I Was Forced To Quit Being a Nun and Get Married Because of a Divine Prophecy ~the Wise Prince Who I Am Actually Marrying Is Someone Who Dotes on Me Excessively~ – Chapter 35

I Was Forced To Quit Being a Nun and Get Married Because of a Divine Prophecy ~the Wise Prince Who I Am Actually Marrying Is Someone Who Dotes on Me Excessively~ – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Stomach ache

My stomach hurts.

Since I woke up this morning, my stomach has been hurting badly. When I told the maid who came to check on me, it caused a big commotion.

“This is terrible! We need to call a doctor! We’ll prepare something warm and gentle for your stomach, and contact the kitchen! And we need to inform Athanasios-sama too.”

“You don’t have to tell Thanasios-sama…he’ll worry.”

“But he’s already worried about you! We can’t keep this from him!”

From what I heard from various sources, the maids assigned to me were particularly excellent and caring, even among the maids in this royal castle. Their actions were prompt and appropriate. I was immediately made to lie face down, wrapped in a blanket and holding a soft hot water bottle against my lower back. The doctor was also on standby and arrived within a few minutes.

“When it comes to stomach pain, is there anything that comes to mind? There aren’t many things that could be causing it, such as food or stress.”

“…Food, ah, it might be that. The guiropita meat I ate yesterday.”

“That’s probably it. I’ll give you some medicine right away, please take it as soon as possible.”

The doctor’s tone seemed to contain a hint of exasperation. I understood what he meant. But I didn’t expect Thanasios to rush in and hear those words right in front of him.

“You’ve been used to eating simple meals and even since coming to the royal castle, you’ve been eating only stomach-friendly foods. And now, suddenly, you ate guiropita, which can be considered the representative of commoner’s fast food. And not just one bite, right? Of course, your stomach will be upset.”

It was completely true, and I felt embarrassed and sorry, burying my face in the pillow. I was the one who did something stupid. Because of that, I caused a lot of worry and trouble to everyone, and I couldn’t face Thanasios.

For my foolish act of getting carried away by the deliciousness and hurting my stomach, Thanasios would surely be angry. No, he was bound to come. Oh, main god Styx, please calm him down so that he won’t be angry over such a trivial matter. Please.

I braced myself. I waited, and then unexpected words came.

“You ate meat? You?”

There was no anger in his voice, only surprise and disbelief. I lifted my face a little and glanced at Thanasios. He was also looking surprised beside my bed.

“You ate it… Was it delicious?”

“Y-Yes, it was. But now my stomach hurts, and I regret it.”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Eleni-sama, I’ll also give you a laxative, so please be careful and make it to the bathroom in time.”

“Please don’t say that right now.”

The doctor’s advice was terrible and didn’t read the atmosphere. I was going to take the laxative now, and as a maiden, I didn’t want Thanasios to know about it. I was greatly disappointed.

However, Thanasios shook his shoulders and held back his laughter.

“Thanasios-sama, is that really so amusing?”

“No, it’s just childish, hehe.”

As if to cover up his laughter, Thanasios lightly stroked my head.

“Well, take care of your stomach and get some rest.”

“Please don’t say that…”

I turned my face away from Thanasios with a puff. I really didn’t want him to say anything.

After taking the stomach medicine and laxative and being laughed at by Thanasios, I was in a tough spot. From now on, I’ll try to avoid eating meat. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.


As Thanasios left Eleni’s room, still chuckling to himself, Ioel, his secretary, rushed over to him in a hurry. Thanasios stopped in his tracks and instantly tightened his face. Something must have happened. He switched his mindset and allowed Ioel to speak.

“Your Highness, the High Priest of the Styx Temple has reported a new oracle.”

“What is the content?”

“Here it is.”

Secretary Ioel quickly handed over a piece of parchment. Thanasios received it and read the clear and firm words mixed with ink and glue.

“The most intelligent young man in the Styx Kingdom, Prince Athanasios Cypnimus. Your wife, Eleni Athanasia Sipunimo, will receive the protection of the Goddess of Forgetfulness, Lethe, and erase the name of Uranos from the memory of this continent. Give new names and new lives to the old people of Uranos, and let them become the people of Styx.

Ioel looked at Thanasios with pleading eyes, wondering what it meant.

Certainly, an ordinary person would not be able to understand the meaning of this. Erasing the name of the Uranos Principality from the continent, and Eleni doing it. Thanasios was to assist in accepting the people of the doomed Uranos Principality and settling them in the Styx Kingdom. That was the oracle.

But Thanasios could read the intention of the main god, Styx.

“I see. If that is the divine will.”

Thanasios remained extremely calm. He nodded once and instructed his secretary, Ioel, to inform the Styx Temple of the receipt.

Ioel, who bowed respectfully, left to convey the message to the Styx Temple. Thanasios looked up at the endless blue sky from the decorative window that occupied more than half of the corridor wall in the royal castle.

The oracle of the main god, Styx, had already been given. It was based on the will of the incomprehensible god, but it was all out of mercy for one person.

The main god, Styx, wants to——.

“For Eleni’s revenge, that’s what it is.”

Thanasios was sure of it.

For the sake of that one person, he would conspire with the will of the main god, Styx. He valued Eleni more than the righteous history that should be engraved in the world.

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