I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: First Line of Defense

Five days after my stay in Suerre

The moment has finally arrived.

“Commander! A demon horde is on its way from the north!”

“They’ve arrived—How many and what types?”

“As one would expect.”

“Good! Prepare the first course and get the men ready!”

The knight commander’s deep, solemn voice can be heard.

The knights stand up, don their armor, and take up their swords.

I observe the tense situation from the top of the city’s wall.

His Highness stood beside me.

“You know, you could have stayed in the mansion? The top of the wall is already dangerous—some demons can attack from afar, while others can fly.”

“I understand, but I want to stay and see it through.”

I want to see if the grants I gave them are adequate protection for them.

If it is insufficient, I will make an additional grant on the spot.

I didn’t even have time to look at the actual battle outside when I was in court, but now it’s different.

I will see my work through to completion.

“Are you sure, Your Highness?”

“Do you believe I can wait for good news from a safe location?”

“I can’t even imagine.”

“You understand exactly what I mean.”

On the ground, the Knight Commander is in charge.

His Highness will ensure that they do, and if they make a mistake in their judgment, he will step in.

Royalties are rare on the battlefield by nature.

They are the state’s symbols, the leaders.

If something were to happen to these people, the country’s future would be jeopardized.

On the other hand, by demonstrating that the head of state is also in a position where his life is in danger, he can persuade the knights that they are not the only ones in danger.

His Highness looks out at the oncoming swarm of demons.

“It’s about to begin.”


The oncoming horde of demons.

What are they doing, and where are they going?

Knights with weapons will meet them to protect the people’s peace.

The two great forces are now colliding.

“All hands!”

The knights move forward.

They cut the demon hordes to pieces with their swords.

It’s all out war.

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

This is what…


“Yes. Knights constantly battle demons like this. at the expense of their lives.”

I gulp.

Every corner of my vision is filled with a swarm of demons.

Only the knights who stand in their way.

They may be trained, but they are still human beings.

In terms of physical prowess, they are far inferior to the demons.

They make up for their physical limitations by honing their skills and gaining experience.

“Do not be daunted! Our armor is powerful!”

“Oh!” (Knights)

Morale among the knights soars.

A small smile appears next to me.

“Your Highness?”

“No, I think I’ll be able to see it with less anxiety than last year.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah—they’re moving very differently.”

last year’s city defense, which also resulted in significant damage to our forces.

His Highness witnessed fierce, lethal battles that I had never witnessed.

There is no doubt about it if His Highness says so.

The difference between last year and this year is significant.

“Your grant has the knights’ backs.”


“We’re trading lives. The terror will never completely vanish. But…”

His Majesty continues.

With strong, solemn eyes, he looks down at the knights.

“They can just wipe it away—not completely, but you can give them some comfort. Your power is what keeps them going.”

His words strike a chord with me.

My presence and my power boosted their morale.

I have the ability to save their lives.

I’ve previously taken orders from the Order.

Thousands and tens of thousands of arms have been granted by me, including during the court period.

I don’t really think about it because it’s my job.

But now that I’ve seen it, I’m considering it.

What I did was to save someone’s life.

“…Your Highness—I’m feeling a little more assured.”

“You’re too late to notice.”

“Perhaps so.”

I wish I had come to this place sooner.

That way, I could… I would have been more responsible and rewarded for my work.

or even in the too-busy days of the court.

“Do not pursue fleeing demons! Concentrate solely on the demons that are approaching you!”

“Commander! Some flying demons have been discovered!”

“All right, archers, line up! Let none of them get past Suerre!”

Their bows are self-tracking, and each arrow has increased penetrating power.

Most demons can be defeated with a single blow with this.

Flying demons are difficult to hunt.

Automatic tracking is required.

“Archers! Release.”

A hail of arrows rains down on the approaching demons.

The view is absolutely breathtaking.

“If we can stop them now, we’ll be able to…”

“Overpower the remnants! Victory is near!”

Morale continues to rise.

The majority of the demon hordes have been defeated.

Demons passing through on either side are ignored because the original intention was to focus only on demons coming straight into the city.

The demons did not come to attack the city from the beginning.

They were only passing through.

“What makes demons march this time of year?”

“There are numerous theories—food is the most likely candidate. Winter is coming. The demons will perish if the food runs out. Demons are more active than animals and require significantly more energy. They probably want to move before they run out of food.”

“That’s… a little depressing.”

“You feel sorry for demons—you’re naive.”

because that means they are also fighting for their lives.

I feel a pang of sympathy for them.

The first battle has ended with mixed feelings.

With our victory.

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