I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 52

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Marquis’ son, increasingly troubled

After that, I left the townhouse and actively participated in gambling and card game gatherings to search for Baron Valcourt or his son Claudio.

In addition, I gave money to servants and merchants to gather information about Lady Lorraine to find out what kind of lady she was. Gradually, information about her gathered in my hands, and I assembled her personality like solving a puzzle while looking at them in my study.

Of course, I continued to attend balls and dinner parties.

My mother was delighted, but the nights without Lady Lorraine were boring. If I had companions like Bruno or Tatiana with whom I could discuss politics, it would be a better night, but otherwise, I would quickly leave the venue to avoid the beautiful but poisonous moths that swarmed around me.

Sometimes I would run into Baron Baiano’s widow, and I would witness her using her charm as a weapon to manipulate young wealthy men while mingling with unmarried daughters.

I noticed that she was sending me glances and trying to approach me, but I decided to ignore her as it would be a waste of time to engage with her.

And so, a week passed.

On a sunny morning, I sighed as I looked at the scattered papers on my writing desk in the study. They contained my impressions of Miss Lorraine, which I had written myself or had my servants investigate, as well as her actual words and actions. The common denominator of all of them was the source of my headache.

As you may have already guessed,

“She’s just plain, unremarkable, and unnoticeable. It would be better if she were stunning.”

Of course, there are other factors besides just being alive and able to speak. As I held the paper in my hand, I read stories about how she was considered lucky or unlucky depending on whether she was seen dressed up or not, and how there were only four out of five people who could see her.

I thought it was quite a strange treatment for a lady. A normal lady would either get angry or depressed, but she didn’t seem to care much.

“I can’t tell if she has thick nerves, is easygoing, or is deliberately making it that way.”

The next paper I picked up contained stories that the Valcourt family’s servants had heard after being bribed.

I picked up the paper and read it.

“She likes stories and buys books when she comes to the capital. Her behavior is generally calm and obedient. She hasn’t caused any trouble and hasn’t lashed out at the servants.

Also, Miss Lorraine seems to have memories, but it hasn’t caused any problems in her life, nor has she excelled in anything in particular.

She seems to like gatherings, but she’s not fixated on any particular man. However, when she returns from gatherings, she writes something in her diary while laughing alone in a creepy way, and it seems that no one can peek because they’re too scared to see what’s inside… or so they say.”

There are no particular deductions. Although I am curious about the contents of the diary, everyone needs their own world. Perhaps, because she is usually quiet, she is venting her frustration in that way.

I sighed and threw the paper I had in my hand onto the table and immersed myself in my thoughts.

This week, I could only find her twice. Moreover, both times I lost sight of her and couldn’t stare at her. Above all, I was most angry that she didn’t notice me.

I sincerely wanted to take revenge at tonight’s ball.

On that night.

As usual, I dressed in my evening attire and headed alone to the nobleman’s mansion. My mother was tired from the daily gatherings, so she said she wouldn’t be going anywhere today or tomorrow. She likes glamorous things, so during this season in the capital, she always energetically participates in various parties, but perhaps she’s feeling her age.

As I thought about that, I looked at the familiar scenery from the carriage.

The street where many upper-class people live is neatly arranged, and the streetlights that are lit here and there have small insects gathered around them.

I thought it looked like a crowd of people gathering around someone with status and wealth.

Soon, I arrived at the venue. Many carriages were already waiting, and I could hear the chatter of the upper-class people dressed in colorful evening attire.

As soon as I got off the carriage, I stepped from the darkness into the glamorous brightness.

The scent of women’s perfume and decorated flowers mixed together, and the smell of tobacco, alcohol, and food filled the air. As usual, I greeted acquaintances before focusing on my purpose.

In the center of the ballroom, men and women were dancing happily to the music played by the band.

I wasn’t interested in that, but when I stopped and looked, she was there.

She was dancing with a young man I didn’t know, and her usual plainness disappeared a little, revealing a sense of openness. Her expression was lively and she looked like she was having fun. Seeing this, I felt irritated.

There shouldn’t be any reason for me to be irritated with her.

But what if that young man had already proposed to her?

There couldn’t be many men who could see the hidden charm in her plainness.

However, once the suspicion arose, it was hard to dispel. I couldn’t bring myself to ask anyone, so I just kept staring at her.

After a while, Lady Lorraine returned to our side, perhaps tired from dancing. The young man was with her, and when I looked where they had come from, I saw people with similar hair colors nearby.

It was her mother and her brother Claudio.

I hesitated whether to ask her to dance, but it would be strange to suddenly approach her. Besides, we had no connection.

Then, I heard a surprised voice from nearby.

“Hey, isn’t that Jeremiah? How are you doing?”

It was Bruno and Tatiana. As always, the two of them looked good together and seemed to have already found their significant others, as they were looking in that direction.

“Well, tonight she didn’t seem to notice me. I was thinking of asking her to dance, but I thought it might be too sudden.”

“I see. But why did you suddenly think of that? Weren’t you supposed to gather information first?”

“That’s true, but when I saw her dancing with a young man earlier, I was worried that I had been beaten to the punch.”

When I said this with a hint of irritation, the two of them looked at each other in surprise.

“So, have you come to a conclusion? When are you going to ask her?”

“No, I haven’t come to a conclusion yet.”

“Really? That’s strange.”

Tatiana looked at me with a puzzled expression. Bruno also looked just as puzzled. I didn’t understand why they were so confused and asked them.

“What are you trying to say? Just tell me clearly, what’s wrong with me?”

“Well, um… if I can say it clearly… are you in love with her?”

For a moment, I didn’t understand what he was saying.

If he had said it in his usual joking tone, I would have understood right away. But Bruno’s expression was serious. Perhaps because of that, my understanding was delayed and strange words floated in my mind.

Intense? Carp? Or was it intentional? No, that would be contextually strange. Certainly, there was nothing about her that was unsuitable as a marriage partner. Her personality also matched what I was looking for.

However, that was all. Or so it should have been.

“No, that’s impossible. Besides, I’ve never even talked to that person before.”

“Well, that may be true. But it seemed to us like you were jealous.”

I was speechless at Tatiana’s words and screamed inwardly.

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