I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Neighboring Country’s Prince

The following morning.

I couldn’t finish it in a single day, so I worked all night in the warehouse.

I haven’t gotten a wink of sleep since.

because I was busy, but also because I was in a state of shock.

I see that scene on the back of my eyelids when I close my eyes to sleep.

“I’m breaking off our engagement.”

Someone I trusted betrayed me.

He’s the only one who believes in me.

I expected him to be there for me at all times, now and in the future.

“So you didn’t have a choice…”

There was no love in the room.

only my one-sidedness, my trust.

Yes, I’m sure he’s not a bad guy. 

despite the fact that he was having an affair with another woman while I was engaged to him.

It’s entirely my fault.

I know.

I get it… But it’s just… This is infuriating.

Above all, I’m angry that it was her.

Is she fantastic?

You only hear good things about her, unlike me?

No, of course not. 

because her workload is less than one-tenth of mine.

She does the perfect amount of work for just one person.

Everyone else does as well.

I work ten times harder, and people complain that I work too slowly or slack off.

That is illogical.

I become irritable as a result of my lack of sleep throughout the day.

In the early morning, I walked through the empty court.

Let’s go back to our room and rest. 

It’s quiet at this time of day because no one has yet arrived at work.

There isn’t anyone… Nobody.

“I wish I could leave the court… all the work they make me do, the nagging, the lack of sleep…”

I expressed my true feelings, hoping no one was listening.

For the rest of my life, I will only use it to pay off my debts.

This sort of thing…

‘I don’t want to…” 

“――Then,why don’t you just quit if you want to?”

“Don’t make this too simple for me. I have debts at home that I must repay…Eh? “

“I see. So the debt is the issue.”

Someone is here. 

I come to a halt and turn to face the voice.

There stood a man I didn’t recognize.

I thought I recognized him because he spoke to me so casually, but I don’t.

“I’ve heard good things.”


Did he hear what I just said? 

What should I do?

I’ve spoken ill to the court.

If he’s here, does he work at the courthouse too? 

The Secretary… No, if His Majesty hears this, I’ll be fired for sure. 

“N-No, that wasn’t it…”



I don’t mind if I’m fired.

I was only working here to pay off my debt to the Ratratos as soon as possible.

Marrying a debt-ridden woman would be a disgrace to Salerio-sama.

I wanted to pay it off, at least until the wedding was finalized.

But that is no longer necessary.

You can pay it at your leisure if there is no longer a need to rush.

You are not required to work in a hazardous environment…

“If you want to tell, tell, I… I’m done anyway.”

“Tell? Tell who? “

“To whomever, to the secretary…”

“Why would I do something like that?”

He returns the question.

I cock my head.

Then, with a proud expression on his face, he lets out a small sigh and says.

“I believe you are mistaken; I am not from this country.”

” …Eh?”

“Don’t you see it? This coat of arms.”

He displays his embroidered coat of arms.

It certainly doesn’t belong to this country.

That’s our neighbor’s country, I believe is…

“Istonia’s…coat of arms?”


“Why would a neighboring kingdom want to come into our court?”

“Of course, I have permission. Or, more accurately, I’ve been invited to visit this country as a guest.”


He must be a well-known figure if he enters the courthouse.

Perhaps a well-known noble from another country?

But why would such a person appear in court so early in the morning?

It was, after all, unnatural. 

At this hour, when even the staff had not yet arrived.

He’s definitely not your average guy.

Perhaps he is suspicious.

I was startled and stared at him as I backed away.

“What are you trying to run away from?” 

“Uh… um… I’m not sure who you are, so just in case…”

“I see. Then I’ll tell you about myself. My name is Rayne Istonia.” 

“Istonia, eh?”

Even though I tend to lock myself up in a warehouse, the name rings a bell.

because the name also happens to be the name of a neighboring country.

The name of the country is also the name of the house… This means he’s――

“Y-You’re royalty…?”

“That’s correct.”

“――I’m truly sorry!

I bowed as quickly as I could.

How could I be so disrespectful to a member of the royal family, especially one from another country?

I was determined that I would no longer be able to avoid punishment.

“Don’t be concerned. I’m just walking around by myself. After all, isn’t this your country? Don’t be afraid; instead, be confident.”

“N-No… That’s not the case…”

“Especially you. You could be more dignified, couldn’t you? Phyllis Rielkern.”

I unintentionally raise my head.

I haven’t yet told him my name.

And he even knows the name of my house. 

How does a prince from another land know who I am? 

When our gazes meet, he smiles.

“I recall the names of all the land’s noble daughters. Not because of my will, but because of your father’s.”

He sighs deeply.

“I came here to find a woman to marry.”


“Are you surprised? I suppose so. Why would royalty from another country come all the way here? The answer is simple: I have no intention of marrying right now.”


“If you want to ask a question, look it up first.”


I immediately straightened up and faced forward.

His Highness mumbles something and then begins to speak.

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