I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 3

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: When did that happen?

“H-Huh…why is that again?”

I asked, and Tatiana gave a bewitching smile on her beautiful face.

Oh my, what a thing. I’m so happy to be able to see such a beautiful face that could rival that of an actress up close that I could die. If I could be surrounded by such beautiful roses, I wouldn’t mind being used as fertilizer around here.

In my next reincarnation, I might as well become nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium. I may be an inorganic substance, but who cares? I’m all for being an inorganic substance.

After all, the three people surrounding me now all have faces as if they were good sculptures. I feel like I’m in paradise, in heaven.

As someone who loves beautiful women, I thought I could eat ten bowls of rice just from this situation alone.

Tatiana murmured to me, tilting her head slightly, “You don’t know, do you?”

Her dark reddish-brown hair, beautifully tied up, was exposed to the sunlight and appeared to have a golden tint. The color of her eyes, surrounded by long eyelashes, shone transparently like emeralds. Her skin was as smooth and white as cream.

To be frank, I think she is a treasure of humanity.

Her husband, who was smiling gently next to her, had tightly curled hair with a mixture of deep gold and brown, and a face as perfectly sculpted as Michelangelo’s statue. When he smiled, small wrinkles formed at the corners of his eyes.

It was creating an irresistible flavor.

It would look good if he had angel wings attached to his back.

He had a similar build to Jeremiah, and the sight of a cold beauty and a gentle beauty standing side by side was impressive.

“Um, what is it?”

Since I really didn’t know, I asked while holding a cup of tea.

“Well, it’s become popular among young girls these days, and you were the pioneer. Thanks to that, I was able to meet my husband. I wanted to thank you someday and ask why you started doing such a thing.”

She laughed with a hint of implication and said so. However, I still didn’t understand what “something I started” meant. For now, I took a sip of tea.

Wait…what is this tea? It’s incredibly delicious, and the tea leaves are of such high quality. The tea I usually drink at home is not as bad as the one for commoners, but the quality of the tea leaves is inferior, so it doesn’t have such a soft aroma.

I decided to enjoy it leisurely since it was such a good tea.

The surroundings were sparkling, the tea was delicious, and I felt like I could die today.

In such a state of mind, Tatiana asked me with a little shyness.

“Um, can I call you Lorraine? You can call me Tatiana too.”

“Oh, yes. Of course, please call me whatever you like.”

‘I can’t call you by your first name secretly,’ I added.

“I’m glad, that makes me happy. So, I want you to tell me how you started what’s currently trending in high society.”

Tatiana asked with an oddly excited expression. I still couldn’t see where this conversation was going. I had no choice but to ask her directly. What did I start that was trending?

“Um, what do you mean by something I started? I don’t have any memories of starting anything special.”

“Oh, is that so? But I heard from the ladies that it was you who spread this way of thinking.”

Lord Grimani, who had been quietly enjoying his tea and snacks, spoke up for the first time. Following his words, Tatiana began to speak.

“Yes, regardless of whether they are married or unmarried, upper-class women are bound by marriage, aren’t they? If they are lucky enough to have a husband they desire, that’s great, but there are many cases where that’s not the case. Of course, they can have a lover, but that requires a certain level of appearance, wealth, and status, so most women are deprived of the pleasures of being a woman.

That’s where you appeared, my lady. “

“You spread the idea of admiring the existence of a well-featured, well-behaved gentleman or lady. You taught us a different way to see the dreams we used to seek in theatrical stories!”

She spoke with an unusual passion, and I was surprised, my eyes widening.

‘When did I do such a thing…?’ I thought, but in reality, I remembered.

It was a story like this:

There was a certain lady. She had fallen in love with a gentleman, but he had a lovely fiancée.

She was struggling with the thought that they would never be together, so I told her that she should thoroughly support him, cheer him on, and help him be happy.

Even if they were never together, she could watch him be happy and feel like she was contributing to his happiness, and in her heart, they could be together.

She put this into action and gathered other ladies who were also in love with him, starting to support him with all their might.

In other words, it was a fan club.

At first, he was bewildered, but once he realized that the ladies had no ill intentions, he stopped worrying.

I remember that from then on, a large number of artists were hired to draw his portrait, and a collection of poems was published, collecting his words, which had a certain economic effect.

However, I didn’t have the consciousness that I made that opportunity.

“I belonged to a cheering club for him. I was just happy to be able to speak to my beloved Bruno. But he spoke to me first… You see, I wasn’t born with a good family background. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t even exist today, so I’m grateful to you.

I really wanted to be friends with you. I’m glad we met.

I have to thank Jeremiah. If he weren’t Bruno’s friend, I wouldn’t have been able to meet you like this.”

Reaching over, Tatiana tightly squeezed my hand with both hands.

My eyes blurred and she seemed to be shining. I was frozen, not knowing what to do.

I couldn’t keep up with the astonishing facts.

I suddenly realized that there was no concept of a “fan club” here. And for now, I muttered as if to say,

“Um, thank you.”



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I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2012 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, a shallow person, was reincarnated as a noble lady. While searching for a marriage partner for her future life, she spent her days admiring handsome men. Of course, she never thought about getting involved with them, as she knew that she was just there to enjoy the view. However, one day, one of her admired targets, the Marquis’ son, asked her to be his pretend girlfriend.


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