I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Proof of Ignorance

We are led into the reception room and seated across from each other.

The mood was lighthearted, but the duke’s expression was solemn.

That should also be the case.

“I’ll start with a status report: as you may already know, the ‘Great Demon Migration’ is rapidly approaching.”

The greatest threat to this city is approaching.

Because it occurs every year, they are more aware of the horror than anyone else.

If we do not prepare, the city will be in danger.

As city managers, we must devise solutions.

“The Knights’ investigation shows that this year’s migration will go in at least three different directions.”

“Which direction?”

“One is north to south, two is east to north-east. These three should be taken as absolutes.”

“Do you know what kind of demons they are?”

The Duke places several sheets of paper on the table in response to the Knight Commander’s question.

They were the conclusions of the team that had looked into where the demons went before.

It also describes the demons who were discovered.

“That’s all we have right now.”

The Knight Commander examines it first.

“I see; it doesn’t appear to be much different than last year.”

“Yes—However, they will, as usual, exceed our expectations. It’s not just the demons mentioned here, I’m sure.”


His Highness briefed me on last year’s and previous years’ defensive operations.

The flow is nearly identical.

The advance team scans the area for demons and anticipates their movements.

Countermeasures are developed and deployed in response to the detected demons.

However, there are always demons that were missed during the reconnaissance, as well as other herds that frequently coalesce and move in large groups.

Because it is impossible to predict, it is up to the field to make the correct decision.

“The idea is that the numbers grow larger each year, and last year we were on the verge. I’m sure it’s going to be even more intense this year.”

“Your Highness is right. We must take every precaution possible.”

“That is why we have Phyllis.”

Every eye is on me.

I react and respond with trepidation.

“I-I’ll do my best.”

“How does Phyllis see it? From this document.”

The Knight Commander hands me the report.

I leaf through it, inspecting the contents.

It describes what happened the previous year.

Last year, there were six major advances from various directions that caused significant damage to the Order.

As a result, the number of personnel has increased this year.

Last year, the demons discovered were…

“May I ask you one question?”

“Certainly. Anything.”

Duke responds.

“You say that the demons that pass through the city change every year, but do you have data from the last five years?”

“Of course there is, but I don’t think we can rely on data that is several years old.”

“I’d like to know what other demons have been identified; even if every year is different, the environment doesn’t change much. Then there must be a limit to the types of demons that come here.”

“Sure, we can narrow it down, but there are quite a few…”

“It doesn’t matter. Phyllis wants it. Can you bring it?”

His Highness gives a nudge.

If His Highness said so, the Duke had no choice but to nod and leave the room.

We wait for a moment before he brings me some historical documents.

I examine the documents.

Meanwhile, all three of them have been patiently waiting for me.

“Thank you for your patience.”

“Did you find out anything?”

“Yes—I’ve identified the demons that will appear. Knight Commander. How many weapons, armor, and ornaments do you have on hand?

“We have three times the number of troops and five times the number of ornaments.”

“I assumed it would be required, so I ordered it.”

His Highness is as good as I expected.

He works quickly and efficiently.

That should be enough.

“Thank you, and it will be done this way…”

I told the three of them what I was thinking.

His Highness and the Knight Commander are both listening.

The Duke rolls his eyes as he listens in awe.

“――What do you think?

“I see. We can easily defend ourselves with that much preparation.”

“Phyllis, can you handle that many?”

“Yes—But It will take some time. We don’t know when the battle will begin, so we must establish the most important priorities.”

“As one would expect from Phyllis-sama.”

His Highness and the Knight Commander concur.

The rest is up to the Duke’s reaction…

“A-Are you serious?”

“Of course I am; this is all I can do.”

“… I can’t believe it; I’m not knowledgeable about it, but is it enough for one person?”

“Compared to my work at the court, it’s nothing.”

The deadlines were much shorter and the quantities much larger when I worked at the court.

Almost every day.

I’ll be busier, but nothing in comparison to those days.

Because I know the end is in sight.

“The Duke of Verrière’s sentiments are understandable. You will believe it when you see it.”

“I see. If Your Highness insists, then please.”

“That’s right.”

“Leave it to me.”

They have all given their approval.

All that remains is for us to put it into action.

Let us do everything we can to make them believe us.

After two days,

I finished half the work I had planned.

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