I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 88

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Stores in downtown

The next day, I was surprised when I saw what Dennis had prepared.

It was a disguise costume that would make it impossible to tell that I was a noble lady. After staring at it in amazement for a while, I hurriedly changed my clothes, realizing that this was not the time to be doing such things.

Feeling guilty for having Dora clean it up for me, I managed to finish changing and followed Dennis through the servant’s passage. It was rare, so I couldn’t help but be distracted by the surroundings, but I quickly regained my focus.

By the way, Jeremiah was not around for a while. Of course, he would come back at night, but during the day, he was attending the parliament and not by my side.

He had resigned himself to it as his duty, but since the incident, he seemed dissatisfied with not being able to be by my side.

I’m kind of itchy with joy.

However, if he were by my side all the time, even though I had become quite accustomed to it, it would be difficult to breathe. So, I also thought it would be nice if he went out occasionally.

Feeling like I was being extravagant, I followed Dennis out of Duke’s mansion.

“We’ll walk from here. It’s not far, but if your feet are hurting, please let me know and we’ll use a carriage.”


I nodded obediently and headed to the downtown area on my own two feet, following Dennis. At first, it was a quiet upscale residential area, but gradually the number of people increased and it became noisy.

The streets were overflowing with all kinds of people and things, and people buying and selling were constantly exchanging loud voices.

This was the first time I had seen such a scene since I was born in this world. As I looked around curiously, Dennis said to me,

“Don’t get separated.”


It seemed dangerous to be too distracted.

I tried to focus on Dennis’s back, but my concentration was inevitably interrupted by the cries of street vendors attacking from all directions. Moreover, a delicious smell wafted out, and I thought it was not good, so I grabbed Dennis’s hand as she walked ahead.

Dennis stopped in surprise. Her gaze was puzzled, but I wasn’t concerned about that.

“I’m sorry, but I might get lost if we don’t do this.”

“No problem.”

Dennis smiled a little happily and started walking again. Somehow, I felt that her pace had become more relaxed.

By the way, I think Dennis’s skills are amazing. Even at this point, no one seems to know that I am a noble. Well, I don’t have any noble aura to begin with, so with the commoner clothes that Dennis prepared for me, I can blend in perfectly. 

Feeling a little sad thinking to myself, “As expected of me,” I didn’t stop walking.

Eventually, after passing through an area with slightly larger stores filled with hustle and bustle, I continued on and saw houses where the working class lived.

The stone-paved road was also dirty and had a somewhat unpleasant smell.

Then, Dennis stopped there.

“That’s it.”

“That’s a tavern, right?”

“Yes, they also seem to provide meals at the stall in front during the day. Quite a few people gather there, don’t they?”

Now that she mentioned it, people were indeed gathering at the location she pointed out. I could see people eating at the shabby place where tables and chairs were arranged haphazardly.

“Let’s go.”

I nodded in agreement with Dennis’ words and took a step forward. The further I went, the better the smell became. It was a somewhat nostalgic scent that even drew me in. As I entered the store, a lively salesperson was chanting the names of dishes.

“Now, it’s our special foreign-style stew! It’s delicious! We also have foreign-style porridge!”

“Um, one of each please.”

I immediately placed my order. The salesperson smiled and said “Thank you as always,” then shouted to the kitchen in the back. The food came out almost immediately without much waiting time. As expected, it was exactly what Dennis had described, so I picked it up and sat down at the table. 

Dennis quickly paid the bill, and the two of us peeked at the food from above.

The steam rising from the dishes looked like nothing but curry and ramen imitations. Anyway, I decided to try it. First, I slurped the ramen imitation and opened my eyes.

“It’s delicious.”

The taste felt nostalgic. It should have been my first time eating with this body, but for some reason, I felt that way. As I stared at it in amazement, I suddenly felt a presence behind me.

“Could it be, Lorraine?”

There was a familiar tone in the voice. I turned around and saw the person standing there, and thought to myself, “I knew it.”

It was Paolo, wearing a dirty apron.

I felt relieved to see him but also angry that he disappeared without saying anything. However, I held back my anger and said:

“I see you figured out.”

“Well, I thought I saw someone who looked familiar somewhere. So I thought if that person was there, maybe you would be too.”

Paolo tilted his chin towards Dennis. Certainly, she wasn’t wearing a wig or any disguise, and she had her usual face.

“I guess you came to see me.”

“Well, if you disappear like that, of course I’ll be worried.” 

I said to Paolo, who was smiling happily, with a look of disbelief. ‘Is this really the time to be so carefree? I came prepared to be squeezed dry later.’ But Paolo, who didn’t know my situation, took my hand and said with a smile.

“Thanks. Since you came all this way, I’ll treat you. Not only that, I’ve made a lot of things in case you came, so come on in.”

“But, we don’t have much time.”

I wanted to go, but I also knew that I had to return at a certain time. Dennis seemed dissatisfied but took out his watch and said,

“It should be okay for a little while longer. I’ll let you know when it’s time.”

“Okay then, I’ll take you up on your offer.”

“Great, this way.”

Paolo took my hand and started walking without caring about Dennis’ sour expression.

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