fairy or a glass. But men secretly make fun of him as “soft” and he is worried about it. That’s why he doesn’t like strong women like me, who look like villainesses. I’ve noticed that he thinks that if he wants to be with a woman, it should be a woman who is weaker than him, a woman with whom he can feel superior.

But that didn’t excuse him from taking advantage of my villainous nature and trying to get his hands on Helen. With that thought in mind, I stared at the confused Sir Neil with all my might.

“Sir Neil, I understand the dissolution of our engagement. Let’s leave the formalities to a third party after discussing it with both our parents. Helen, let’s go.”

I urged Helen gently, and Sir Neil suddenly grabbed Helen’s hand roughly. Helen’s face contorts in pain, but Sir Neil pays no heed to that and roughly pulls Helen towards him.

“Don’t be silly, Mylady! I’m going to get you away from this villainess, okay? Why don’t you just say ‘yes’? You have to wash it to feel better. That’s ridiculous! Just do as I say and don’t say anything!”

Sir Neil said, and brought his face close to Helen’s, which was tense with fear. He’s trying to take her lips by force. By the time I realized that, my body was already moving on its own.

“What are you doing to Helen, you son of a b*tch!”


Neil took my fist in the face and was blown away more than I thought he would be, falling to the ground from his back.

…I should point out that I’m not a monster. He just flew further than he should have because of Sir Neil’s slender frame. When Helen saw me thinking this, she screamed.

“Stepsister! You’re bleeding from your hand! We need to hurry up and treat it!”

“Eh? Oh, that’s Sir Neil’s nosebleed. I’m not hurt anywhere. Don’t worry. “

“Nosebleed? Then you need to wash your hands! I’ve got my soap, use it!”

Helen assured me without hesitation, and I laughed. Earlier, Helen had thought of Sir Neil as “someone I don’t hate, but I don’t like.” But now he seems to be nothing but “dirt.” I chuckle inwardly at Helen, and open my mouth loosely.

“You’re right. I’ve touched something very dirty. I’ll have to wash my hands properly.”

And with that, the two stepsisters leave the fallen Sir Neil behind and hobble away.

“Are you ready? Make sure you soap up properly and wash the blood off properly! Washing your hands properly is the most important thing you can do!”

Helen watched as I washed my hands in agitation. Well, it seems that Lady Washing Bear is very strict with the villainess. With a sigh, I still washed my hands for my little stepsister.


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  1. LadyBabyGrandma says:

    This story was very cute! Thanks for the translation 😊

  2. meicha says:

    when reading this, I thought it was a masochist younger sister but I was wrong and seeing this shows how much they care for each other

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