I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 44

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Major Characters

※This is a simple note to avoid confusion during the writing process.

Lorraine – the protagonist, Baron Valcourt’s daughter

Jeremiah – Marquis Castalde’s eldest son

Dorothea – Baron Palmara’s daughter, Lorraine’s cousin

Fiorenza – Baroness Palmara (Dorothea’s mother), Lorraine’s aunt

Tatiana – Countess Grimani

Bruno – Count Grimani, Jeremiah’s friend

Aurelio – Viscount Caldelara

Paula – Duchess Astorga, Jeremiah’s sister

Dora – a maid in the Valcourt household

Madam Sabrina- the female owner of a dressmaking shop

Paul – Baron Valcourt, Lorraine’s father

Lavina – Baroness Valcourt, Lorraine’s mother

Claudio – The eldest son of the Valcourt family and Lorraine’s brother

Lionero – Marquis Castalde and Jeremiah’s father

Natalia – Marquess Castalde and Jeremiah’s mother

Emilio – A naval officer (Aurelio’s twin brother).

※ Relationship between Castalde and Palmara families:

(Current) Marquis Castalde’s mother is the sister of Baron Palmara’s mother, which means that Jeremiah’s grandmother is Dorothea’s great-aunt.

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