I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 74

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Awkward reunion

“I can’t do something as embarrassing as buying something that already exists. The good thing is, we are the ones who create trends. We have to be role models for other people in this country.”

“…R-Role models, you say?”

Lucia asked in a puzzled tone.

As for me, I understood Lucia’s feelings well as her mouth twitched. No matter how you look at it, it’s too much of a burden.

Moreover, those words are probably directed towards me. Thinking that, it made me feel sick to my stomach. I said I would do my best to become suitable for Jeremiah, but there are things that humans can and cannot do. It’s impossible for me even if it takes a lifetime. So I decided not to ask.

“Yes, role models… Lorraine has already gathered some things before, so let’s start with you, Lady Lucia. I’ll introduce you to the shopkeeper.”

With that said, Paula quickly disappeared into the back of the store.

Watching her back, Lucia whispered to me.

“Lady Astorga is an amazing person, isn’t she?”

I sensed various meanings behind her words and nodded with the same twitching smile as her.

“Yeah, I thought I understood it, but I feel like I’ve been reminded again.”

However, this is still on the cute side.

It’s nothing compared to when I was showered with abusive language by a goddess who had a face and figure almost identical to Jeremiah’s.

I’ve been criticized for having a strange way of thinking every time I meet her. Moreover, she’s saying it all out of goodwill.

Well, even though I know that, it’s still troublesome that it doesn’t seem that way.

Soon, we heard cheers from the back, and footsteps heading towards us. Lucia and I turned our attention in that direction.

Then, a cheerful young woman appeared with Paula.

“Let me introduce you. This is Miss Marisa Sabino, the owner of this shop.”

“Nice to meet you, Ojo-sama.”

Miss Marisa, the shop owner, smiled and had beautiful features similar to Paula’s despite being around the same age. She had chestnut-colored hair tied back in a bundle and slightly drooping gray-green eyes. She was wearing a sturdy brown dress that looked like work clothes.

——If she dressed up, she would be quite beautiful…

However, I thought it was such a waste for her to be running a hat shop in a place like this, but people are free to choose whatever profession they want.

However, I quietly made up my mind.

——When buying hats in the capital city, I’ll come here.

“So, Lady Astorga, which one should we start with? Since neither of them has anything suitable for the upcoming season, I think we need a few things.”

“Yes, of course. But Lady Lorraine has a few things on hand. So let’s start with this one.”

When Paula pointed to Lucia, Miss Marisa said, “Certainly,” and picked up some nearby hats. After putting them on Lucia and looking at her, she hesitated for a moment.

I just watched her with pleasure.

Thinking that it was like watching a play, suddenly Miss Marisa’s eyes widened.

“I got it! I got it! Come here quickly. We need to draw a design right away. Lady Astorga, please come too. I want your advice. Come on, come on.”

With a laughter that sounded like a chuckle from the back of her throat, Miss Marisa grabbed Lucia’s arm tightly and began to drag her towards the back of the shop.

The cheerful and gentle beauty disappeared, replaced by the appearance of an artist who had been possessed by something.

I was intimidated by her behavior.

“Uh, um, wait a minute, Lorraine-oneesama!”

“Lucia, do your best.”

I easily abandoned Lucia, who had come seeking help. Lucia had eyes like a lamb being taken far away, but it was impossible for me to rescue her.

Eventually, when Lucia disappeared into the back of the store, Paula said, “Lorraine, I’m sorry, but could you wait a little bit? Well, it shouldn’t take too long in that state.”

“Oh, sure. I understand.”

Nodding, Paula disappeared into the back of the store with an aura of hesitation. Left behind, I sat on the chair and admired the numerous beautiful hats.

“I wonder how I would look if I wore something like this?”

Handsome idols and people with superior looks can pull off strange outfits to some extent and still look good, but I feel like it would be awkward for someone like me. Well, maybe I could make it work if I dressed up, but if I wore something with those big bird feathers sticking out, it would definitely look ridiculous.

I hope nothing weird happens, I thought as I absentmindedly watched the people outside. Suddenly, a familiar figure passed by in front of the store. He also noticed me and widened his eyes.

For a moment, we stared at each other.

I froze and thought about whether or not to say something, but the other person’s stiffness dissipated faster.

“Well, what a coincidence?”


With a little caution in my response, the passerby, Emilio, gave a wry smile.

“You don’t have to be so guarded. Besides, you have excellent guards with you, don’t you?”

As I unconsciously looked at the carriage in response to his words, I saw Dennis, who had a terrifying expression, coming towards us at a brisk pace.

The carriage we had ridden in was parked in a place that wouldn’t obstruct the store. It was a little far away, and Dennis had been waiting there.

Eventually, Dennis came to my side and stared coldly at Emilio, who refused to leave. During this time, I felt a strange pressure from her silent presence, which should have been protecting me.

But the presence in front of me was even more nerve-wracking than Dennis. To be honest, I wanted to hide behind Dennis’ back like I did when we last met.

But I couldn’t do that here. The other party was being polite, and Dennis was there too.

‘Get a grip,’ I told myself.

While I hesitated, the two of them engaged in a silent battle. There was no way Dennis would back down from a staring contest, and Emilio smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

Then he looked at me and said, “I want to talk for a bit since you seem bored.”

As he said that, his face, which had a certain dangerousness different from his brother’s, was directed straight at me. His eyes looked a little lonely.

Why was he looking at me with such eyes?

I didn’t really understand, but I told myself to get a grip and opened my mouth.

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