I Was Forced To Quit Being a Nun and Get Married Because of a Divine Prophecy ~the Wise Prince Who I Am Actually Marrying Is Someone Who Dotes on Me Excessively~ – Chapter 10

I Was Forced To Quit Being a Nun and Get Married Because of a Divine Prophecy ~the Wise Prince Who I Am Actually Marrying Is Someone Who Dotes on Me Excessively~ – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Goodness

Moving to the Styx Kingdom.

In a room of the Styx Royal Castle, which is as big as a mountain and the tallest building on earth, looking up at the Arche of Apeiron, the sanctuary of Styx floating in the sky, a voice of reprimand echoed.

“You’re late. Do you behave like this even on the battlefield? Or is it because you know where you are?”

The young man sitting on the chair scolded the young general who stood still and blushed. The general, who wore a military uniform with several medals despite his youth, was scolded by the young man wearing a white-based high-collared shirt with gold decorations and a mantle with tassels. The young man’s cunning gaze and freezing beauty were enough to make the other person’s blood run cold, showing his position and authority more than his clothing.

“General Stavros, it seems that the Hemerapolis and Amphitrite war that you mediated is not over yet?”

“I’m sorry, Prince Athanasios. I have failed to fulfill my responsibility.”

“Indeed. It’s my fault for leaving you in charge.”

“I am truly sorry.”

Stavros, the general, is not incompetent. However, what is the point if he cannot produce results or fulfill his duties? Athanasios, the young man who was called by name, was seething with anger.

“The war between the two countries has been going on for too long and too widely. That’s why it was a perfect opportunity for peace negotiations. If the moment both countries showed a willingness to sit at the negotiating table, but failed to achieve results… the impact on the entire continent in the future would be immeasurable. I believed that you, sir, could seize practical benefits rather than the honor of the Styx Kingdom.”

Athanasios’ disappointment was more than enough to be conveyed to Stavros. Stavros was a relatively young general, who had risen to fame as a military genius. However, there is always someone above. As the governor in charge of diplomacy and politics for the Styx Kingdom, Athanasios, despite being only twenty years old, has shown absolute skill. He probably knows the movements of various countries on the continent. He took action based on that, but he didn’t anticipate Stavros’ mistake.

So, will Athanasios hold Stavros responsible? No, he won’t.

“You may step back. Prepare to leave for your next assignment. You will leave soon.”

“Understood… However, Your Highness, could you please give me a chance to redeem myself?”

“Yes, I will. Of course, you hold that position because you want it.”

“And you say?”

“I won’t let anyone say that the young general lacks ambition. The next battlefield is where you can fully demonstrate your talent, not the boring task of mediation. Go and grab as much glory as you can.”

Athanasios urged Stavros on with these words. The cold expression he had just a moment ago disappeared, and he now had a fierce and aggressive look on his face.

Stavros understood his intention and placed his hand on his chest, bowing deeply.

“Yes! I will definitely achieve remarkable results!”

Clearly, Stavros had jumped at the opportunity to redeem himself. He left Athanasios’ office with great momentum.

Ioel, Athanasios’ secretary, who was waiting in the next room, came in. Ioel, a young man who was not much younger than him, pushed up his glasses and looked at the door through which Stavros had just left.

“General Stavros should take politics a bit more seriously.”

“That’s true. However, we can’t just keep assigning him tasks he’s not suited for. Let’s consider this necessary expense for now.”

“Understood. Who should we appoint as the successor?”

“Let’s choose General Sophocles. That wise man will take care of things properly.”

“Understood. I’ll issue the summons right away.”

Ioel wrote down the matter in his notebook and turned on his heel.

Then, as if he had just remembered, Athanasios muttered, “By the way, what happened with that oracle? Did they find the girl named Eleni in the end?”

Ioel turned around. “Panagiotis, the high priestess herself, went to the Uranos Principality. Are you still concerned?”

“Of course. Even I don’t want to marry a woman I don’t like, even if it’s just a formality. It’s frustrating not to have the opportunity to choose, no matter what the oracle of Styx says.”

For the Styx Kingdom, and for Athanasios, the sudden news that he would have to choose a wife through an oracle was unexpected. Athanasios had not even considered marriage yet and would have preferred to postpone it if possible. However, if he delayed too long, it could become a complicated matter. Therefore, he was trying to secure Eleni’s safety by dispatching the high priestess as soon as possible. For example, a noble from another country who heard about the oracle might try to make a move on Eleni first, or force an adoption and use her as a hostage to demand something from the Styx Kingdom. If that happened, it could become a spark for war, so they were in a hurry to establish a security system around Eleni.

“To begin with, I believe in the oracle of Styx, but I don’t necessarily trust the priests or priestesses. I want to make them change their arrogant attitude, but this oracle might only make them more conceited. That’s why I don’t want it to succeed.”

“But I also feel sorry for Eleni, the girl who is being pushed around like this.”

“…You’re right. It’s not just about me.”

Athanasios closed his mouth, which had been spitting out flames, and felt ashamed of his selfishness.

Getting angry at being manipulated by the oracle won’t solve anything.

“At least we should prepare a welcome.”

“Then, we’ll make arrangements as well. Leave it to me.”

“Oh, please. I can’t think of anything that would please a woman, so please do something about it.”

Athanasios left everything to Ioel and returned to his political affairs. He didn’t have high expectations or anxieties about Eleni, but he didn’t have the idea of being rude to her either. This young man’s kindness is what makes him not like a typical royal.

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