I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Twins

You must change.

The day after I made up my mind to do so, I was already feeling broken.

“…I’m bored.”

There was nothing to do today.

As usual, I was sitting in a chair in my room by myself, doing nothing.

I’m so bored that I want to leave the room right now and apply for a job.

“No, no! This is exactly the same as before!”

His Highness said so, too.

There’s nothing wrong with doing nothing as a way to take a break.

My body and mind are exhausted, and I need to rest.

Let’s spend the day here.

Would it be too much to ask you to lie down on the bed again? Is that too much to ask?

Where do you draw the line between adequate rest and self-indulgence?


When the room is this quiet, I can’t help but think of trivial matters.

Perhaps I should just go to bed?

I felt better after taking a nap yesterday, and I slept well last night.

I used to believe that napping was a sign of laziness, but it may be necessary to relieve fatigue.

“Then, in the garden again… wait, I was warned it’s not safe to sleep there.”

Then I guess I’ll just stay here――hmm?

I think I just had the feeling I was being watched.

It’s right outside the door.

I quickly turned around.

Then I heard a soft sound, like a door closing.

“Is there anyone there?”

At the door, there was silence.

It didn’t sound like anyone was there.

Was the door slightly ajar, and did the wind close it?

Then I don’t have to worry about it…

” …”

I turn away from the door.

I pretend to think while staring out the window.

The door is faintly reflected in the window glass.

Oh, it’s open now.

When I turn to the window, the door slightly opens.

They don’t make any noise, and someone appears to be peering in without my knowledge.

Isn’t that suspicious?

I had the same thought, but we’re in the royal castle building.

A knight guards every corridor, preventing anyone suspicious from entering.

And the gaze doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable.

I slowly turn around.

The door then slammed shut quickly before I could see who.

Someone is undoubtedly peering in.

“…all right.”

I’m curious who is watching me, so let’s find out.

I folded some paper into the shape of a person.

Then I ‘grant’ it.

Then I dress it up and grant the same.

The preparations are now finished.

Before I make my move, I check the door to make sure it’s closed.

When I turn around, the door slightly opens.

One eye… two eyes?

Four lovely, round eyes peer into the room through the door.

I’m hearing a whisper.

“Did she catch on?”

“She hasn’t yet noticed.”

“Are you certain? She’s been looking this way for a while, hasn’t she?”

“Don’t worry about it. She’s engrossed in a book.”

Sitting in a chair, reading a book quietly.

Both the boy and the girl are relieved to see her.

But, they are stunned the next moment.

.””She’s gone?!””

Suddenly, the character who is reading the book vanishes.

They didn’t take their gaze away from her.

They kept an eye on her so they wouldn’t miss anything.

Nonetheless, she vanished.

No one is there a moment later.

They charged into the room.

One is a boy with short hair, and the other is a girl with long, beautiful golden hair, both of whom are looking around the room.

“She’s vanished!”

“Where has she gone? I’ve been watching the whole time!”

Immediately after, the door slams shut.

They were startled by the sound, and when they turned around, I was standing directly in front of them.


“Oh, no!”

I give the two children a soft smile.

“Hello. Do you require anything from me?”

They’re far too adorable to be suspicious.

They’re ten years old or possibly a little older.

They’re about the same age, still children.

I’m relieved that they don’t seem dangerous.

At the same time, I have my reservations.

Why is there a child in the castle?

And they appeared to be vaguely familiar.

“H-How? You were sitting there just a second ago!”

“Could it really be magic?”

“Not exactly. I’m a grantmaker, not a mage.”

“”A grantmaker?””

They have a cute reaction together.

That’s probably not a word that young children are familiar with.

Then, I’ll take the opportunity to teach them a few things.

“Take a look at this chair. Did you see that paper doll?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah.”

“It’s made of folded paper.”

“I gave the doll the ability to resemble me for a short period of time. What you saw wasn’t me, but the phony I made. And then there was me…”

I extend my hand to myself.

My palm emits a pallid light.


“I can’t see anymore!”

“She’s vanished yet again!”

“This is how I hide from you.”

They can hear me even though I’m invisible.

After a few seconds, I interrupt the effect and reappear in front of them.

They both had their mouths open in surprise and admiration.

“This is the grantmaking technique. It can have various effects on objects and creatures. But time is limited.”

“Amazing… This is my brother’s…”

“No, Leo! Don’t admit it so easily!”

“――Oh! That was a close one. Thank you, Lena-chan!”

Lena-chan and Leo-kun?

Is that what their names are?

Those are names I’ve heard before…

“So, you two…”

“Y-you must be Phyllis, my brother’s wife!”


“We haven’t yet recognized you!”

I remembered suddenly.

Their appearance is similar to that of that person.

These two, I see…

“His Highness Leoness and Princess Lenari?”

The first prince’s younger brother and sister. The twins.

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