I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Family’s Coziness

“Once again, I am the king of this land, Bergen Istonia.”

“I’m his wife, Celsia. I apologize if my husband’s face and beard frighten you—he may appear frightening on the outside, but he is extremely timid on the inside, so don’t be afraid.”

“I am not a coward! I am the bravest man on the land!”

“Which part? You cry to me when you’re away from home and can’t sleep alone. “

“S-Stop bringing it up! — You make me look bad in front of the kids!”

His Majesty abruptly interrupted the Queen, but it was too late; I had already heard almost everything.

Not only did I hear it, but so did Leo-kun and Lena-chan.

“Father, can’t you sleep alone?”

“We can’t sleep alone too!”

“You act like a child!”

“You act like a child!”

The twins’ innocent mouths were let loose.

These are very effective words for an adult majesty.

Especially if it came from his own child.

“Darn… I’ve lost my fatherly dignity…”

“Give it up, father.”

“Rayne… You think it’s someone else’s problem, don’t you? You must be prepared for this to happen at some point.”

“No, I will not. I have an excellent role model in front of me.”

“You’re so cheeky… You’re my son.”

“It’s because I’m the son of my father.”

While watching their conversation, I think of His Majesty and His Highness Rayne.

I understand what the Queen meant.

His Majesty may appear frightening and majestic, but when I hear him speak like this, he appears to be a normal person… a bit like a timid father.

And the Queen.

“Dear. When you get angry like that, people call you childish. Be a little more mature and stand up for yourself. I’m also embarrassed.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“Please do not apologize and strive to improve, okay? How often have you done this?”

“I’m terribly sorry.”

The hierarchical relationship between husband and wife is obviously clear.

His Majesty is the head of state, but the queen is in charge of the relationship.

He’s both a husband to his wife and a father close to his children.

I feel myself relaxing as I listen to their conversation.

Suddenly, I come face to-face with the queen’s gaze.

“I see you’ve calmed down.”

“Y-Yes. Thank you very much.”

“You don’t need to thank me. We’re just doing what we normally do.”

“Right? You are free to be yourself. That’s the type of person we’d like to see.”


Thank God, I think to myself.

I imagine kings to be more formal, almost oppressive, when you talk to them.

And he is the head of state.

That’s how much of a character he is.

That’s why I was prepared.

But their gentle smiles tell me that I didn’t have to be ready.

The fact that His Highness does not act like royalty is most likely due to their influence.

The tension is completely gone.

“Have you gotten used to life in the castle yet, Phyllis-san?”


“How are things going with Rayne? He’s a self-centered jerk. I’m worried you’re being pushed around.”

“N-No, he’s been very nice to me.”

My answers are truthful.

Life in the castle has been perplexing for me, but His Highness, Leo-kun, and Lena-chan have made me feel at ease.

I believe I get along well with His Highness Rayne.

Even though I am his wife through a political marriage, he is always attentive to me.

I felt the selfish side of him when he made me his wife, but that’s okay because I know he’s not a bad person despite that.

“Still, I can’t believe it. Rayne has always been hesitant to marry, and now he’s bringing his own wife.”

“I know. What made you change your mind?”

Their gazes turn to His Highness, Raine.

His Highness responds firmly while gracefully sipping his tea.

“Of course, because I felt it was destiny for me to meet her.” “.

“Destiny? That’s not typical of you. Is there something more to it?”

“There isn’t a backstory or a frontstory.”

“I hope so, Phyllis-san.”

Her Majesty calls my name and speaks to me.

in a soothing tone.

“You say that, but what about you? How do you feel about the marriage to Rayne?”

“How… I mean.”

They’re casting doubt on our relationship.

That’s true.

Out of the blue, he takes a woman they have never met before and makes her his wife.

It should strike you as unnatural.

But if you ask me how I feel about it, I can tell you honestly.

“I am happy to be here in this country.”

My marriage to His Highness Rayne is meaningful.

However, there is no love there.

Regardless, I met him and was led to a country where I obtained what I desired.

I got a break: the freedom to choose my own job, good times, and a lively younger brother and sister.

If I examine myself objectively now and respond to this question.

I am very happy.

“…I see. I suppose it’s an unnecessary worry.”

“It’s not unnecessary. That’s the duty of parents.”

“Well, Phyllis-san, once again, welcome to our country. And we welcome you wholeheartedly to our family.”

“If you need any help, you can talk to me, okay? I’m always available.”

My heart trembles when I hear the word “family.”

I tried to cope with the loneliness of losing my family by myself.

As I can see now, it was one of the reasons why I devoted all of my time to work.

That is why I think from the depths of my soul.


I sense the comfort of family.

Once again, I am happy to be in this country.

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