I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 79

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Petit nightmare again

While I let those insults and abusive words flow in one ear and out the other, I looked at Dora. However, she was completely absorbed in the fabric brought in by the dressmaker Madam and didn’t notice me looking at her resentfully.

It was definitely Dora who gave that hat to Paula. It may not have been malicious, but why did she give it to her without even telling me? I decided to tell her later.

If I give Paula any more of my clothes or accessories, I’m sure I’ll shed tears of blood in my heart for a while.

It’s sad that I can’t stop it even though I know that. No, I know it will get better if I just endure it. But still, it’s hard not to feel irritated.

I wanted to escape from reality, so I turned my attention to a middle-aged woman rowing a boat while sitting on a sofa placed by the window.

She had a similar body shape to Baroness Palmara and was dressed in a simple dress with good taste. Although there were quite a few white hairs mixed in her hair, she didn’t seem to care about it and appeared to have completely lost any sense of fashion. I felt like we had something in common.

She is Mrs. Morena, the chaperone who Lucia had informed me of her arrival just a few minutes before. She looks tired and is already lying down, not paying any attention to Lucia.

Is she okay like that?

The wife of a prominent neighbor who served as my mother’s chaperone when she could not accompany me was a bit stricter.

“Lady Astorga, I will first give you what you requested.”

“Ara, it’s done already? As expected of you. Lorraine, come over here. Miss Marisa should be with the blueprints by now, right?”

“Yes, I’ll borrow the table then.”

Miss Marisa nodded at Paula’s words and spread out the paper she brought on the table. She started drawing something with tremendous force, which seemed to be the blueprint. I was about to look over there when Paula called me again, so I reluctantly headed over.

Then, the tailor Madam spread out some fabric.

“Um, what is this?”

“Can’t you tell just by looking? It’s a dress.”

I could tell that much. However, the size of the dress spread out in front of me seemed to be only for me.

Confused, I looked at Jeremiah without thinking. He seemed to be having fun and was sitting on a chair by the window like Mrs. Morena. When he noticed my gaze, he nodded.

I wondered what that meant, and Paula said in a slightly teasing tone.

“Really, Jeremiah is out of tune now. He used to be bad with women and said he would never accept gifts. And now, look at him.”

“Huh, so you mean this dress…”

“Yes, it’s a gift from that boy. Of course, I chose the fabric and design based on his wishes, so they all suit you perfectly. Well, we didn’t have enough time to make more than one dress, but if we can make it in time for the social season, it’ll be fine. Today, try this one on.”

Paula said confidently.

I looked at the beautiful light blue dress in front of me and then at Jeremiah. He was looking at me with a face that seemed to say he had succeeded in his prank.

It made me very happy, but I also felt like I had been had. Paula knew that I had no choice but to accept it if she was involved. I didn’t want to make him spend too much money on me…

Still, the dress with the colors of spring was so beautiful that I decided to be happy about it this time.

“Um, thank you very much.”

I said it in a slightly louder voice, Jeremiah said “Don’t worry about it” and gave me a melting gaze.

Feeling extremely uncomfortable, I turned to Paula.

“Now, please take off that dress that looks like a rag. I’ve been wanting you to change for a while now.”

Suddenly, words that felt like a slap in the face flew at me.

“I’m sorry, a rag? But this is my favorite dress because it’s comfortable and easy to wear. I’ll never let it become a rag.”

I rebelled a little in my mind, but it didn’t seem to have much meaning. Despite my thoughts, Paula continued with her plan.

“Now, Dora, get ready!”


Dora and the other maids and seamstresses energetically prepared the changing space. I had thought we would be moving to another location, but upon closer inspection, there was a similar dressing area next to us. Lucia seemed to be inside. I could hear small moans, probably enduring embarrassment.

After all, there were men present in this place.

“Come on, Lorraine, okay?”


I couldn’t refuse the dominatrix’s command that controlled this place and reluctantly went inside. I changed with Dora, who had come in with me and convinced myself that this was a fitting room in a clothing store.

In the middle of it, I heard Lucia, who had finished changing earlier, being scolded and praised by Paula. She also seemed happy.

After struggling for a while, I managed to finish changing and roughly fix my hair, and Dora said, “Lorraine-sama is ready!”

“Okay, then take your time coming out.”

For some reason, I was ordered to take my time. I was puzzled, but did as I was told, and quickly put my feet, hands, and head through the blindfold before exposing my entire body.

I couldn’t make a grand entrance that would live up to expectations, so I awkwardly stepped out of the changing space like a broken mannequin and was exposed to everyone’s eyes.

The seamstresses and maids who saw me first opened their mouths in surprise. Since Jeremiah came up with the idea and Paula placed the order based on it, it must suit me well.

I can tell from the way everyone is surprised.

I’ve experienced this several times before.

Anyway, no matter how many times I experience it, I always think at this moment that my mother’s genes are still inside me.

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