I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Even if It’s a Lie

“What would you expect the court to look like without you?”


“Do you not understand? I believe it is quite simple.”

I remain silent.

It’s expected.

The task I was working on has been delegated to someone else.

Raynasia-san, a mage, is one possible candidate.

Only a mage is closest to the grantmaker’s role and can achieve comparable results.

Plus, she was called a genius.

There is no one better suited to fill the unexpected vacancy.

So, assuming that’s the case,

She is not getting around to it, is she?

“Is it for the sake of Raynasia-san?”

“It’s not for her; it’s for you. It must be difficult to live in a strange country; wouldn’t you rather live comfortably in a place you’re familiar with?”

“I can’t fathom that.”

“Don’t be concerned. I’ll see that it happens. We needed you. We want you to return. His Majesty wants you. And I want you to come back.”

I frown. Why is His Majesty’s name mentioned in this context?

It makes my heart freeze.

“His Majesty has heard the tales from the court and he’s a little angry.”

“…Why would His Majesty?”

“Of course he is, because you abruptly left the job, which His Majesty did not anticipate. The court cannot function with only one person missing.”

So things aren’t going so well after all.

But are you saying it’s my fault?

Isn’t it too farfetched?

“It’s not too late. Let’s go back to the country. You don’t really want to be the wife of someone you don’t like, do you?”


The story of Salerio-sama was half a threat.

If His Majesty’s wrath is not appeased, I will never be able to return to that land.

Not only that, but

My husband is a prince of this country.

If things continue to deteriorate, this could become an international issue.

I can imagine a dangerous future.

The size of the country alone is probably twice the size of Istonia.

If there is a conflict, this country will…

“This is for your own good.”

I’m frustrated.

What’s good for me?

And what do you know?

All of this is a lie.

And now you’re attempting to deceive me once more.

After being deceived, I can’t believe it now.

He just needs to talk me out of it and let him have his way again.

But I can see through his deception.

In retrospect, he’s the most obvious person I’ve ever met.

I couldn’t read his mind because I trusted him before.

I was in love with him.

But I have no feelings for him now.

So I’ve learned my lesson.

everything this thin-skinned man thinks about.


Just before I open my mouth, the door opens.

There was no knock, just a quick run.

It generates a lot of noise.

“Sorry I’m late.”

He’s coming.

The prince of this land, my husband.

“Your Highness!”

“Prince Rayne…”

His Highness enters the room.

He’s breathing a little laboriously, possibly because he’s running.

Salerio-sama and His Highness exchange glances.

“I didn’t mean to call on you…?”

“Should I not come unless called? This is my country, this castle is my home, and――.”

His Majesty takes a step closer.

Rush to me.

His hand rests on my shoulder.

“This is my wife.”



Those words… I’m not sure how much of them are true.

I’m not sure, but my heart is racing.

“My wife is seeing a man on her own. That was something I couldn’t let happen.”

“I have her approval.”

“No, you do not have approval to speak to her alone; as I previously stated, this is my castle.”

“I’m a guest, aren’t I?”

“Yes, I know. But, haven’t we already discussed this? I thought I heard you say you were returning to your home country soon.”

His Highness looks at Salerio-sama.

It appears that he had previously spoken to His Highness for the original purpose.

He did not know that he would meet me afterwards.

He appears to be upset, in my opinion.

Is it because he was lied to?


“This is my royal castle. It is not a place where outsiders can move freely, even as guests. Or is that the norm in your country?”

“… I’m sorry about this. I had a personal relationship with her.”

“I understand. Then you must be more careful from now on. She is my wife now, Phyllis Istonia. Don’t think of taking her without my permission.”

His Highness smiles.

“… Were you listening?”

“No, but I can guess: you were probably hitting on her to get her back, but you got dumped.”

“I haven’t heard back yet.”

“I see. Then let’s hear it now.”

His Highness makes direct eye contact with me.

more serious than ever before.

“What do you want to do with Phyllis? Do you want to go back?”


“You can be honest; don’t think about your country or about me; think about yourself.”

as if he was aware of my problems.

When you say it like that, there is only one answer.


“I don’t want to return.”


His Majesty smiles.

For the first time, he smiles innocently.

“So. I’m going to ask you to leave.”

“…Do you understand? Our king is upset that she ran away.”

“No, your king has agreed to my marriage to Phyllis in the papers, and even if it was a mistake, how can you say that after the fact?”

“Is that… Is that a statement as a country’s prince?”

“Of course. I am Rayne Istonia, the first prince of the Kingdom of Istonia, and what I say is the will of the royal family of this country.”

He expresses himself clearly and unequivocally.

He says the Kingdom of Istonia will not give me up.

He states it.

I almost feel my chest tighten when I realize what it means.

“I understand, and I will inform His Majesty of what you just said.”

“Get it done.”

Salerio-sama leaves.

The next time… No, if we meet again, I’ll stand tall as well.

As a member of the royal family.

I will not be ashamed to be the wife of His Highness Rayne.

“Did I impose too much of my will?”

“No, thank you…”

It’s invigorating.

He said everything I wanted to say.

I was too afraid to say it, but he put it into words for me.

I was also surprised at myself.

I can’t believe I’m okay with him speaking on my behalf.

“Your Highness…”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“…No, it’s nothing.”

I’d like to know what he really thinks of me.

I’m curious, but I’ve decided to refrain for now.

Part of me is hesitant to ask.

However, it could have gone either way.

It makes no difference whether this is a fake relationship or a fake couple.

Because I love this place right now.

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