I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Disappearance of the Genius

The grantmaker has left the court.

The kingdom’s first court grantmaker has abruptly left for a neighboring kingdom.

The news quickly spreads throughout the court and the royal palace.

It is simply the departure or resignation of a court officer.

Normally, it would have been a rumor rather than a major story.

…It ought to have been.

In Phyllis’ case, it was the most unusual of the unusual.

It’s an unexpected event that deserves all of the attention it receives.

“Did you hear? A neighboring country has pulled Phyllis-san, the grantmaker.”

“This isn’t just a job recruitment. She married a neighboring kingdom’s prince.”

“Isn’t that incredible? Isn’t the Kingdom of Istonia a large country? I’d like to advance from court official to princess of a country too.”

“I’m not sure how she did it.”

This was a hotly debated topic, particularly in the court.

For better or worse, her name was famous.

She was the only grantmaker capable of doing the job well.

In reality, she was just being power-harassed, but those who didn’t know what was going on assumed this was the case.

A productive monster with a sense of responsibility to finish any request on time and give results that go above and beyond what was expected, and a single person who can do more work than other professionals.

She is without a doubt the world’s greatest genius of her generation.


It is true.

Those who had accidentally trapped her helped her grow by giving her the nourishment she needed.

They would not have created such a monster if she had been allowed to work freely.

As a result of this――

“Isn’t it incredible? If the prince sees her, does that mean her fame has spread throughout the world?”

“I guess so. I kind of admire her.”

“Hey, I wish I’d spoken to her properly.”

“I should have paid her a visit sometime. She would greet me warmly then.”

Everyone on the court was now praising her achievements.

Nobody had ever done anything like this before.

A court official has been elevated to the status of royalty.

That is why they admire and respect her.



A loud click of tongues echoes through the corridor.

Slenia, the secretary, walks by while everyone is happily talking about Phyllis.

She could only think of one word.

How could this have happened?

Everything was surprising.

She, the tormentor, had no idea she would marry a neighboring prince.

There were no warning signs, and it could not have been predicted.

Most importantly, it was the neighboring prince who proposed.

There was no reason to turn down an offer from a neighboring country, even if it meant deepening the two countries’ friendship.

It’s all about the court’s position and the future of the country.

She accepted the offer without hesitation and became the princess of a foreign country.

“It makes no sense…”

She had intended to do her a disservice today, as usual.

She herself is in charge of the court’s staff.

It’s stressful because you’re busy and things don’t always go as planned.

Phyllis was the ideal stress reliever.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Phyllis kept Secretary Slenia’s spirit alive.

She’s been a sort of tranquilizer for her, and now that she’s gone, Slenia’s frustration has nowhere to go.

Furthermore, the work for which Phyllis was responsible must be taken over by someone else.

It is currently difficult to find a grantmaker who is a good fit for the job.

She had no choice but to ask other professions to take her place, but the only ones who could were mages.

“It’s unavoidable,”

She was on her way to see the other genius.

She who remains hidden in the shadow of the great genius.

Court Mage Raynasia Highbell.


“Please take this job.”

“Wait, wait a second. What are you talking about? I’m a mage. This is what…”

“Yes, as you can see, it’s part of Phyllis-san’s work.”

On the table is a request form.

According to all accounts, the mountain of request forms was not a task that should have been assigned to a single person.

Raynasia is dumbfounded.

“Why do I have to do that?”

“Because you are the best candidate for the job.”

“What exactly do you mean by ‘best candidate’…There are other mages, aren’t there?”

“Of course, I would ask others to do the same. As I previously stated, this is only a portion of the work that Phyllis-san was in charge of.”

“This is… only a portion?”

Raynasia had no idea how much work Phyllis had completed and how much she had completed herself.

How she had borne more burdens than her genius title alone could bear.

Raynasia never looked behind her as she went about her daily tasks.

Raynasia was, after all, staring at herself in the mirror.

“The delivery date is as written. I’m counting on you.”


With a bang, the door slammed shut.

She cringes at the loud sound she has never heard before, and her heart trembles at the subsequent silence.

“What in the world… is this…?””

She gritted her teeth as she looked over this mountain of requests.

‘This isn’t how it’s supposed to be,’ Raynasia thinks, and so does the secretary.

There is no longer any need to forecast the future.

It was clear that it was going to be a struggle from this point on.

The court, which had been supported by a single genius, is gradually disintegrating.

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