I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 40

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Now it’s time to go to the dance hall!

While eating, I asked a question that had been on my mind.

“Oh, by the way, why were you with Lord Caldelara when you rushed into the room?”

“Oh, that. Actually, yesterday, the detective finally found out about his brother’s existence. According to various people, it was the younger brother who was the libertine, not Aurelio, the older brother. They look so alike that it’s easy to mistake them, but many people noticed the difference in their statements.

When I asked why he let his younger brother go and what he was going to do about Lady Dorothea, he said that he felt guilty for forcing his brother into dangerous military service because he inherited the title.

He was serious about Lady Dorothea. After that, I tried to tell you guys about it, but I heard a terrible scream, and I thought my heart would stop.”

Jeremiah explained while cutting the meat with a knife and fork. I nodded in understanding. At the same time, I felt relieved.

“I’m glad Lord Caldelara isn’t a libertine noble. Now Dorothea can be happy, and my aunt will be happy too. She was excited about having a joint wedding.”

“Oh, a joint wedding. Not a bad idea, but I want to have the wedding as soon as possible, so they’ll have to agree with me.”

“Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Because I don’t want something like this to happen again.”

I thought the same thing. However, Jeremiah is charming even if we get married. There will still be people who see me as a hindrance. But if we get married, we will have the protection of the law. I thought that was what he wanted to say.

Eventually, after finishing our meal, we had a simple dance lesson.

He kindly granted my wish not to fail. Tatiana, Lord Grimani, Paula, and even Dorothea and Lord Caldelara, who were so hot that just watching them made me feel feverish, were invited to the lesson. The lesson and the small tea party for just us were very enjoyable as we talked about yesterday’s events.

After that, Jeremiah stayed close to me. When I asked if he had any other duties, such as patrolling the territory, he said he was okay. Marquis and his wife were busy preparing for the ball today.

I still haven’t told him my true feelings.

I tried to bring it up casually, thinking it was a good opportunity, but fear took over and I couldn’t say it in the end. I regretted it and vowed to tell him after the ball.

In the afternoon, the orchestra arrived, and the servants became busy.

I was also taken to my room and caught by Dora, who had shining eyes, and finally, the preparations began.

To be honest, I still had doubts about whether I should stand next to him even now. I should have been convinced when I saw myself in the mirror.

As I changed into my dress and had my hair done quietly, I felt like I was being crushed.

Eventually, when everything was ready, I put on that necklace.

As Paula said, the jewel matched the dress well. Suddenly, I remembered that Jeremiah had put it on me in the carriage, and the necklace seemed special.

When everything was ready, Dora, who looked in the mirror, said, “It’s perfect.”

“Yes, now you can show those foolish ladies that you are worthy of standing next to Jeremiah-sama.”


Encouraged by Dorothea’s strong words, I nodded. Dora called out, “Our preparations are complete,” and the door opened. Jeremiah and Lord Caldelara, who had already changed into their evening wear, appeared. Apparently, the two of them had hit it off, and I could hear their cheerful voices from outside.

Lord Caldelara looked at Dorothea first.

“It’s beautiful. You’re wonderful as usual And Lady Lorraine… that’s why Jeremiah is so desperate. She’s very beautiful.”

“T-Thank you.”

Feeling grateful, Jeremiah reached out his arm.

My heart was beating faster. It was finally happening… I naturally froze at the thought. However, as if he could see through my inner turmoil, Jeremiah spoke.

“Shall we go? I’ll show those who say you’re not worthy of being by my side.”


Is such a thing really possible? I wondered anxiously as I took his arm. We were escorted to the hallway, and headed towards the hall where we had danced before. Dorothea and Lord Grimani followed us from behind. Others who were ready also headed towards the hall, reluctant to leave their last stay.

Then, people who saw me looked surprised or concerned. Those who looked concerned were probably the ones who knew about the commotion that night. I nodded to them and kept moving.

I was getting sick with nervousness.

I told myself that I was just going to see my mother and brother if I went to the hall, and tried to calm myself down. Jeremiah, who walked beside me, had a disgustingly confident stride.

As I furrowed my brow, I met my aunt and Paula who were having a conversation along the way.

“Oh my, the main character of today has finally arrived. And, I’ve heard the story… even the name of the lady who did something terrible. But when I see you, I realize how foolish I was. I looked at your face, and it’s just moderately cute. Above all, your insides are worse than a sewer and completely rotten. With that kind of attitude, even the devil wouldn’t eat your soul.”

As soon as Paula met me, she said that and gave a sly laugh from behind her fan.

“That’s right! Lorraine. Oh, It’s you, Lord Caldelara, perfect timing. Today, my husband is also here, and we plan to stay the night since he came to pick us up. Please meet him.”

“What, Baron Palmara… y-yes.”

Aurelio, who had been whispering sweet words to Dorothea and making me feel like I was drinking sugar, suddenly changed the relaxed atmosphere and his face twisted. He seemed slightly nervous.

The nobles and celebrities invited to the Castalde family have been staying until today, and many are planning to leave tomorrow. Some, like Baron Palmara, came to pick them up and stay overnight. Some guests only attended the ball and stayed in nearby towns.

As I looked at Aurelio, I thought, “Aunt Paula, don’t give him such a surprise attack.” Then, Jeremiah, who seemed irritated, said something.

“Well then, shall we go soon?”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing Lorraine’s reaction.”

Paula said that and stood behind me. The six of us headed to the hall together. Soon, I heard the sound of light dance music from beyond the open door, and I swallowed hard.

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