I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 82

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Jealousy is scary

First, let’s start with Dorothea’s letter.

As I spread out the paper and read it, there were a lot of apologies listed. It wasn’t her fault, but I still felt sorry for her. According to Dorothea, Mrs. Morena has a chronic illness and is quite lazy.

“…On top of that, her hobby is napping. I wonder if it’s really okay to chaperone Lucia.”

I had a feeling like that, but when it’s written in a letter from someone I know well, it makes me incredibly anxious. However, Baroness Palmara, my aunt, seems completely unconcerned. She seems to trust her daughter endlessly and thinks that as long as she has someone suitable with her, there won’t be any problems.

However, Dorothea is worried, so she wrote that she wants me to keep an eye on things when I have the chance.

I will write a response about it.

“I’ll make sure to check on things when I have the time, and as for the rest…”

With a little groan, I manage to finish writing my response and move on to the next letter. This one is from my mother. I consulted with her about Lucia. After all, I had no idea how to handle this kind of situation.

“Let’s see…there’s no medicine for the disease of love. This isn’t much of an answer, Okaa-sama.” 

I was quite disappointed with the blunt response from my mother. I had hoped to receive some better advice, but as I tried to continue reading while thinking that, I heard someone entering the room.

When I looked up to see who it was, it was Lucia, who accounted for ninety percent of the contents of the letter.

“Is it okay if I come in, Lorraine-oneesama?”

“Uh, yes, of course.”

I quickly folded the letter and pressed it firmly with my hand so that it wouldn’t be read. Although I had a calm smile on the surface, I was nervous in the opposite sense of when Jeremiah was around.

Lucia, who sat down on a chair near me with a smile and concealed her agitation, had a stern expression that could ruin her beautiful face. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I still feel like she’s glaring at me.

——Is it because of what happened yesterday after all?

I couldn’t think of any other reason why she would talk to me like this. If it were a complaint about not being able to go out, she would have looked dissatisfied, and if it were a request for something, she wouldn’t have looked like she was about to burst out in anger.

While looking at me with a gaze that seemed to want to grab me at any moment, Lucia still didn’t seem to want to start talking.

Reluctantly, I took the initiative and spoke up.

“Um, is there something you wanted to talk about, Lucia?” 

“Did something happen? Please tell me what’s going on!”

With an expression of anger, Lucia raised her voice.

“W-What is it?”

Feeling pressured, I wanted to run away, but I held back. Lucia seemed to be on the verge of grinding her teeth as she spoke.

“Why is his behavior different before and after I consulted with Onee-sama?”

“What do you mean?”

“You can tell just by looking!”

I asked again because I didn’t understand, but Lucia seemed to have some strange misconception. I couldn’t do anything if I didn’t understand what she was talking about.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Um, could you please be more clear?”

Then, Lucia glared at me with a resentful expression. It was really scary, but I couldn’t run away. I had to be strong.

“I always watch him, so I know. He’s always looking at Onee-sama, looking very happy and a little sad… It hurts my heart to see that.

Before, Onee-sama said it might be a misunderstanding, but it’s not a misunderstanding. I like him, so I can’t forgive you.”

“I-I haven’t done anything.”

I tried to continue saying that, but my voice wouldn’t come out in front of Lucia’s sharp glare. 

“Then why does he look at Onee-sama with such longing eyes?”

All that came to my mind was that he probably wanted me to come to the store quickly. Perhaps he wanted to talk. For the first time in this world, both of us had met someone from the same country, from the same era, with the same memories.

However, Lucia, who knew nothing about it, continued.

“Onee-sama, did you do something to him? Even though you have a fiancée, and such a wonderful one at that.”

“Now wait, calm down and listen to me!”

“I don’t want to hear it. You’re just going to make excuses. It’s useless to try and get everything you want like that. I won’t listen to Onee-sama anymore!”

Ugh, what should I do now?

She didn’t even listen to what I had to say, let alone my excuses. What should I have done? Besides, Paolo doesn’t look at me for that reason.

“I’ll do as I please from now on, so there’s no need for you to interfere. Mrs. Morena is my chaperone. As long as I’m healthy, she won’t say anything. Thanks to her, I’ve been able to do whatever I want until now. And that’s how it will be from now on. That’s all I have to say.” 

Lucia just said what she wanted and left the library like the wind. I was left there, completely stunned.

When Lucia’s presence had completely disappeared, my eyes fell on the paper in front of me.

As I unfolded it again, my mother’s familiar handwriting caught my eye. Seeing it, I couldn’t help but dryly laugh.

“Yeah, Okaa-sama is right.”

There is no cure for the disease of love. That’s exactly what Lucia is going through right now. I has never experienced such intense love before, so I really don’t know how she feels. Anyway, all I can do is watch over her.

“Paolo, I hope you can avoid her well.”

I did ask him not to get too close, but there must be limits to that. As a servant, he cannot avoid interacting with guests.

I let out a deep sigh and picked up my pen.

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