I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: The Other Side of Glory

“Welcome home! Brother! Sister!”

“We have been waiting for you! 

“I’m home.”

“Sorry I’m late.”

We returned to the capital after finishing our work in Suerre.

Leo-kun and Lena-chan were the first to greet us when we returned to the royal palace.

They were quite adorable as they ran up to us, and you could tell they were looking forward to our return.

“Brother! How was Suerre?”

“Yeah, I guess—Phyllis was extremely helpful.”

“Onesama? How? What did she do?”

“You’ll have to inquire with her.”

The twins’ attention is drawn to me.

They look expectant. 

“Y-Your Highness…”

“Go ahead, tell them.”

I’m embarrassed to tell them about what happened in Suerre.

The knights thanked me profusely after the battle.

They referred to me as a hero and a goddess of victory.

They lavished me with praise, and I returned home exhausted in more ways than one.

“His Highness knows how I feel…”

He’s so cruel.

“Hey, sister, what did you do?” 

“Please tell me!”


When you are approached so innocently, it is difficult to say no.

His Highness is a cunning man, but so are these two. 


“Thank you for your time, Rayne and Phyllis.”

“Thank you, Father.”

His Majesty was informed of the battle in Suerre.

His Highness and I bow to him.

“Yes—especially Phyllis, the Knight Commander told me about your exploits; you protected the Knights with the power of grantmaking techniques and even stepped up to support them yourself in the end.”


“You are extremely brave—you were greatly appreciated by the knights and the people—you did an excellent job.”

“Thank you very much.”

This may be the first and last opportunity to be praised by His Majesty.

I was so happy.


His Majesty continues in solemn tones.

“I’m telling you, Rayne, it’s not good for royalty to take risks on their own.”

“I understand, but because we are royalty, we cannot simply be protected by them.”

“That’s true, but it’s just in case.”

“That’s enough, dear.” 

He was interrupted by the queen.

“I’m sorry. He’s concerned. He’s worried that something bad will happen to you two.”

“Yes, if something happens to you, I won’t be able to see my grandchildren!”


Is that the case?

What grandchildren?

“This is the throne room, Father.”

“Don’t worry—there are only old people here. As king, I heard the report earlier; I’m now speaking as a father.”

“That’s enough. Don’t overheat. Weren’t you reckless when you were younger, too? I warned you several times, and you still did not change, but you scolded the kids? “

“Ugh… Stop bringing up the past.”

It appears that His Majesty still has a soft spot for the Queen.

Furthermore, was his Majesty reckless when he was younger?

Is that inherited?

His Highness has no qualms about visiting dangerous areas, and he is also very active, traveling alone to a neighboring country to find a wife.

“Thank you for protecting the people, Phyllis-san, but please don’t do anything rash again.”


Is this kind of generosity inherited?


The line of defense at Suerre is often talked about among the people.

It represents the knights’ strength in defending the land as well as their sense of security that they will protect the land and the people from any threat.

The fact that members of the royal family were present also contributes to the population’s support for the royal family.

This year’s results, in particular, differed from those of previous years.

“I heard His Royal Highness Prince Rayne’s wife was on the battlefield in Suerre?”

“Is that true?” 

“My son is a knight, and he was in Suerre; I heard it firsthand, so I’m certain.”

“She’s a wonderful woman, a match for His Highness Rayne.”

Suerre was defended by His Highness Rayne’s consort, Phyllis Istonia.

Rumors spread quickly among the knights returning from Suerre and then throughout the city.

“Phyllis-sama is said to have a special power known as the grantmaking technique.”

“I’ve heard she’s also worked in a neighboring kingdom’s court.”

“It’s not just about rank; she has the power to run a country and the courage to fight even on the battlefield, which is a perfect combination for His Highness Rayne.”

“Yes, this country’s future is secure.”

Rayne and the royal family were initially very popular.

They are close to the people despite being royalty.

Their unadulterated behavior, combined with their warm personalities, has won them widespread support.

Another case in Suerre

This gives Phyllis the people’s support.

The people have faith in the person who rules the country.

This is a wonderful thing, but there are some who are not pleased.

A country is a massive structure.

Contradictions and conflicts must exist.

“It appears that His Highness Prince Rayne’s wife has the people’s support.”

“Isn’t this a bad thing?”

“No, look at it from the other side—If we can get her on our side, the royal family’s support may dwindle.”

“Indeed. Isn’t she from a neighboring country? Then there’s someone who knows who she is. “

A faction of the nobility is attempting to seize power.

They desire absolute monarchy.

A cramped future in which status and power are everything.

“I’m looking forward to the upcoming party.”

They only want one thing.

The royal family’s downfall.

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