I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 93

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 93

Chapter 93: I still like it

It’s embarrassing, too embarrassing. I’ve had such bad luck lately. Maybe it’s just a bad time for my fortune. I want to go to church and get some kind of blessed item to wear all the time.

As I thought this half seriously, Jeremiah’s hand touched mine. My body reflexively trembled.

“Lorraine, I want to see your face.”

I shook my head at his voice. I definitely don’t want him to see my face in this state. I’m so embarrassed that my face is contorted and I feel like crying. It must be terrible.

“I’m sorry about today. I heard from Dennis and got angry. It’s not that I didn’t believe in you, but I didn’t like it. But now I realize that this is not something I should do. So, I want to apologize to you properly by looking at your face, Lorraine.”

Although he called my name gently, it made it even harder for me to show my face. He gently removed my hand from my face as if handling fragile goods. I resisted by looking down, but ended up bending over in front of him and not averting my eyes this time.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

“N-No, I just did something selfish and made you worry.

I said there was no need for him to apologize, but Jeremiah shook his head and held both of my hands firmly as he spoke. 

“No, I shouldn’t have done such a terrible thing.”

“It wasn’t terrible. I was able to rest today.”

While saying that, I thought I should explain properly to him, given his serious demeanor. Even if it’s scary or incomprehensible, I have an obligation to do so since I caused him worry.

“Jeremiah, I’m sorry. But I couldn’t just leave that person alone because he seemed so lonely and in pain. It was reckless of me.”

As I said it, I felt down, but it was the truth and there was nothing I could do about it.

Above all, it was even more embarrassing that despite causing so much worry, there were no results. Jeremiah looked at me with a smile.

“That’s right, you were reckless.”


It was true. No matter how much he called me stupid or foolish, I had done something that couldn’t be helped.

“But I know that your reckless actions came from your kindness. So please, Lorraine, can you not make me out to be such a terrible man?”

His gentle voice seeped into my heart.

I thought it was unfair. The person with my favorite face was looking at me with a troubled expression and saying such things. Moreover, in that beloved voice that was bad for my heart.

I absolutely couldn’t refuse like this. 

“I don’t want to do that either.” 

I secretly thought to myself. However, I was really happy deep down that Jeremiah was concerned about me and doing various things for me.

“I’m glad you say that, but I think you’re a bit clumsy… I’m afraid someone might take advantage of you if I leave you alone.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll study.”

“Okay, please do.”

Finally, the severity disappeared from Jeremiah’s face and a gentle smile appeared. I smiled along with him.

As we laughed together, I realized that I really liked this person.

I didn’t hesitate when Paolo confessed to me because I didn’t feel the same way. Even when I’m with Paolo, my heart doesn’t ache or feel overjoyed like it does when I’m with Jeremiah.

Above all, a different future was more important to me than the same past. I didn’t want to hurt him, but my choice wouldn’t change.

I want to live with Jeremiah.

I am sure that there are many aspects of Jeremiah that I do not know yet. Discovering them makes me happy. 

After that, Jeremiah said that he would eat with me in my room instead of going to dinner.

Since he said he wanted to be with me, I had no reason to refuse, and the servants were asked to bring the food.

The preparation didn’t take much time, and the menu was almost the same as what Duke and Paula were served, on a not-so-large table. As usual, it was luxurious.

While eating, I talked with Jeremiah.

The topics jumped around, and sometimes he said things that were bad for my heart, but we talked about various things that happened when we weren’t together. We talked about Lucia, Dennis, and also about people with memories.

When the conversation turned to the fact that their situation is not very good, Jeremiah said,

“That’s one of the problems we’re dealing with now. They probably have knowledge and technology that we don’t know about.”

“Yes, there are some amazing people among those with memories.”

Among those with memories are not only technicians but also scholars and researchers. Moreover, there is a possibility that there are people like me who were born in modern times or even born in the future and died.

“That’s right. Each country has begun to notice this. Some countries have already invited such people to the center of their country. Our country is lagging behind because of the caste system.” 

“Then, what should we do?”

“Abolishing the system is difficult, so I’m thinking of making an exception. However, there are some stubborn people.”

Jeremiah made a gesture as if he was enduring a headache, but I could feel his determination to accomplish it no matter what.

I thought about it, if an “exception” was made as he said. It might not be possible right away, but if it was established someday…

“Well, they’ll figure it out someday. They can’t see it now, but there are a number of countries that are growing rapidly.”

“Then maybe those people will be rewarded someday.”

“Yes, I think that would be good for the country.”

I looked into Jeremiah’s deeply nodding eyes and felt happy. I always wondered what his duty was, but this was it.

I felt proud of many things and a smile naturally appeared on my face.

“I believe in you. That’s why this country will surely get better.”

Those words came out smoothly.

Because I really thought so.

Then, Jeremiah blinked for a moment and then said with a slightly embarrassed expression.

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