I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 64

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 64

Chapter 64: You can’t judge people by their looks

The next afternoon, as Jeremiah had said, he went out to bring back a servant who would act as a guard.

He had apparently informed Paula and The Duke about it.

I asked what kind of person it was since it seemed to be someone Jeremiah knew. The answer I received was, “A serious and delicate person. I think you’ll like him.”

In my mind, a gentle and kind person with glasses came to mind. If that’s the case, I could become close to him as Jeremiah said. I decided to wait with anticipation.

By the way, I ate too much at dinner last night and ended up only having drinks in the morning. After all, there were too many things I wanted to eat. Now, my stomach is finally starting to feel hungry.

I’ll probably have tea later and hold out until night, so I picked up a book that Jeremiah and I had searched for yesterday.

I’m in one of the guest rooms at The Duke’s mansion, not the bedroom assigned to me. Occasionally, gentlemen and ladies who came to greet the Duke and Duchess visit and look at me with interest.

At first, I honestly wanted to hide behind the chair and pass the time, but then I realized that it wouldn’t do any good. I would just be a suspicious person. So, I prohibited myself from moving from the chair.

Today, Dora is excited as usual and is doing her best to dress me up, so I should look fine.

Of course, since it’s daytime, there’s no need to be as flashy as at night, so I’m a little relieved.

As for Dora, she shouts that the night is the time to show off her skills and is now busy choosing a dress. The dress I had made at the store I went to with Paula is managed by Dora every day and waiting for its turn. Seeing her blissful face makes me feel like saying sorry for everything up until now, which has become my daily routine.

So while struggling with unnecessary conflicts internally, I focus on remembering the faces and names of the people who come to greet me while returning their bows.

This kind of diligent effort will bear fruit someday.

If I am to become Jeremiah’s wife involved in politics, socializing is essential. I have avoided it until now because I didn’t like it, but I must not damage his reputation, so I write down the characteristics of the people on the paper with a rough breath.

“Um, Sir Pirlo has a round nose and a protruding belly and is wearing an ill-fitting wig. Was he a bureaucrat?”

With the book open, I try to recall the names I memorized several times. After repeating this several times, Jeremiah showed up.

“Oh, you’re here.”

“Ah, welcome back.”

Saying that, he stood up. When I looked at Jeremiah, a smile naturally appeared on my face. Just being casually spoken to like this actually made me quite happy.

I had thought that being spoken to was just a dream, so there was nothing I could do about it. However, it would be inappropriate to be too happy. I stayed there and waited for his response.

Then, he widened his eyes as if taken aback and put his hand on his mouth. When I looked into his eyes, it seemed like something good had happened, but he didn’t say anything, so I didn’t know. I tilted my head in wonder and looked at his face, and he cleared his throat and tightened his relaxed face as he said:

“Oh, I brought her here. Landegger, this is Lady Lorraine who will be your new mistress. Greet her.”


A soft, warm voice was heard.

I lifted my head wondering what kind of person she was, and there was a tall man standing there. He had black hair slicked back and thin, slanted blue eyes. He looked like he was in his mid-thirties.

His sharp facial features were terrifyingly sharp, almost like a bird of prey. Honestly, he seemed serious but lacked sensitivity.

The image in my head was completely opposite to what I saw.

——Certainly, he seems very strong… but he’s a little scary.

“My name is Dennis Landegger, Lady Lorraine.”

As he began to introduce himself, I tightened my bewildered expression and straightened my posture. He directed a gaze that could kill with just his eyes towards me, and his cheeks turned a little red.

“She’s a beautiful lady, Jeremiah-sama. I, Dennis Landegger, will risk my life to protect her.”

“Oh, please do. She’s someone very important to me. However, I want you to keep in mind that you should avoid situations that you cannot handle with your strength alone. I trust you and know your strength, but there may be situations where you cannot handle it. So, don’t get close to those kinds of situations from the beginning, okay?”

“Yes, understood.”

He respectfully placed his hand on his chest and thanked Jeremiah.

I didn’t know how to respond and just gazed at the reliable appearance of the bodyguard who looked like an assassin.

Then, Jeremiah smiled and said,

“Well then, why don’t you go out with her. You didn’t go anywhere yesterday, so I think it will help you get used to it.”



My doubts spilled out of my mouth as we went outside.

Jeremiah made a bombshell statement as if there was nothing strange about it.

“Oh, I know she looks like this, but she’s a woman. She usually helps her parents manage the townhouse owned by the Castalde family. She’s usually a maid, but I thought this would be better.”

“Then, what about her hair…”

“It’s always been like this. I’ve dressed as a man several times before, so I usually wear a wig.”

He, or rather she, answered politely, but she looked like a man from any angle. She looked like a well-featured assassin. There was a coolness that was somewhat like the protagonist of a hard-boiled novel.

If you put her in a suit and gave her a gun, it would be perfect.

Suddenly, the scene of someone sniping from the top of a building somewhere came to my mind for some reason. Of course, the sniper succeeded and quietly left without anyone’s praise. Watching over that was the beautiful night butterfly…

Memories of when I secretly read my father’s novels came back to me.

And yet, she’s a woman…?

While being attacked by intense discomfort, I put on a ladylike smile and greeted her.

“S-so, yeah. Nice to meet you, um…”

“Please call me Denny, Lady Lorraine.”

She said with a smile.

Behind the mask of the lady’s smile, I was trembling.

I knew that she was probably trying to reassure me. But even though I understood her, her smile was too scary.

It was a smile that seemed to be plotting something. It was not a gentle smile, but a sly one. Moreover, her eyes were not smiling.

In addition, while considering me, she occasionally glanced at the window or the corridor behind her, not neglecting her vigilance. What a professional, there were professionals in this world too. She could even be a princess’s bodyguard.

I feel like it’s a waste of a professional to protect such a plain lady.

“Y-yes, then I’ll call you Denny.”

As I answered, my gaze involuntarily went to her chest.

Because I’m curious, because I still can’t believe it, because the atmosphere is too hard-boiled.

No, no, a lady shouldn’t do such a thing.

I desperately mobilized my self-control and forcibly averted my gaze.

“Yes. Lady Lorraine… Actually, I was looking forward to meeting you. Lord Jeremiah told me about you and said you were very lovely. He also said we have similar hobbies, so I think I can be of service to you during the festival where I will guide you around the capital later.”

“I-I see. Hobbies…”

I couldn’t help but wonder if I had the same hobbies as someone with such a hard-boiled appearance, but if Jeremiah said so, it must be true.

After all, he knew things that sometimes made me want to scream, “Why do you know that?”

Perhaps noticing my demeanor, Jeremiah gently told me, “She’s also a book lover, Lorraine. In the Castalde family, it’s better for even the servants to have education, so we teach reading and writing. That’s why there are many book lovers.”

“That, that’s wonderful. Then let’s go to the bookstore. I’ve always wanted to visit one since coming to the capital.”

“That’s a good idea. Let’s go out then. Dennis, get ready.”


Dennis nodded politely at Jeremiah’s command and immediately began to prepare for their outing.

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