I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Baking

The day following the tea party

I went to the royal castle’s library.

“Let’s see.”

There are stacks of books on the table.

The books I pulled from the shelves are all about baking.

I take a seat at the table with the books.

I take one book at a time from the top and begin flipping through it.

I did not inform His Highness of my intentions.

It’s baking snacks.

I think I came up with the idea because I knew His Highness likes sweets and it was a tea party.

We can share the snacks I made at a tea party for two.

It seemed like a nice place to spend time as a family or as a couple.

Fortunately, I have some prior cooking experience.

My parents were killed in an accident, and I couldn’t support my servants, so they had all left the house.

The Ratratos family’s assistance has only helped me to pay off our debts.

I’ll have to take care of myself eventually.

There was no one to assist me as a child.

I learned the skills I needed to survive on my own while practicing grantmaking techniques.

Cleaning, laundry, and cooking On my own, I have mastered everything that can be called housework.

Cooking was especially difficult because the Ratratos’ funds were limited, so I made every effort not to waste any of the ingredients.

“However, cooking and baking are not the same.”

The book covers the fundamentals of baking.

It’s the same thing as cooking.

However, there are significant differences in mindset and tasks.

But I know how to use a knife and how to work with common ingredients and tools, so I’m not going into baking blind.

I believe it was beneficial.

The next tea party will be held in three days.

I’m hoping to have accomplished something by then.

“I will give it my all.”

I haven’t devoted myself to anything like this in a long time.

I recall when I was studying to become a grantmaker.

I was desperate back then.

Surviving requires courage.

First and foremost, I gathered the knowledge I lacked in order to comprehend the grantmaking technique.

I put it to the test on myself to see if there was a discrepancy between my knowledge and reality.

I practiced the same grant over and over again to reduce the likelihood of failure.

To be honest, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

I couldn’t afford to have a good time.

That would be very different from what we have now.

I was engrossed in my reading until late at night.


The following day.

I decided to create something using the knowledge I had gained from my studies.

I requested permission from the chef to use the royal castle’s kitchen.

He was taken aback, but the chef agreed to allow me to use his kitchen.

He told me that I could use the kitchen tools and ingredients as I pleased.

I was thinking about how to arrange the ingredients and am relieved that they are already there.

“Now let’s see what we can do.”

It’s my first time, and trying to make something too difficult will not work.

You should do what works for you right now without overburdening yourself.

I’m recalling the baking books I saw the other day.

The one that appears to be the simplest is…


“Are you making cookies, sister?”

“We’ll assist you as well!”

“Thank you, but I have to do this——oh my gosh!”

I quickly looked down.

Leo-kun and Lena-chan clung to my left and right, respectively.

Their bright eyes shine up at me.

They were in the kitchen before I knew it.

I hadn’t noticed them and was taken aback when I heard their voices.

My heart is racing.

“When did you two arrive?”

“Just now!”

“I was looking for my sister when they said you were in the kitchen!”

“I see.”

I looked at the time.

Isn’t it true that these two come over to see me all the time now?

I believe they came all the way to look for me because I wasn’t in the room.

Did they want to play with me that much?

If so, I’m happy.

“Will Onesama make cookies?!? We’ll do it as well! “

“Thank you, Leo-kun, but since I’m new to baking, I’d like to do it myself first. Could you please be my tasters instead?”

“Of course!”

“That’s great because I love cookies!”

They are both happy.

Obviously, they both love sweets too, because they are siblings of Prince Rayne.

Perhaps His Majesty and the Queen enjoy sweets as well.

Then I’ll give it my all.

One day, I hope to serve the sweets I made to everyone, including Your Majesties.

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