I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: First night?

“Well… “our room”… Is that right?”

“That’s exactly what I said.”

“By “our,” you mean… Your Highness and I, right?”

“Is there anyone else here?”

I know…

“We’ve brought a large group. All of the rooms in the mansion are insufficient. We can’t afford to use the rooms with grace.”

“I-I understand.”

“Did you like being alone so much? Or would you rather not be with me?”

“N-No, that’s not true!!”

I deny it out loud.

I’m taken aback by how loud my voice is.

It sounds like it’s coming from deep within my soul.

His Highness is wide-eyed with surprise.

“I’m glad to hear that.”


“Well, it’s true that having a man and a woman in the same room isn’t ideal, but… Isn’t that fine? On the surface, we appear to be a couple. Nobody would think it was strange. In fact, having us in separate rooms would be unnatural.”

“Take care of your family, right?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. This isn’t the capital, nor is it the castle. Keep in mind that you are in an area where many people are watching you. And keep in mind——”

With a solemn expression, His Highness murmurs.

“Whose wife have you become?”


I nodded.

Yes, I no longer serve as a court grantmaker.

I am now the wife of Rayne Istonia, the Kingdom of Istonia’s first prince.

I must behave and act in accordance with my title and position.

Here, outside the castle, there are no walls to protect me from the eyes of others…no wall.


It’s not just as a grantmaker that you have to be enthusiastic about.

As a royal wife, I must also maintain a proper demeanor.

I swallow, and then I pull myself together.

“Well, I don’t want to get you worked up, but you have to start tomorrow. We have no plans for today.”

“Uh, yeah.”

I was simply attempting to motivate myself.

Did he purposefully agitate the situation?

The shoulders are relaxed all at once.

“It’s dinner first. Shall we go?”


I’ll be having dinner with His Highness.

A private dinner for two

We dined separately from the knights.

A quiet moment flows.

We’ve had more opportunities to eat together as a family since meeting His Majesty, Leo-kun, and the others.

So it’s been quite some time.

This kind of dinner with His Highness…

It’s got a different vibe than a tea party.

Following that――


His Highness and I were sharing a bed for the first time.

Of course, we just lay there.

But sleeping with someone of the opposite sex was a very stimulating experience for me.

I’m so nervous that I can’t sleep.

I can hear voices from next door, as if they are there to comfort me.

“In preparation for the demon migration, we have a site visit and a strategy meeting tomorrow. Is it okay with you if I ask you to attend both, Phyllis?”

“Y-Yes. Of course.”

“It’s too soon to be tense. Well, I understand how you feel.”

“Do you feel tense, Your Highness?”

The answer was silence.

I turn to face His Highness.

His Highness then turned to face me.

“Yes,” he replied simply.

I was taken aback.

His Highness is always so commanding that I didn’t think he was nervous.

“So His Highness may be nervous as well.”

“What do you think I am?”

“I’m sorry. You’re always so dignified and commanding… I assumed you’d be used to it.”

“It’s nothing new to me. But we royals are constantly scrutinized. Various looks, sometimes even hostility.”


Is there a hostile atmosphere in this country?

People who are hostile to royalty and nobility.

It is not always easy for those in positions of power.

There is frequent hostility and resentment.

particularly royalties.

“Every decision I make has an impact on the future of this country. So I’m constantly thinking. What is right and what is wrong? What am I, the ideal prince whom everyone desires to see?”

There is no answer, no matter how hard you think about it.

The answer will be known only after it has been demonstrated and the results have been obtained.

With a sigh, His Highness said this.

This is quite surprising.

His highness’s words were a sign of weakness.

His Majesty is also concerned and anxious.

“…I see. Your Highness, as well.”

“Hahaha, why are you relieved?”

“Eh? Did I appear like that?”

“Did you? Maybe you were thinking something like, “I’m glad I’m like him.”

He’s right.

His Highness sometimes guesses my thoughts so accurately that I believe he can hear my heartbeat.

Or maybe I’m just plain simple.

My heart beats loudly, perhaps out of embarrassment.

“Everyone has concerns and fears. My parents, Leo and Lena, and me. But we must not show our distress to the public. If they see that we are worried, they will be worried. We, the royal family, who support this country, must not show weakness.”

It’s similar to determination.

His Highness maintains a firm gaze on me and speaks to me.

I should be as well.

strongly, indicating.

” …Yes.”

“If you must show yourself vulnerable, speak only to people you can trust—family, for example.”


Then I will――

“Is it okay to be vulnerable in front of His Highness?”

“That’s how things are going to be. We’re… We’re a couple.”


I wonder if that is also why His Highness spoke to me so vulnerablely.

He believes I am trustworthy because we are a couple.

If that’s the case, I’m very proud of myself.

I’ve discovered a new side to His Highness, and I’m relieved.

The night goes on.

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